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When I was a teenager, one of my randy and rowdy aunts always told me that the story of Delilah and Samson is true and it wasn’t Samson’s hair but rather his semen that she took away from him. I always laughed at this story told to me by my aunt like I still do and always asked her politely, if she would like to take some of my semen away from me and be my Delilah, she always had the same answer for me to this ‘”You pervert son of a dirty bitch. I am way beyond your standard, you would better be finding someone from your own league.” She would always disappear after saying this same thing to me.

This aunt of mine was one of the first to join the nudist movement in the United States of America. She always believed that the clothes were the biggest sham on earth after the religion. She found no point in getting undressed as she always believed that the adult human beings get dressed in order to only get undressed, which I myself quite agree with. She had the body of the Spanish pornstar – Merce Palau and she loved to flaunt it, and I would sniff her pussy without her permission while she would be sitting around doing something that kept her busy. She would act like she hated it but I always knew that she loved it, once she even moaned when I rubbed my nose too hard while I sniffed her pussy for a couple of seconds after ultimately running away.

You may be wondering about why am I feeling so nostalgic about my randy and rowdy nudist aunt today, well, last night, I had a live sex chat with one of the adult webcams model who looked just like this aforementioned aunt of mine. I knew both her daughters and I was certain that she wasn’t one of those. But all the time I was confused that she may be one of her illegitimate daughters because her voice was also 99% like that of my aunt. I went into a private chat with her, but I was so busy enjoying her beauty that I didn’t want to lose her to some silly personal questions related to her ancestry, lol.

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