More Female Television Stars than you can imagine wear Sexy Open Cup Lingeries on a Regular

One of my great friends is a gigolo who always tells me that the proudest moment for him is when a businesswoman client of his tells him that his dick is more painful than her business meetings.

This gigolo friend of mine dated a commercial airline worker once and he tells me that she was the epitome of bitchiness. He says that he is never going to date a commercial airline worker ever again.

Years ago, he had a romantic affair with a British born ethnic Baloch woman who ate dry fruits all day and was always ready for one more sexual session. Since then, he has in his mind that eating dried fruits increases female libido. She also wore open cup lingerie all the time.

This gigolo friend of mine is of the belief that women should apply moisturizer everyday on their ass to prevent it from getting wrinkled. He says that it is a pity that we live in a society where they can’t advertise about a moisturizer made specifically for buttocks on the mainstream media.

He also has a blog of his where he wrote the infamous quote “Dumb guys and girls take drugs, smart guys and girls practice tantric sex.”

He also knows several female escorts globally and never gets tired of repeating that there are more deaf and dumb high class female escorts in the world today than one can imagine.

He also never gets tired of repeating that there are more television stars today working as escorts than most can imagine.

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