My Chef Nephew is happier with his Sex Dolls than he could ever be with a Girlfriend

I am personally not familiar with a single male chef who spends more time reading cooking related books than he does reading sex magazines. Same goes for the choice of their TV shows.

I have a nephew, who is a chef. The first crush of this nephew of mine was the Miss Elizabeth of Pro-Wrestling. When she is no more there and there aren’t enough videos of her for him to jerk-off to, he buy sex doll that only look like Miss Elizabeth and fuck those all the time. He has never been in a relationship and considers it to be a waste of time.

Well, I have been in romantic relationships with several escorts in the past and the funny and strange thing when you are in a relationship with an escort is that there is no such thing as a love triangle when you are in love with an escort, hooker, erotic masseuse, whatever, there are only hexagons, decagons, etc.

It is really crazy how so many lesbian escorts go away fooling their clients pretending to be straight throughout their entire careers. I myself kept getting fooled like that until whence once my bisexual wife called up an escort agency for a lesbian escort and the same chick who sucked my dick pretending to be a straight woman was the one to arrive at our house. I asked the escort for a compensation and she told me that all that she could do was to allow me to watch her sex session with my wife with the condition of not making a video. I was more than happy with it and I followed them both like a mad dog to see them make love.

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