Eskou is one of the most beautiful things about Japan followed only by Japanese Hentai Porn

Darel Pendergrass from Montgomery, Alabama, is a sex blogger and leather belts retailer, who claims eating certain junk foods increases libido like no other. He adds it is a pity that these junk foods are not found in the category of aphrodisiacs anywhere.

Darel writes on his blog that although the North-East Indian women share the same DNA with Western Tribes of China, they have much larger breasts than their Chinese counterparts on an average. He says it is a pity that there are no studies why the case is such.

Darel writes it is another pity that so many people are so scared to visit a sexual health professional.

Darel doesn’t seem happy with the research literature revolving around the sexuality related subjects.

Darel has been doing a research on the Japanese enkou tradition lately and he says he hasn’t had so much fun performing a research before.

Darel believes the role of mental health and personality is vastly underrated in terms of a person’s sexuality.

Darel claims to know hundreds of men named Paul. He says without any exception, they are all sex freaks.

Darel never gets tired of repeating that total strangers have better sex than people in relationship in general.

Darel believes sexual problems due to the emotional control in the early age of an individual belonging to any gender are real and it is another pity that not much focus is placed on the same.

An Average Tranny Porn Site is 12, 654 times as Popular as an Average Religious Website

Priscilla Majella from Orlando, Florida, is a sexual blogger who claims sexual prowess is directly linked with financial and family success.

Priscilla writes on her blog that when once she interviewed a sexual victim nun. The nun told her honestly that she had had sexual affairs before becoming a part of the Church as well but no man performed the sexual intercourse as an average priest does. She even told Priscilla that as much as 30% of the priests regularly jerk off to tranny porn sites regularly.

Priscilla dresses herself up in black 7 days a week and likes to call herself the princess of darkness.

Priscilla claims Satan and Iblees are two different angels. Both were simultaneously cursed after the god found them indulged them performing gay sex on each other.

Priscilla is not ashamed to admit that she regularly hires male escorts as n international traveller. She loves Eastern European guys more than any other. She writes on her blog that the best trait of the Eastern European male escorts is that most of them are action oriented.

Priscilla follows Zoroastrianism. She claims to have never indulged in masturbation since she started following the same.

Priscilla says according to the law of Zarathustra – The one unpardonable sin is wilful masturbation. Even rape and genocide can be forgiven but not masturbation.

Priscilla believes a man can cure his impotence merely by following the subliminal method like her ex-husband could. She then contradicts herself by stating that maybe it was her hotness that cured it.

I highly doubt that my current MILF Girlfriend used to be a Cam Model

My current girlfriend is a bisexual woman who claims to have had sex with several social workers till date. She says that both male and female social workers are some of the worst people in the bedroom with ugly looks and lower libidos. She also claims that social workers are more likely to commit suicide as well.

My current girlfriend firmly believes that there will be universities in the near future that will teach escorting courses. She believes that the foundation of such universities will start from the Netherlands or Thailand. She adds that looking at the rapidness of the development in certain Asian countries, first university of that kind will most likely be built in Thailand. She also believes that in the future, there will be recruitment agencies that will get men and women employment into escort agencies in a very organized way.

She also says that the escort girls that don’t allow their pictures to be posted on the official website of the escort agency must allow the escort agency to post their black and white portrait at least because nobody wants a surprise if they are paying that kind of a money for a little bit of fun.

I highly doubt that this current girlfriend of mine used to work as a camgirls live herself to satiate her very high libido and also to make an extra buck but I dare not ask her. She is a fine fucking MILF and I am not doing anything that will take her away from me. Each time I fuck her, the next day my dick is so hard that each day feels like a new day when I hit the puberty. She loves to get licked.

Even Transgender Men and Women Love to Watch Hentai Porn

I know several transgender people and they all have one thing in common and that is that they watch more porn than they fuck in reality. They like to watch a lot of porn on the free hentai steam.

I believe that all the masturbation gloves available in the market presently are useless and that’s the reason why I want to launch my own brand for masturbation gloves.

I checked a recent survey in which it was mentioned that the men that spend more time jacking off to their favorite porn are far more happier than the ones that fuck the pussy of their favorite women regularly.

“Two big mountains and a valley,
Having an off-road in the valley.”

The above mentioned poetry is what my 21 year old nephew came up with in a recent family party when everyone was drunk. This nephew of mine tells me that he never chases a woman who is good at debates or is a good public speaker. He also told me that the chicks nowadays are so desperate for the bodybuilder men that they mess up with the bodybuilder bouncers in order to get groped because they hate their rich and ugly boyfriends. I am happy that this was not the case with us when I was his age.

I told this nephew of mine what my grandfather told me and that is that the true happiness is not hidden in how much money you make but rather how many pussies you fuck.

1990s saw the hottest Asian women

“Don’t wish for less babies, wish for more contraceptives.”

I believe that the rest of the history except for the King’s harem stories and other sexual escapades of the royals is nothing but trash.

As a married man for decades now, I want to convey to you that women over 40 years old are most sexual in the month of February. My wife wants it 24/7 in that very month. Sometimes she wants it so much that I feel like passing out and I am glad that we had an open marriage, other guys get to help me in this as well and they all love helping me in this regard.

I also believe that 1990s were the best times with the hottest Asian Voluptuous women globally. These women would tell you straight on your face that you better learn to finger the ass than to slope your dick straight inside of it.

I had a Japanese male friend who used to claim that if you lose as much semen after having a wet dream. That generally means you had sex with a succubus in the dream. He recently got into an adult business and the business motto is “Commit yourself to sexcellence.”

This Japanese friend of mine also believed that the Hindu God Shiva achieved the position of the highest god in the Indian Subcontinent by practicing non-stop tantric sex without any ejaculation at all with his beloved super-sexy wife – Parvati for years.

He also believed that certain statues of the Hindu God Krishna have always been capable of performing the sex act with their devotees.

I strongly believe that the escorts, adult models, cam models, pornstars, twitch thots, etc, are all agents of change and it is a pity that they are not given as much respect in the society as their less-contributing counterparts.

Chill Slav ladies from Prague waiting for you to show up on Nudecams

I remember meeting this couple once in Prague. The man was a homosexual and the woman was a lesbian. They were so much in love. They never used to get tired of repeating that theirs was the most pure love with no lust involved. They were highly active sexually with other men and women but they never had sex with each other.

The couple was not happy with the fact that a woman serves less time in jail when they rape someone.

They both agree on the fact that girls need to be at ease. If she is having good, chilled, laughing times, she is open, just like one of those girls on Nudecams.

I remember a 40 year old woman once told me that she looked her best and felt more horny than ever before at the age of 33. He calls bullshit on the theories that claim women hit their peak at the age of 40.

This same lady told me that most men unknowingly give off rapey vibes, that’s why girls get put off by them. She says one has to keep misogyny and red pill in check, because women are eventually the barometers of a man’s worthiness of life.

I always advise all my readers that it is always more fun to tap a religious woman as they don’t masturbate as often and that’s what makes their pussy feel a lot better.