Your most favorite male celebrity owns more sex dolls than your entire neighborhood

While some men bore their women to tears, some give them the tears of joy. The concept of ‘chastity till marriage’ is why the Christian religion failed. The Christians couldn’t address the sexual needs of the people and it was quite obvious, since Jesus the Messiah was an asexual Messiah himself. Most likely, he couldn’t get it up, heck, he didn’t even have those small sex dolls to practice on just like we guys do nowadays.

I lost my virginity to a neighboring MILF at the age of 18, discovered masturbation a year later at the age of 19 and watched porn for the first time at the age of 21; I wonder all the time that I hadn’t had to go through a lot of trouble and complexities if I had some sexy looking sex dolls at my disposal back then.

I was always fascinated with the prostitutes even as a teenager, I would watch movies like Pretty Woman on the Television all the time. I always believed that I would lose my virginity to a prostitute which didn’t happen, luckily.

Although I didn’t lose my virginity to a hooker, I have hired hundreds if not thousands of those till date and most of them have one thing in common and that is that they are all great at reading the client’s face. I don’t know you if you are aware of the fact that in almost all of the Europe during the Victorian Era, they would train their prostitutes in the art of Phrenology in order to understand the clients better.

I used to regularly visit India for business tours between financial years 2012 to 2017. While I was there, I noticed that the escort agencies in India spend a lot more money than their North American counterparts on the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertisements.

I studied Pomology as a hobby back in 2016 and I wonder all the time if understanding the growth of a woman’s assets were as easy as understanding the subject of Pomology.

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