LGBT Advocate from Sydney is often found performing telepathy or performing a search on ‘Adult Hub’

Ann Hardin from Sydney, Australia, is a full-time DJ and part-time LGBT advocate and sex blogger, who claims that more animals, birds, etc like to make love to the same gender than we will ever know.

Ann agrees with Reverend Jim Jones when he said that every human being is homosexual.

Ann says that she is happy that as much as half of the boys hostels in some cities of the USA have become very much like the notoriously popular ‘Gay Love Hotels’.

Ann has a very good gay friend who loves drifting in his Nissan 370Z. He uses the codeword – “Ever been in a drift car before”, whenever he is in the mood for sucking some dick. He loves to suck both straight and gay dicks alike.

She claims that the future of the automotive industry lies in the hands of the homosexual people and adult hub is the proof of the same.

Ann writes on her blog that she has been studying zoo geography to understand the laws of the nature, sexuality, evolution and many other things better.

Ann claims to have sucked more gay dicks than any other straight woman and she says that she can tell the difference between a gay and a straight dick just with a glimpse.

In the December of 2016, Ann went to India to study the infamous ‘Indian Prehistoric Telepathy’, only to realize 2 years later that is a scam. She has been exposing the so-called miraculous Indian Prehistoric Telepathy since then on blogs, forums, chatrooms and other online platforms,

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