My wife Abida lets me enjoy some hot Korean massage while I am in Chungnam

I believe that the idea of creating a dagger came to the mind of the inventor after seeing his own or other men’s dicks. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the original idea came to the idea of a ever-horny woman who couldn’t get enough of or enough dicks.

Every married or couple in a committed relationship knows that fucking the same person at the same location can never be as much fun. Honest couples like myself and Abida admit it to each other but the dishonest ones wouldn’t do the same.

Abida lets me enjoy those stunning some hot massage by Korean chicks when I am away on a business trip to Chungnam (충남출장마사지) and she really delights in it.

Abida believes in reincarnation. She believes that she was killed by a jealous female cousin in her past life who found Abida sleeping with her boyfriend and she got intensely jealous of seeing her boyfriend enjoying sex with Abida so much and drinking Abida’s squirt while he wouldn’t even lick the pussy of Abida’s cousin. That got Abida’s cousin infuriated and she ended up killing Abida by stabbing her multiple times. Abida says that she is not sure whether her cousin was ever convicted of the crime or not but she says that she can clearly visualize the sight of her having sex with her cousin’s boyfriend and her cousin stabbing her multiple times.

The best feeling for Abida is when my huge balls touch her asshole while I fuck her in the spooning position. My balls seem to love it too, as I last longer and my balls feel like steel when I fuck her in the spooning position.

My wife Abida keeps sending me the links for Escorts and Adult Listings whenever I am away from home and her big tits

The feminism in the ancient Sicily is evident from the Saint Agatha’s breasts. As all our regular readers know already, myself and my wife – Abida, both are atheists but we don’t forget to celebrate Saint Agatha’s Feast Day on every 5th February, each year.

As many of the regular readers of our blog already know that Abida used to own a lingerie store and I used to be a wholesaler of the lingerie and that’s how we met.

As a married man for almost 3 decades now, I would say to you that monitoring the internet is easier than monitoring the pussy of a wife who is always out on a business trip. But I am glad that I had a sort of open marriage and instead of monitoring each other’s genitals, we encourage to fuck other men and women. My wife – Abida, is always busy sending me Escorts and Adult Listings whenever I am away from home.

I recently met a retired male pornstar and clown, who told me that the late Pro-Wrestler – Matt Osborne aka Doink, wanted to be a pornstar himself but didn’t due to his own and his dad’s legacy.

I have been thinking about creating a deepfake porn website completely dedicated to the hot news reporters and anchors. Both the male and the female fuckers would be reporters.

My experience with hundreds of different women tells me that neither tiny not tall girls are as sexual freaks as the average heighted ones. So, if you are a rookie, look for a woman with an average height.

Eddie Guerrero stole the tagline ‘Latina Heat’ from this Adult SEO Services Company owner

Once while my wife Abida was sleeping, 2 cockroaches started roaming on her pussy, I was awake and watching all this, but I decided to not wake her up or shoo the cockroaches away, because I was enjoying the sight of both the cockroaches and my wife enjoying. I never watch bestiality porn or I am not advocate of animal sex with the humans, but it is my personal belief that all animals, birds, insects, etc, love to make love to the humans, us humans are just too naive to understand it. I believe that the humans ooze sexuality like no other creature on the planet and that’s one of the things that makes us separate from the rest of the creation.

One of my good friends owns an Adult SEO Services company. He is an atheist himself but his 22 year old son is a devout Catholic who claims to be the most pious person student of Christ. My friend didn’t have an idea that his son used to take a wank until he saw cum stain all over his blankets, bedsheet and other places.

This friend of mine just like myself cannot fall asleep until and unless he gets to fuck at least twice. His wife is also a freak like himself. He did some time in prison back in 2015 and he claims that he didn’t sleep for a second for all the four days that he was in the prison.

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Learning to climb a tree is the best exercise that you can do to increase your sex drive, especially if you are a male. I believe that this is also the secret behind the extraordinary sex drives of those chimps, bonobos and baboons. To see how much these three fuck and how long they can stay hard, just watch a Youtube video of any of these three fucking their females.

I wonder why there is no such thing as sex championship contests. I have been thinking about having sex championship competition on the global level. There would be a total of 8 teams – North American, South American, African, European, Russian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Australian. Out of these 8, two will reach the finale. The teams that would be able to fuck the longest with or without ejaculation will win. (No food or water would be given to the contestants and it would be premiered live on Porn365).

I have always believed that doing extensive mental tasks like learning a new language decreases a woman’s libido and I have several examples to prove it. Take the example of Linn Bergrenn of the musical band – Ace of Base. She never married, has never been rumored to be in a sexual relationship with any man or even a woman. She is most definitely an asexual person.

Myself and Abida have been thinking about getting our faces painted lately. I would love to get my face painted as a dick while Abida has been thinking about getting her face painted as a pair of boobs. We don’t have kids at home and we don’t give a fuck about what the society thinks of us, the only thing that has been keeping us from it is whether we will be able to score as many men and women as we do now after we do it. Please leave your opinion in the comment section and let us know.

Scottish Pornstars are as underrated as the Scottish bands

As most of the regular readers of my blog already know that there is a lot of incest going on in our family and we are a family of free sex believers. You perhaps would be surprised to learn that each of my wet dream in the past few years has been with a family member despite the incest going on within my family in the waking situation.

I have traveled the world, but I haven’t been able to find women hotter than the ones in Scotland. Those below 30 Scottish women are stunners, in the word’s truest sense and they love to fuck. Some Scottish women look as good after their 30s than they did before it, take Georgie Lyall the Scottish portnstar for example, the bitch is 35 and she is looking better than ever before in her most recent movies. She loves to kiss as well, just look at her hd porn movies with Jordi and Dane Jones.

