I wish our Medieval ancestors could see sexy naked girls on the streets everywhere just like we do

One of my good friends is a wealthy guy from Mansfield, Texas, whose main business is manufacturing Lithium Ion Batteries and he has been doing really well at it. He travels the world as a sex tourist and recently while he was in India, he came to discover that arguably the most infamous Indian News Host – Anjana Om Kashyap is a USD 5000 escort and he sure didn’t miss the opportunity.

I personally haven’t met Anjana Om Kashyap ever, but I have definitely seen her erotic photos, and she looks fabulous to me and million others. One of the most beautiful Indian women of the current times, definitely, according to me.

This friend of mine has his dick tattooed with the name of his ex-girlfriend, which makes his current girlfriend excited, happy and angry, all at the same time, each time she sees her erect dick. To avoid her from getting angry, he wears a chocolate flavored condom all the time he is about to see her, even when she is on the pills or giving him a footjob, rimjob, blowjob or handjob. She sometimes feels guilty about it and tells him that the tattoo on his dick doesn’t bother her anymore, but then again, she cannot stop herself from getting angry whenever she sees that tattoo, it is out of her control.

She struggled to lose weight for him for so long using cardio exercises, swimming, sprinting, keto diet, etc, to look like those girls in the Porn Pics, but she had no idea that her BF literally loves BBWs.

It is a beautiful fact that the women no longer procrastinate top lose their virginity and turn into a real woman and that’s the reason why we see almost naked girls everywhere on the streets, beaches and definitely on the nude beaches.

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