The Popularity of Skinny Blonde Pornstar Piper Perri is the Proof that Skinny Girls are Loved as much as their Voluptuous Counterparts

I believe that the big booties everywhere have been causing global warming more than anything else. I also believe that the case is only going to go worse no matter what the governments do or say about it since the women are only going to discover more exercises to increase their booty size, no matter whether are some skinny girl porn star or a voluptuous Latin beauty like Kiara Mia.

I believe that the Australian and British women are much better than their North American counterparts, take the Australian Angela White and the British Jasmine Jae and Antonia Deona as just a couple of examples. No North American Pornstar of the modern day can beat the 3 beauties that I named; No wonder why the mainstream American porn industry calls the Australian and British pornstars all the way from their countries to the USA to shoot a scene.

I have traveled around the world and not to mention that I have been to almost every town and city in the USA. I must say that the Michigan City has the best escorts in all of USA. I travel all the way from Chicago to Michigan each weekend to spend a night with a skilled Michigan escort.

Moscow might have better looking escort chicks but no escorts beat the skills of Michigan city’s escort ladies.

Abida (my wife) recently turned vegan. Last month, she got ‘Milk Dairy’ tatted on her big beautiful natural breasts as well. I have been drinking milk from that dairy for years now and I am yet to find a better dairy.

Stop trying to prove that Jesus was Black, rather try to bring in as many Black Models as possible to the Live Sex Cam Industry

One of my conspiracy theorist friends, who has been bashing Covid-19 and the conspiracy behind it all the time for the past 30 days or so now, also has some conspiracies to disclose surrounded around the adult industry.

He claims that Sarai Minx, the 25 year old black pornstar from Miami is a daughter of one of the most popular Hollywood couples from the 1980s, but both the daughter and the parents have been keeping it a secret from the entire world, but if someone looks at her face with focus, leaving alone her stunning boobs, one can come to the conclusion about who her real parents are. He adds that she inherited her gorgeous looks from both her good-looking Hollywood parents. He claims that he got to learn this truth after chatting with Sarai Minx on a camgirlslive website for weeks. He says that once while chatting with him, after Sarai became well-familiar with him, .e., she now knew what he did for a living, and other things like what his hobbies were, his ancestry, etc, she told him the truth, which really terrified him for a minute and turned him into a porn conspiracy theorist along with a political conspiracy theorist.

This friend of mine is an anti-conspiracy theorist as well, who claims that all those who spend hours of their time a day proving whether Jesus was White, Black, Latino, Aboriginal or Middle-Eastern, do not at all care about the color when the cam model that they are chatting with is fucking hot. He believes that those who have been trying to prove the color of Jesus for years are the hypocrites of the highest level.

Thanks to PornDepom, I can now watch Underrated Teens, MILFs and GILFs from Europe fucking their Male Partners like Bonobos

You know what pisses me the most off nowadays? The guys who refer to the younger and inexperienced women as immature. Calling such women immature is the most immature thing that an adult can do.

I am really glad about the fact that the hottest and deserving MILF pornstars of today are not going to be unemployed or out of money in their older days as the GILF genre is really one of the hottest in the industry currently. Don’t believe me? Just check the statistics of porn download this month.

I really feel pity for the underrated MILF pornstars like Kara Knox, Nadia Night and Lucky Benton. But I feel even more pity for the underrated pornstars belonging to the European porn industry, who never get noticed much. Only freaks like myself and my wife are the ones who generally know their names, and if by chance their video(s) ever get viral, nobody is aware of who they are, where they are from and what language they speak. It is really a shame. But thanks to porn download websites like PornDepom that is mainly focusing on making such European videos available and perhaps, it is their priority that such young, MILF or GILF gems should not go unnoticed and fulfill their aim of making straight men and bisexual men sexually happy, which will ultimately get rid of evils like rape out of the society.

