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Julius Wade from Pierre, South Dakota, cannot stop fucking his Pink Dynamite Sex Toys and this is what he wrote on his blog recently:-

Here is the deal guys. I relapsed last night and I am so tired of trying for over 15.5 years now. I have decided that if I relapse ever again, I will pass the ownership of the server to one of existing leaders here and leave.

If I relapse ever again, I will stop caring about fapping or not fapping. I will start working out like crazy everyday to get fit, find a girl for myself, get married and get into some business that won’t demand me being a celibate (no long hours, not tons of creativity required) as I know my limits with an active sex life.

But If I don’t relapse ever again, which I will definitely try my best to, I will stay a celibate my entire life and use my extraordinary energy, drive and passion to reach the top as I know my potential when I am practicing ‘no lust celibacy’; it is far higher than my sex drive.

But if I relapse ever again, I am done with trying to be a celibate forever.

I was sleep deprived yesterday, like only slept 3 hours in 36 hours, whenever that happens, I get these crazy boners that won’t go away for hours and also my brain wasn’t functioning right, then I had a little argument with my parents. Then I did the same mistake again that always leads me to a relapse, i.e. taking my phone with me to the bed and I relapsed multiple times.

Whatever be the case now, one relapse and I am done. There are no excuses anymore. I am so sick and tired of it.
I know how bad it is but I still do it nonetheless.

I don’t want to live and die as another married normie and I shall try my best to never relapse again.

I want kids but no I don’t want to marry. I respect the institution of monogamous marriage but it is not for me. But I will still do it if I ever relapse again because it is better than being a wanker or a whoremonger.

Julius Wade, A South Dakotan Blogger

Make Sure You Workout And Take That L-Arginine Before You Meet Those Escorts In Karachi For Fun

Women who like to keep their nails extraordinarily large prioritize the girth of the dick over its length.

Lloyd Revy

Lloyd Revy from Sutter Avenue, New York, is a Sex Blogger and Economist, who believes the supplement L-Arginine doesn’t help improve the blood flow in the arteries of the heart as much as it does to their genitals. He doesn’t take any other supplement than L-Arginine and it has been the same for over past 7 years now.

Lloyd claims to know a family in his neighbourhood where the dad gets cucked by his two stepsons every night. Both the brothers fuck their stepmom for hours at night while the dad looks at it all sitting butt naked on a couch in the same room tying to get his weak dick hard by stroking it using different oils and/or stimulants only to face unsuccess each night.

Lloyd writes it is a pity that due to some people on the internet having faked illnesses to get attention, those who actually got illnesses and want to tell it, can look to some as they are faking it.

Lloyd claims working out gives him more urges to watch porn and fap but he rather uses this drive of his to meet sexy Escorts in Karachi and satiate them and make each of them crazy about him.

Lloyd also does Ashwini Mudra to strengthen his dick.

Lloyd believes a human female breasts are the biggest marvel of god’s creativity. It is the greatest example of how much gravity a little creation of god can possess.

Lloyd claims that most of the female squirts in the mainstream porn industry including the ones by Jada Fire and Veronica Avluv are fake.

Chemistry Teacher Rides Her Mechanic Husband Like Those Bitches Do In China XXX Videos

Allie Darcy from Beach, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Chemistry Teacher, who is open on her blog about regularly cheating on her car enthusiast husband, who seems to be more concerned about the buttons on the steering wheel on the cars than her breasts.

The best friend of Aliie’s husband is a mechanic who told his girlfriend that her breasts are like 2 big airbags and to everyone’s surprise, she loved the comparison and let him play with her airbags that very night, all night, like they do in that China XXX Video.

Allie never liked the fiance of her one and only daughter. He lives in a different country. She fears each day and night for her daughter’s future.

Allie has had sexual affairs with 5 different economists till date. She says each of them was very cautious about using the precautions.

Allie calls bullshit on the conspiracy theory propagated by some that Indian Philosopher and Mystic OSHO was a CIA Agent who was put in the position to destroy the Hindu concept of Brahmacharya because the US feared that India will become a superpower otherwise. She says bigger bullshit has not been propagated before.

Allie writes sadists are some of the worst people in bed, especially when they are males.

Allie has been involved in a short movie project for a while. The movie is a porn parody, featuring the American Pornstar MILF – Friday as Pro-Wrestler Rick Rude’s wife. Allie claims she is the one who got the offer to play Rick Rude’s wife before but she refused the offer and then they offered her the work as an assistant-writer and she delighted in it.

Beauties Curvier Than Angel Wicky Waiting For You On Live Sex Cams

Armando Angel from Beulah, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and eBay seller, who believes MGTOWs are a high IQ people and no average or low IQ person would ever like to join them.

