It is amazing how many gorgeous luxury escorts are there in East Zone, Sao Paulo, currently

To tell a woman that her pussy is made of gold is a big insult in my opinion. You put your dick inside a pot of gold, would you get the same feeling as you would when you would put it inside a big fat pussy? That’s the reason why I avoid such kind of stupid compliments whenever I am in Sao Paulo and hire some gorgeous female escorts in the East Zone of Sao Paulo (Acompanhantes na Zona Leste SP).

I have always had a great luck with each of the escort agencies that I ever chose for my fun. I regularly read horror stories everywhere on the internet regarding the escort agencies, all I can say after reading such stories is that either those are fake or the ones claiming to be the victims are idiots. It is extremely easy even for a rookie, to identify a reliable escort agency, given that the finder is smart enough.

It is no surprise that female escort agencies across the globe now incur more expenses on a regular, especially the marketing expenses.

It is literally easier to find a natural pair of tits among the escorts than pornstars, especially the Latin ones.

Recently, a survey done by a respected adult company claims that there will be over 1000 Indian luxury escorts (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers) in Brazil, which is really a great one as I have always been a fan of naturally estrogen rich Indian babes.

One of my good friends lived in Himalayas, India, where the Indian sages would regularly practice tantric sex with Hindu Sadhvis in order for them both to achieve enlightenment. My friend says that penetrating a Hindu Sadhvi isn’t as hard as penetrating the Himalayas. He says that those Hindu Sadhvis are at least 100 times easier than the Catholic Nuns.

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