One MILF pornstar belonging to the American Mainstream Porn Industry, who I believe is underrated in many aspects is Mindi Mink and I believe that a lot of the credit of her not being a success like Alexis Fawx or Lisa Ann goes to herself only. She is the best dirty talker out there followed by the buxom Xev Bellringer, but she spends more time fucking her dildo than a real dick, though she can take a real dick better than most Top 100 American or British Porn Stars ever. Just watch her video with Lance Storm or the one where she tells her son the benefits of having a girlfriend. She is a real freak but an altruist one. She should really go out there and suck and fuck more real dicks, she is already 51, approaching 52 this year and she shouldn’t be so fearful about getting HIV or other illness, in my arrogant opinion. Mindi, if you are reading this, please feel free to contact me or my wife and perhaps, we can all make a threesome video together.

Uber Cab Drivers across USA pimping Lesbian women that breastfeed you like a mother would

There are more female Uber pimp drivers than you can imagine in the USA than you can imagine. They have arrangements with the motel people in the town and they many times also know the people in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and can arrange a room for you there as well. They also have lesbian chicks working with them, who are willing to do anything for their lesbian clients, including breastfeeding them like you would see in a lesbian breastfeed porn movie.

Several male Uber cab drivers also tried to pimp for some extra money but I don’t know a single such Uber driver who got success with it. Both the female and male passengers/escort-seekers are more comfortable talking to a female driver over a male one, no matter how good looking or courteous the male cab driver is.

I believe that the people fucking around all the time since the invention of effective ways of contraception have become available is the cause of global warming, and that includes the family members who fuck around all the time.

I have been bashing Coronavirus and the panic that the media has been creating around it all the times. I compare this panic with the panic that the Catholics in the Victorian era used to monger regarding homosexuality.

As most of the regular readers of this blog already know, that I am very well-familiar with several real life gay men and lesbian women. I am not afraid of my relationship with the gay men and straight women when I courageously mention here that each and every of them who wear green all the time are the biggest loose cannons that I know and the ones that love to wear red all the time are just the opposite, hence you can’t predict a homosexual by his;/her clothes.

More Sexy Nudist Women Joining the Adult Webcam Industry than ever before, creating unprecedented Global Warming

When I was a teenager, one of my randy and rowdy aunts always told me that the story of Delilah and Samson is true and it wasn’t Samson’s hair but rather his semen that she took away from him. I always laughed at this story told to me by my aunt like I still do and always asked her politely, if she would like to take some of my semen away from me and be my Delilah, she always had the same answer for me to this ‘”You pervert son of a dirty bitch. I am way beyond your standard, you would better be finding someone from your own league.” She would always disappear after saying this same thing to me.

This aunt of mine was one of the first to join the nudist movement in the United States of America. She always believed that the clothes were the biggest sham on earth after the religion. She found no point in getting undressed as she always believed that the adult human beings get dressed in order to only get undressed, which I myself quite agree with. She had the body of the Spanish pornstar – Merce Palau and she loved to flaunt it, and I would sniff her pussy without her permission while she would be sitting around doing something that kept her busy. She would act like she hated it but I always knew that she loved it, once she even moaned when I rubbed my nose too hard while I sniffed her pussy for a couple of seconds after ultimately running away.

You may be wondering about why am I feeling so nostalgic about my randy and rowdy nudist aunt today, well, last night, I had a live sex chat with one of the adult webcams model who looked just like this aforementioned aunt of mine. I knew both her daughters and I was certain that she wasn’t one of those. But all the time I was confused that she may be one of her illegitimate daughters because her voice was also 99% like that of my aunt. I went into a private chat with her, but I was so busy enjoying her beauty that I didn’t want to lose her to some silly personal questions related to her ancestry, lol.

My Chef Nephew is happier with his Sex Dolls than he could ever be with a Girlfriend

I am personally not familiar with a single male chef who spends more time reading cooking related books than he does reading sex magazines. Same goes for the choice of their TV shows.

I have a nephew, who is a chef. The first crush of this nephew of mine was the Miss Elizabeth of Pro-Wrestling. When she is no more there and there aren’t enough videos of her for him to jerk-off to, he buy sex doll that only look like Miss Elizabeth and fuck those all the time. He has never been in a relationship and considers it to be a waste of time.