Armando believes Japan is the most incel country in the world right now.

Armando used to jerk off using a condom in the college days to online sexy girls and wouldn’t throw the condom unless he had shown it to the fellow students in the college. He used to do it to brag about the thickness of his semen.

Armando writes ejaculation even once a month will leave you half as creative if you didn’t ejaculate at all.

Armando claims even being around nuclear technology reduces testosterone levels in men and according to him that’s the main reason why the testosterone levels have been dropping in men continuously for decades now.

Armando believes the Catholic Church will soon agree to the purchase of condoms if the couple is married.

Armando was in Japan for a few years. He writes several Japanese pimps have been using the Japanese Cyber Cages as a hub for their prostitution deeds.

Armando claims to know a sexologist who advises the use of a different brand of condom to the men and women belonging to different race. He believes this doctor is on another level and this advise of his is legit as fuck.

Armando believes Angel Wicky ought to be the most popular pornstar of the current times, not Mia Khalifa. He claims Mia Khalifa would have remained on the corner if she weren’t a media darling.

Hundreds of Married Couples Choosing Live Sex Cams as a Means to their Primary Income Since Covid-19 Pandemic

Ragnar Eyre from Brussels, Belgium, is a sex blogger and tour guide, who believes Italian pussies taste the best. He says he will choose an Italian pussy over the most delicious pasta any day.

Ragnar is married to a full-time homemaker and a part-time cam model. Every weekend Ragnar joins her and they make it a couple cams. His wife’s pussy is so hairy that she needs to comb it twice a day.

Ragnar believes women hit their sexual peak at the age of 34. Both his wife and the singer – Nicole Scherzinger are the best examples of it, he says. He has always had a huge crush on Nicole Scherzinger. It is one of his dreams to meet her in real life.

Ragnar never gets tired of repeating this personal story when once he was suspended from the college and he took revenge by having sex with his college principal and her daughters using astral projection.

Ragnar recently fell in love with Nancy Bhabhi AKA Nandita Dutta from India, since he saw her soft porn movies and her saree photoshoots. He writes he has been trying to make his way to reach her without any mediator. He says he would sell the house he lives in just to be able to smell her pussy for once.

Ragnar discovered fapping at the age of 18. He was just playing with his dick and it felt extremely good to him. He is 28 now and has never been addicted to fapping until Covid-19 kicked in and he had to spend his days sitting at home having nothing else to do other than playing with his wife or his own dick when she is not available to play with.

Plenty of Coconut Available in the Market to Use on Your Dick while Chatting on Live Sex Cams

Patrick Lowe from Miami City, Florida, is a sex blogger and retired attorney general, who claims it is a false rumor that the soy increases estrogen levels in men. He claims to have had the first experience of this. After eating soy rich foods all the time on purpose for 6 months straight, his Testosterone levels increased but not the estrogen levels. He writes the soy made him too rich in testosterone that he would become like the Hindu God Shiva (Hindu God of Destruction) whenever he wouldn’t get any pussy. He was always found checking out Livecams those days to satiate his sexual desires.

Patrick is married. He says it is strange and weird that he has bad nightmares whenever his wife is having menstrual cycles.

Patrick is proud of the fact that his garbage can is always full of sexual products – Lube, Condoms, oil bottles he used as lubricants, etc.

Patrick believes natural oils, especially coconut oil work better on a dick than the best lubricant available in the market.

Patrick regularly hires pornstar escorts. He enjoyed the escort services of the GILF Pornstar – Patty Plenty. He says just like in her porn movies, she was very relaxed and offered him second session for free, which proves she loves the sexual action. He says it is a pity that the porn industry doesn’t give chance to fun-loving ladies like Patty Plenty but dumb bimbos like Mia Khalifa, who just look like they are waiting for the sex to get over as soon as possible and never look like they are enjoying it.

From Malta to Bengal, these Cam Models Make you Cum on Your Wall

John Loughleed from South Dakota, is a sex blogger and an architect who writes on his blog that he is really disappointed with the acting skills of the 21st Century Pornstars. He wishes all the time if someone could bring back the Golden Age of Porno. He appreciates the bedroom skills of the modern pornstars though. He still prefers free sexy private cam over the modern porno. Whenever he watches porn, it is mostly from the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

John loves to read the Indian history and mythology and he has come to the conclusion that the Hindu Goddess Durga used to be the Goddess of Sex before the Aryans came to India and persecuted the Durgs worshippers and the Goddess Durga herself. The Indians then decided to change the stories in their mythology to avoid the sort of persecution in the future and the rest is history. He adds that Durga is mainly worshipped in the Bengal region of Indian and it is a well-known fact that the Bengalis are one of the most sex-obsessed people in the world and have the largest racial population in the Indian Subcontinent.

