Most Twitteratis are wondering if the 5G Towers will make Judy’s Big Booty look more realistic looking on the screen

I have been watching a digital sport watch whenever I have a fucking session with my wife for a while now. It really helps me keep the right track of the time on how long I lasted.

You don’t always have to look like Johnny Bravo to look good to your woman, especially if yours is a freak like judythebigbooty.

One of my good friends believes that the god created fruits in men and women’s sexual organs. According to him the cherries represent the hymen, oranges represent boobs, watermelons represent buttocks and bananas represent dicks.

This friend of mine believes everything that comes out of the conspiracy theorist – David Icke’s mouth, including that the British Royal Family is Half-Reptilian and Half-Human. He also believes David Icke’s theory that the coronavirus is a hoax and the 5G towers are responsible for it.

The wife of this friend of mine is a motivational speaker by the day and an escort by the night.

I recently read a post by judythebb on Twitter where she made a claim that the idea of men without moustaches is an agenda by the feminists to make the men unattractive to the women. She finds hot men with moustache irresistible and she believes that the feminists can’t stand the fact that a straight man looks more attractive to a straight woman than a straight woman does to a straight man on an average.

Judythebb also claims that any sex that lasts lesser than 60 minutes leaves her completely cold.

Coffee has been making me dizzy and giving me brain fog lately, but I still drink it pots of it everyday, because it increases my libido like no other.

Trucking Company owner from Atlantic City prefers Korean Porn Movies over any other

Kelvin Balonay from Altantic City, New Jersey, started off as a truck driver, but today owns a fleet of trucks. He believes that Gaia should be the #1 Korean pornstar of all times followed by Minka. He says that Minka is all tits while Gaia is an entire package, one just has to watch his Korean Porn Movie featuring Nuru Massage.

Kelvin says that he recently dated a New York girl who pretended to be the daughter of a multi-millionaire, only to learn later that all her clothes were pre-used eBay clothes that she would file a dispute against all the time on PayPal.

Kelvin would have never known her reality if his sister, who owns and runs a not-for-profit eBay store that sells products just for the same of her and other horny men and women’s happiness didn’t tell him the same.

Kelvin believes that misanthropes and misogynists both love sex more than their Non-Misanthropic counterparts, especially when the ones having Germanic ancestry.

Both Kelvin and his wife are pro-wrestling fans. They both wear each other’s favorite wrestler’s costumes before making out and together scream out loud “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” before making out.

Kelvin and his wife used to be school buddies. They were always good friends, they never flirted with each other in school and didn’t have a crush on each other either. They met each other on a Tinder Surprise date years after completing the school and impressed with each other’s sexual performance and energy, they decided to marry to enjoy the same sexual performance and energy every night of the year.

LGBT Advocate from Sydney is often found performing telepathy or performing a search on ‘Adult Hub’

Ann Hardin from Sydney, Australia, is a full-time DJ and part-time LGBT advocate and sex blogger, who claims that more animals, birds, etc like to make love to the same gender than we will ever know.

Ann agrees with Reverend Jim Jones when he said that every human being is homosexual.

Ann says that she is happy that as much as half of the boys hostels in some cities of the USA have become very much like the notoriously popular ‘Gay Love Hotels’.

Ann has a very good gay friend who loves drifting in his Nissan 370Z. He uses the codeword – “Ever been in a drift car before”, whenever he is in the mood for sucking some dick. He loves to suck both straight and gay dicks alike.

She claims that the future of the automotive industry lies in the hands of the homosexual people and adult hub is the proof of the same.

Ann writes on her blog that she has been studying zoo geography to understand the laws of the nature, sexuality, evolution and many other things better.

Ann claims to have sucked more gay dicks than any other straight woman and she says that she can tell the difference between a gay and a straight dick just with a glimpse.

In the December of 2016, Ann went to India to study the infamous ‘Indian Prehistoric Telepathy’, only to realize 2 years later that is a scam. She has been exposing the so-called miraculous Indian Prehistoric Telepathy since then on blogs, forums, chatrooms and other online platforms,

Date all the Russian and Ukrainian women you can before the Coronavirus destroys your dick

I recently came across a press release that had it mentioned that the men and women who work at steel factories are far more horny compared to the men and women who work at other factories. The author even added that perhaps this is the reason why the population of the entire first-world Western countries during the Industrial Revolution mainly during Andrew Carnegie’s time grew like never before.

I won’t disclose the name of the author here but I can give you a couple of hints here – The author has an Economic Degree. He worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the past. He is a hardcore Catholic who claims that we are living in the end times and once he wrote an article in 2018 about How to date Russian women thanks to camgirl sites before the Armageddon takes place.

I believe these are hints enough to identify the real author. Anyways, I would like to discuss more about a popular African-American author from Kentucky, who recently made claim in an article that men used to have boobs as well millions of years ago but some virus destroyed it. He further added that he is scared that the coronavirus and other virus of the same forms might even destroy the dicks of the homo sapiens sapiens in the near future and before that happens, it is most recommended that men learn How to date Ukrainian women thanks to camgirls sites.