Well, I have been in romantic relationships with several escorts in the past and the funny and strange thing when you are in a relationship with an escort is that there is no such thing as a love triangle when you are in love with an escort, hooker, erotic masseuse, whatever, there are only hexagons, decagons, etc.

It is really crazy how so many lesbian escorts go away fooling their clients pretending to be straight throughout their entire careers. I myself kept getting fooled like that until whence once my bisexual wife called up an escort agency for a lesbian escort and the same chick who sucked my dick pretending to be a straight woman was the one to arrive at our house. I asked the escort for a compensation and she told me that all that she could do was to allow me to watch her sex session with my wife with the condition of not making a video. I was more than happy with it and I followed them both like a mad dog to see them make love.

My KINK has reached new heights lately and I am loving it

I believe there will be Global Inter Universities fucking competitions between professors, principals, directors and students by 2060. I also believe that I would be alive to see the same happening if I keep fucking like a freak like I already do.

Well, my sexual KINK has reached new heights lately. I have been drinking the pee of my wife Abida using a straw. I insert a huge sized straw inside her pussy when she wants to pee and keep the other side of the straw in my mouth until she is done. It really feels amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have been missing a great deal of entertainment.

As most of my regular readers already know that I am a huge Pro-Wrestling fan. I recently met Dakota Runnels with her mother Terri Runnels at a party, both the mom and daughter were wearing the skimpiest clothes and both looked equally hot. Both the mother and the daughter had some of the fittest and delicious looking boobs that I have ever seen. I am still wondering what their nipples look like.

The regular readers of my blog also know that myself and my wife – Abida had an open marriage and where I fuck around with the women openly, she fucks around with both men and women. She claims that the women from the hilly regions are freaks whereas the men belonging to such areas are right the opposite. I agree with her on the freakishness of the hilly women here, as I love those Hispanic women belonging to the hills.

With so many gorgeous below 35 pornstars becoming a part of the Mainstream American Porn lately, free porn has become irresistible to a straight adult man

I am always proud to say that my wife Abida is the greatest moaner there was, the greatest moaner there is and the greatest moaner there will be.

Myself and Abida both believe that handmade condoms are the future and there is no place anywhere for the current quality of the condoms.

My wife has big broad shoulders like the infamous pornstar – Xev Bellringer, the 31 year old chick with big natural and beautiful boobs, who is notorious for making incest porn. As per my personal observation over the decades, women like these cannot be satisfied with just one dick, no matter how long you can last, how good you look or how big your dick is. Chicks with such shoulders could be 4’11” tall, but your ‘Mandingo Dick’ or ‘J-Mac Stamina’ is never enough for them, unless you bring your likewise friends along with yourself.

It is possible to find the most gorgeous beauties in the form of masseuses, escorts or others while away from home, but to find a girlfriend or a wife away from home is almost impossible. At least in my case.

I am glad that the zest and enthusiasm for the free porn only seems to grow as the technology reaches new advances. And with the quality of the female pornstars that have been joining the porn industry lately, the porn has become irresistible to an adult straight man. No matter what an average American adult says to you regarding the porn nowadays, you can be certain that he watches porn at least 30 minutes a day.

I am not happy with the ad slicks of the porn industry that have been around lately though.

Incest Porn is the most popular Porn Genre in India and my PIMP friend believes that it is no surprise for those who know the history of the nation

One of my good friends is a pimp who never gets tired of bragging that he loves each of his escorts as much as a jeweler dealing in diamonds loves each of his jewel piece, only the jewel pieces that he deals in cannot be sold forever and no words are enough to define their beauty.

This pimp friend of mine claims that Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is a conspiracy to destroy the ever-prospering escort business. He believes that fucking different women everyday makes a man his best version and in a sense immortal and that’s what according to him, Illuminati fears the most.

