London is indeed a jungle when it comes to free flings with top notch beautiful women

So, as most of my regular readers already know that I was in London for the past few months and you guys all know very well that I can’t live without fucking around.

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One night I met this thin pale White chic who was a flat-earther as well. She told me that she believes that the earth is as flat as her tummy.

She told me that she was an expert in planetary reading and she told me that all the planetary conditions are in my favor at the moment and will remain so for long in the future.

She told me that she taught in school for 2 years in the past. She called me honey all the time and I loved her for that; I called her baby-doll in return.

Her colourful bikini reminded me of a butterfly. She further told me that she had an array of butterfly lingerie. I can only imagine right now about she looks in each of those and jerk off.

I wanted her to do a roleplay of my slave girl while I act as a king, she agreed to it happily, she tore her clothes to look like an actual slave girl for me and I loved it. I didn’t have a crown but I managed to make something else as my crown which I don’t want to disclose here.

I enjoyed all my time with her. It didn’t matter much whether the lights were off or on.

Another night, I met this single MILF in London for a fling, who literally had the body, height and face of one of my most favorite porn MILFs of all time – Mindi Mink. She wasn’t White though. She was a fit, athletic and flexible Punjabi-Gurjar lady who told me that she belonged to a family of one of the most Indian athlete families.

The moment I had the first glimpse of her, a sound came out of my mouth ‘Thank You Lord’ and she heard it very well and smiled and kissed me instantly after it.

I spent 5 consecutive nights with her and she took equal care of me all 5 days. God Bless the Great Britain!

Indian Devar Bhabhi Porn giving Brazzers, Scoreland and Naughty America a run for their money

I believe that the discipline and orderliness found among the Brazzers and Naughty America pornstars is unmatched and that’s the reason why they Naughty America and Brazzers have always been ahead of the Scoreland, BangBros and other major rivals. The only thing that all these major porn studios lack in is displaying Devar Bhabhi Porn, I was introduced to the Indian Devar Bhabhi porn when a friend sent me movies of Savita and Mona Bhabhi on YellowPlum – One of the top Indian XVideos channel.

There is this friend of mine who claims that more than half of the world in the prehistoric and ancient times used to give sex education to their adult children before marriage by performing sex in front of their adult children. He adds that these parents would also let their adult children fuck themselves so that they learn better and the parents can have an idea about how good their adult children are sexually.

This friend of mine also claims that sperm is a living entity which is very harmful for you whether you are allergic to it or not. He claims that cleaning your sperm with a tissue paper is not going to solve the problem for you; You would be better washing yourself off multiple times.

He is also not ashamed to admit that he would go out of bed in the middle of the night as a teenager and would sniff his sexy big boobs bhabhi (sister-in-law’s) undergarments and jerk-off using those.

As a child, he used to be a child with rages, now, he is an adult with a 12-inch long dick. As a kid, he used to make it difficult and painful for his parents, now he makes it difficult and painful for his wife/girlfriend.

He has always believed that the wisdom, endurance and tolerance of an average Vashi Massage Parlour has been overlooked.