John is currently dating a German, French, Italian, Irish and Native American mixed woman. Her uncle is a priest who lived in Malta for 1 years. He claims there is something about the dome of Carmelite Church that makes the priests of that church so sexual. These priests are regularly found having sex with one another or hiring hookers. both male and female.

John once participated in NoFap for 30 days, only to fap like there’s no tomorrow for the next 60 days. A 90 day challenge for real.

For a Gay Man, it is as much fun to bang a total stranger as it is to bang a Friend

Irresponsible sex is the best sex.

Bjorn Foshe

Bjorn Foshe from Michigan, USA, is a gay sex blogger and an engineer, who claims the Coomer Wojak character was in originally designed by a notorious homosexual forum poster who mostly goes by the name – JamestheBBCLOver, but an anonymous 4chan user labelled it as his own later by deception.

Bjorn believes homosexuality is the most natural form of human sexuality and it is easily proven by looking at the Bonobos but what a pity that the so-called intelligent human societies and religions are not willing to accept it as it naturally is. He adds heterosexuality is a choice though.

Bjorn has a bisexual friend from the New York City who claims the First Lady Melania Trump regularly hires Gigolos and apparently, President Donald Trump never had much sex with her since the beginning of their marriage.

Bjorn has been working on inventing a vaccine which he claims would be able to change a person’s sexual orientation on demand. He believes most men would choose bisexuality through this vaccine as it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, and he believes no man would be able to resist the gorgeous big cock men available at Complete List Of Best Gay Sites 2020 » SingleSceneDating

Bjorn actively campaigns against the misguiding online communities like r/nofap, r/semenretention, etc, that claim masturbation and porn are unhealthy.

Bjorn recently made a post on his blog claiming that he is very soon coming up with a questionnaire that would let a person know their sexual orientation like no other questionnaire or survey ever did before. He says he is too excited about it as it is the need of the current times when men and women are so confused about their sexual identities. He claims to know several men and women who wasted their entire lives just to discover what their sexual orientation really was and till the last day of their life, they remained a failure.

Bjorn writes it has been scientifically proven time and again that homosexual men and women are 3 times as creative on an average compared to their heterosexual counterparts but no mainstream media source would dare mention it anywhere. “What a shame!”, he adds.

Last month, Bjorn decided to convert to Hinduism just for the reason that they worship Phalluses. He also got a new Hindu name as soon as he got converted but he prefers to keep that name a secret. He also regularly recites a mantra which the Hindus claim increase the testosterone levels of a homosexual man like no other.

Bjorn has a Gujarati-Indian friend who told him that Mahatma Gandhi and India’s First Prime Minister – Jawahar Lal Nehru were secretly gay lovers. Bjorn says that the news didn’t shock or surprise him at all because he can tell a gay or a bisexual just by a glimpse and both Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru look like bisexuals.

This Gujarati-Indian friend of Bjorn claims to have interviewed hundreds of Aghoris based in Punjab, India and most of them admitted to being homosexuals. This news also didn’t surprise Bjorn at all as he always could tell why these men wake up in the dark; “For the secret rendezvous of course”, he says.

Looking for Porn Videos List while wearing a Kippah is Haram

There’s no such thing as a sexually drained person.

Claire Karina Garrett

Claire Karina Garrett from Delaware, Ohio, is a sex blogger and beautician, who writes most women love misogynists more than they do simps because an average misogynist is a lot more obsessed with the women than an average simp. She gives the reference that MGTOW Reddit Groups and Discord servers are an example for anyone who wants to discover what she is saying. She adds it won’t take an average person more than 5 minutes on any of such communities to confirm her claim.

Claire is married to a Jewish man and after marriage for 15 years, she claims to have discovered that wearing a kippah increases both DHT and Testosterone levels in men. On the days he wears that kippah regularly, he is often seen looking for the porn videos list although he bangs her twice a day, each day.

Claire is not ashamed to admit that she lost her virginity at the age of 20 in an open Jeep.

Claire has 5 Flat Earther Female Friends. All 5 have flat chest and flat butt without any exception.

Claire writes her ultimate dream is to find the world’s first super=advanced free-sex tribe on an island.

Claire has been wearing the same styled cat lingeries for over 3 years now. Instead of getting bored of the same, she has becoming more obsessed with it rather.

Claire was in an adult retail business for a while during the past decade. She writes love is in the air during summers. Each year, the sales of condoms and contraceptive pills rise to 200%. She jokes no wonders why the hottest countries are also the most densely populated.

Claire claims drinking semen of her husband regularly cured alopecia for her.