My pimp friend also believes that those who marry mainly for sex, do it wrong, they should rather be dating a pornstar, hiring escorts, availing regular Nuru massages in Goa.

My pimp friend also claims that the entire nation of India used to be Polyandrous until the Muslims took over. He further adds that the Indians used to fuck like crazy back in the day and they are the people who love to watch the incest porn more than any other sort of porn.

This pimp friend of mine believes that Indian biracial women are still the best fuck and that’s the reason why he is married to an Indian-American woman who is Half-Punjabi and Half-Bengali. He says that she is the best fuck that he has ever had. He says that he is proud of the fact that his wife can give Nina Hartley a run for her money. He says that he is never going to pimp his wife but he wants her to join the mainstream American porn industry because it really lacks an Indian talent who could be one of the Top 25 Global Pornstars. He says that he is well aware of the fact that there are 2 mainstream globally popular Indian pornstars – Sunny Leone and Priya Rai, but he believes that they are nothing close to a Kay Parker, Traci Lords or Jenna Jameson, which he firmly believes his wife is.

He was introduced to the Bengali food by his Half-Punjabi and Half-Bengali wife. He claims that it has increased his libido and sexual stamina as much as 250%.

Also for those who don’t know. The secret behind one of the most popular pornstar belonging to India – Priya Rai, is also the Bengali food, according to Priya Rai herself.

Chicago Street Hooker straight out of a Tamil Kamaveri, sounds fiction, but is not

It is one helluva fun thing to fuck a woman with a pot belly in the seashell sex position, only those who have enjoyed the very same will know what I am talking about here.

One thing that I have concluded over the decades of my active sex life is that naive prudish women hate phone sex as much as they hate real physical sex or intimacy.

Recently, I met a street hooker in Chicago who was so good at sucking cocks that I booked her for all 3 days and 3 nights that I was in Chicago. She was of Indian Tamil ethnicity with a huge booty and extremely pretty face who looked someone right out of a Secunderabad escort agency.

She told me that the first thing that she looks for when buying a phone is how many numbers can be blocked in that phone as she gets tons of prank calls from many of her clients and their friends. It was really saddening to hear how in the greatest nation on earth – America, there is so much misogyny and torturous people who love to waste the time of a woman who offers her body for the world to become a happier and better place.

Myself and my wife – Abida are extremely sorry for the fact that the science has failed to make the sex and sexuality divine as we all hoped it would and for that very reason we both have been working to create a ‘Sex Radio Station’ like never seen before. We are certain that you all are going to love the Radio Station and we cannot wait to launch it.

It is amazing how many gorgeous luxury escorts are there in East Zone, Sao Paulo, currently

To tell a woman that her pussy is made of gold is a big insult in my opinion. You put your dick inside a pot of gold, would you get the same feeling as you would when you would put it inside a big fat pussy? That’s the reason why I avoid such kind of stupid compliments whenever I am in Sao Paulo and hire some gorgeous female escorts in the East Zone of Sao Paulo (Acompanhantes na Zona Leste SP).

I have always had a great luck with each of the escort agencies that I ever chose for my fun. I regularly read horror stories everywhere on the internet regarding the escort agencies, all I can say after reading such stories is that either those are fake or the ones claiming to be the victims are idiots. It is extremely easy even for a rookie, to identify a reliable escort agency, given that the finder is smart enough.

It is no surprise that female escort agencies across the globe now incur more expenses on a regular, especially the marketing expenses.

It is literally easier to find a natural pair of tits among the escorts than pornstars, especially the Latin ones.

Recently, a survey done by a respected adult company claims that there will be over 1000 Indian luxury escorts (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers) in Brazil, which is really a great one as I have always been a fan of naturally estrogen rich Indian babes.

One of my good friends lived in Himalayas, India, where the Indian sages would regularly practice tantric sex with Hindu Sadhvis in order for them both to achieve enlightenment. My friend says that penetrating a Hindu Sadhvi isn’t as hard as penetrating the Himalayas. He says that those Hindu Sadhvis are at least 100 times easier than the Catholic Nuns.