I have been working on a scientific experiment lately. I have been filling a bucket with my semen for the past couple of weeks, I heat it up everyday so that it doesn’t become useless and I also add some biotics to it everyday so that it doesn’t die. I take out this semen out of my body after jerking off to free premium porn.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Porn and Sex University of the world is built in Hungary

I am in my 50s and my balls still don’t ever feel empty even after I cum buckets multiple times.

I believe that in the near future there will be a Porn degree and the day is not far enough. In the universities where they will offer Porn degrees, they will teach the history of porn, how the porn industry evolved and its likely future and the upcoming possible technological advances. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens somewhere in the Eastern Europe, most likely Hungary.

I speak broken Hungarian and I love to read those erotic ads (szexapró) on the Hungarian Magazines. They are some of the best. My wife Abida literally hates those gorgeous Hungarian models on those Hungarian erotic ads.

Eating a sum total of 3 KG of pomegranate, figs, kiwis, dates and grapes each day tripled my sexual stamina. My dick is also stiffer than it has ever been and Abida is loving me for it.

I practiced Taekwando in the past and it did nothing but reduced my sexual libido and sexual stamina to an unbelievable extent.

I believe that soon enough it would be discovered by the handwriting of a person about how good they are in the bed.

My Chrome Browser has more porn bookmarks than any other.

I have been writing sex poetry with one hand and I jerk off with another while listening to the moans of Mindi Mink, Tara Tainton and Xev Bellringer every 9-10 PM for the past 3 weeks and I am loving it.

Classy French Woman that I met through JustFlirty happily fulfilled my Armpit Fantasies while my wife – Abida was sleeping drunk in the next room

I recently developed an armpit fetish but my so-called beloved wife – Abida, has gone too lazy lately that she has a hard-time shaving her armpit. So, I thought that I would do myself a favor and instead of some escort fulfilling this fetish of mine, I would rather log in to justflirty and have a real woman do it for me and boy, I wasn’t wrong. The woman I met, I first saw her in American Idol, she was a participant and both the male judges were flirting with her like there was no tomorrow.

I saw the social media accounts of all her family members once she disappeared after fulfilling my armpit fetish and they all pretend to be an extremely classy family with high morals on their social media. You wouldn’t know that the family participates in sexual orgies together and the woman I met, told me that she is also responsible for fulfilling the sexual armpit fantasies of her own first cousin.

I believe that a sex story doesn’t deserve to be called such unless it is a long one and that’s the reason why the posts I write are never long, because I write my real-life sexual experiences, not some stupid fake sex stories.

I don’t know if it is with me only and my good friends who are extremely sexual like myself. We like to listen to a different type of music when we are horny and sexually tensed and other type after we are done making out. I personally love to listen to the 80s rock when I am sexually tensed and after I am done fucking, I love to listen to the modern-day hip-hop.

Those Escort Ads have literally been saving lives, especially those of men

The roots of the extraordinary human thinking skills and thinking process lies in the human males trying their best to fuck each and every female and the females trying their best to use their pussies in the best way possible in order to get as much as they could from the human males.

I have always had an eyebrow fetish. The first thing that I always look for in a woman is her eyebrows. I love to rub my dick over a woman’s eyebrows including that of my wife and the girls I regularly meet through Annunci escort.

I love women from the Indian subcontinent and it is my personal experience that the Pakistani girls like to party a lot more than their Indian counterparts. Perhaps, it has to do with their non-vegetarian diets. The Pakistani people also eat a lot more spicy and dried food compared to their Indian counterparts.

I didn’t know this until I met this Indian MILF escort currently living in Chicago, that the Indian women wear saree because the Indian men have a fetish with women’s hips and belly. I did a little bit of research on it and I discovered that those South Indian movies are full of erotic scenes based around women’s hips and bellies, which may be weird to many westerners, but not to the South Indians.

Me and Abida create tons of Christmas craft each year. Last year, all of it, without exception, was sexuality related.

I believe that the increasing pollution in big cities is the reason why the people of the big cities, no matter what their sexual orientation is, are way less sexual than their counterparts belonging to the small towns or villages.

My Promiscuous Sister-In-Law’s Best Friend is Proud to be a part of CamBoozle

One of my sister-in-law’s best friends is always overawed by the fact that she is a part of one of largest luxury escort agencies and free live sex cams website. The money alone is not the thing that makes her overawed, but rather the kind of men that she had the responsibility of making happy through both the mediums.

I believe that the average economy of the American families and the average times that these family members get intimate with each other, are both strongly underestimated. Normally, it’s the Southern and Hillbilly families that are alleged to be incestual, but I know several Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills families where siblings, parents, grandmothers and other family members fuck each other like rabbits.

My first trip to the New York City and Orlando, Florida, was with an escort and both the trips were the two best trips of my life ever.

I am proud to say that I still fuck as good today as I did before my marriage with Abida, which took place about 30 yuears ago.

Abida has a sister who weighs 350 lbs and I bet that she can give BBW pornstars like the Sofia Rose and Samantha 38G, a run for their money, anytime, any day.

This sister of Abida regularly joins us in a threesome to make our marriage working even better; Her husband, her kids, nobody else in our family, outside us three, has any idea about why this BBW sister of Abida visits Abida’s house so frequently and we all want it to stay this way. Myself or Abida never told her that we fuck around with other men and women all the time, so that she feels she is the special one and it is a wonder that she has never come close to knowing that by herself either.