My KINK has reached new heights lately and I am loving it

I believe there will be Global Inter Universities fucking competitions between professors, principals, directors and students by 2060. I also believe that I would be alive to see the same happening if I keep fucking like a freak like I already do.

Well, my sexual KINK has reached new heights lately. I have been drinking the pee of my wife Abida using a straw. I insert a huge sized straw inside her pussy when she wants to pee and keep the other side of the straw in my mouth until she is done. It really feels amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have been missing a great deal of entertainment.

As most of my regular readers already know that I am a huge Pro-Wrestling fan. I recently met Dakota Runnels with her mother Terri Runnels at a party, both the mom and daughter were wearing the skimpiest clothes and both looked equally hot. Both the mother and the daughter had some of the fittest and delicious looking boobs that I have ever seen. I am still wondering what their nipples look like.

The regular readers of my blog also know that myself and my wife – Abida had an open marriage and where I fuck around with the women openly, she fucks around with both men and women. She claims that the women from the hilly regions are freaks whereas the men belonging to such areas are right the opposite. I agree with her on the freakishness of the hilly women here, as I love those Hispanic women belonging to the hills.

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