Electronics Store owner from Fort Worth, TX, watches Incest Porn Movies in his Wife’s Absence

I have a friend who owns an electronic store in Fort Worth, Texas, he never gets tired of repeating that he is proud of the fact that his 36 year old wife never cheated on him and didn’t even fuck another man when she wasn’t yet married to him. She has only used electric vibrators, plugs and dildos all her life when he is/wasn’t around.

This friend of mine has always been one horny son of a bitch who regularly cheats on his wife and watches incest porn movies in her absence.

Even as a teenager, he used to watch only the wrestling matches between the divas but never the male wrestlers, which I doubt that he still does as there are more divas in the pro-wrestling business than ever before and they are hotter than they were ever before.

He says that he is obsessed with the Russian ass slap competition where the ladies slap each other’s asses and the one who slaps harder and is able to shake the cheeks of the other woman better, make those more red with bruises and sometimes even make the other contestant fall down due to unconsciousness is the one who wins and takes the prize money home. Many of such winners gain so much prominence and popularity that they ended up marrying Russian/Ukrainian/Siberian billionaires.

He adds that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to his friends and family members when he becomes the first one in the entire USA to organize one such event, which he claims is very much likely to happen.

More Female Television Stars than you can imagine wear Sexy Open Cup Lingeries on a Regular

One of my great friends is a gigolo who always tells me that the proudest moment for him is when a businesswoman client of his tells him that his dick is more painful than her business meetings.

This gigolo friend of mine dated a commercial airline worker once and he tells me that she was the epitome of bitchiness. He says that he is never going to date a commercial airline worker ever again.

Years ago, he had a romantic affair with a British born ethnic Baloch woman who ate dry fruits all day and was always ready for one more sexual session. Since then, he has in his mind that eating dried fruits increases female libido. She also wore open cup lingerie all the time.

This gigolo friend of mine is of the belief that women should apply moisturizer everyday on their ass to prevent it from getting wrinkled. He says that it is a pity that we live in a society where they can’t advertise about a moisturizer made specifically for buttocks on the mainstream media.

He also has a blog of his where he wrote the infamous quote “Dumb guys and girls take drugs, smart guys and girls practice tantric sex.”

He also knows several female escorts globally and never gets tired of repeating that there are more deaf and dumb high class female escorts in the world today than one can imagine.

He also never gets tired of repeating that there are more television stars today working as escorts than most can imagine.

Your most favorite male celebrity owns more sex dolls than your entire neighborhood

While some men bore their women to tears, some give them the tears of joy. The concept of ‘chastity till marriage’ is why the Christian religion failed. The Christians couldn’t address the sexual needs of the people and it was quite obvious, since Jesus the Messiah was an asexual Messiah himself. Most likely, he couldn’t get it up, heck, he didn’t even have those small sex dolls to practice on just like we guys do nowadays.

I lost my virginity to a neighboring MILF at the age of 18, discovered masturbation a year later at the age of 19 and watched porn for the first time at the age of 21; I wonder all the time that I hadn’t had to go through a lot of trouble and complexities if I had some sexy looking sex dolls at my disposal back then.

I was always fascinated with the prostitutes even as a teenager, I would watch movies like Pretty Woman on the Television all the time. I always believed that I would lose my virginity to a prostitute which didn’t happen, luckily.

Although I didn’t lose my virginity to a hooker, I have hired hundreds if not thousands of those till date and most of them have one thing in common and that is that they are all great at reading the client’s face. I don’t know you if you are aware of the fact that in almost all of the Europe during the Victorian Era, they would train their prostitutes in the art of Phrenology in order to understand the clients better.

I used to regularly visit India for business tours between financial years 2012 to 2017. While I was there, I noticed that the escort agencies in India spend a lot more money than their North American counterparts on the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertisements.

I studied Pomology as a hobby back in 2016 and I wonder all the time if understanding the growth of a woman’s assets were as easy as understanding the subject of Pomology.

