Uber Cab Drivers across USA pimping Lesbian women that breastfeed you like a mother would

There are more female Uber pimp drivers than you can imagine in the USA than you can imagine. They have arrangements with the motel people in the town and they many times also know the people in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and can arrange a room for you there as well. They also have lesbian chicks working with them, who are willing to do anything for their lesbian clients, including breastfeeding them like you would see in a lesbian breastfeed porn movie.

Several male Uber cab drivers also tried to pimp for some extra money but I don’t know a single such Uber driver who got success with it. Both the female and male passengers/escort-seekers are more comfortable talking to a female driver over a male one, no matter how good looking or courteous the male cab driver is.

I believe that the people fucking around all the time since the invention of effective ways of contraception have become available is the cause of global warming, and that includes the family members who fuck around all the time.

I have been bashing Coronavirus and the panic that the media has been creating around it all the times. I compare this panic with the panic that the Catholics in the Victorian era used to monger regarding homosexuality.

As most of the regular readers of this blog already know, that I am very well-familiar with several real life gay men and lesbian women. I am not afraid of my relationship with the gay men and straight women when I courageously mention here that each and every of them who wear green all the time are the biggest loose cannons that I know and the ones that love to wear red all the time are just the opposite, hence you can’t predict a homosexual by his;/her clothes.

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