Stop trying to prove that Jesus was Black, rather try to bring in as many Black Models as possible to the Live Sex Cam Industry

One of my conspiracy theorist friends, who has been bashing Covid-19 and the conspiracy behind it all the time for the past 30 days or so now, also has some conspiracies to disclose surrounded around the adult industry.

He claims that Sarai Minx, the 25 year old black pornstar from Miami is a daughter of one of the most popular Hollywood couples from the 1980s, but both the daughter and the parents have been keeping it a secret from the entire world, but if someone looks at her face with focus, leaving alone her stunning boobs, one can come to the conclusion about who her real parents are. He adds that she inherited her gorgeous looks from both her good-looking Hollywood parents. He claims that he got to learn this truth after chatting with Sarai Minx on a camgirlslive website for weeks. He says that once while chatting with him, after Sarai became well-familiar with him, .e., she now knew what he did for a living, and other things like what his hobbies were, his ancestry, etc, she told him the truth, which really terrified him for a minute and turned him into a porn conspiracy theorist along with a political conspiracy theorist.

This friend of mine is an anti-conspiracy theorist as well, who claims that all those who spend hours of their time a day proving whether Jesus was White, Black, Latino, Aboriginal or Middle-Eastern, do not at all care about the color when the cam model that they are chatting with is fucking hot. He believes that those who have been trying to prove the color of Jesus for years are the hypocrites of the highest level.

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