Busy women fuck more, not just their husbands but freaks like myself as well

Myself and my beloved wife – Abida, both believe that a brave and farsighted woman will never have any objection with her husband fucking random women.

There is a false notion that if an individual becomes sexually content, they are little interested in promiscuity, which is far from being the truth. A real man/woman cannot ever get enough sex, not in just my opinion, but in that of million others, and that’s where stuff like Acheter Vardenafil 10 mg comes into the picture.

Acheter Vardenafil is mostly used by the patients of ED and I personally have created a method which I am certain will work for most to find out whether you have an ED or not. You know you have an ED when you haven’t ejaculated in the past couple of days and a lip kiss by a beautiful woman cannot get you hard, that’s when you know that you have an ED.

I believe that there will be sex contests in as much as 100 different nations of the world annually by 2040.

One of the friends of Abida recently tested for fatty liver. This friend of her used to be an annoying and talkative who was always a lame fuck but since she started showing the symptoms of the fatty liver, she has turned into a ‘Syren De Mer’ in bed who always looks for a new dick to suck and ride on. But she has turned ugly like Syren De Mer as well, before she used to look like the pornstar ‘Simone Sonay’, but who cares when the woman is a freak, all that the beautiful but lame fucks are good for is to kiss on the lips, otherwise they are the epitomes of hell.

I wish our Medieval ancestors could see sexy naked girls on the streets everywhere just like we do

One of my good friends is a wealthy guy from Mansfield, Texas, whose main business is manufacturing Lithium Ion Batteries and he has been doing really well at it. He travels the world as a sex tourist and recently while he was in India, he came to discover that arguably the most infamous Indian News Host – Anjana Om Kashyap is a USD 5000 escort and he sure didn’t miss the opportunity.

I personally haven’t met Anjana Om Kashyap ever, but I have definitely seen her erotic photos, and she looks fabulous to me and million others. One of the most beautiful Indian women of the current times, definitely, according to me.

This friend of mine has his dick tattooed with the name of his ex-girlfriend, which makes his current girlfriend excited, happy and angry, all at the same time, each time she sees her erect dick. To avoid her from getting angry, he wears a chocolate flavored condom all the time he is about to see her, even when she is on the pills or giving him a footjob, rimjob, blowjob or handjob. She sometimes feels guilty about it and tells him that the tattoo on his dick doesn’t bother her anymore, but then again, she cannot stop herself from getting angry whenever she sees that tattoo, it is out of her control.

She struggled to lose weight for him for so long using cardio exercises, swimming, sprinting, keto diet, etc, to look like those girls in the Porn Pics, but she had no idea that her BF literally loves BBWs.

It is a beautiful fact that the women no longer procrastinate top lose their virginity and turn into a real woman and that’s the reason why we see almost naked girls everywhere on the streets, beaches and definitely on the nude beaches.

Car freak wife gets herself fucked in the pussy by a strap on when her husband is not around

One of my very good friends is a car freak, whose wife calls him SAAB, she herself is even more concerned about the safety, so he calls her Volvo. When he cums too early inside of her, she calls him a FIAT, as he proved that he cannot be relied upon; When he fucks her for hours, she calls him Toyota for his reliability and durability; When he is not around and some other man or a women with one of the best strap on has to satisfy her, she calls him the Nissan and her temporary fuckbuddy – Renault, for taking over her pussy.

She regularly hires Gigolos. The Gigolos who often change their names, she likes to refer to them as Vauxhall or Opel, and the Gigolos who used to be freaks in their youth but became useless with age, she likes to refer to them as GM.

She is open about the promiscuity that has always gone among her family members. She says that she was unaware of all the promiscuity going on inside her family until she caught her dad’s elder brother (her uncle) and his dad’s younger brother’s wife (her aunt) fucking butt naked during a family get together for the Christmas.

She claims that studying Molecular Biology has really improved her sex life greatly, which she believes would have been even half as good if she didn’t have the knowledge of Molecular Biology in depth.