From Malta to Bengal, these Cam Models Make you Cum on Your Wall

John Loughleed from South Dakota, is a sex blogger and an architect who writes on his blog that he is really disappointed with the acting skills of the 21st Century Pornstars. He wishes all the time if someone could bring back the Golden Age of Porno. He appreciates the bedroom skills of the modern pornstars though. He still prefers free sexy private cam over the modern porno. Whenever he watches porn, it is mostly from the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

John loves to read the Indian history and mythology and he has come to the conclusion that the Hindu Goddess Durga used to be the Goddess of Sex before the Aryans came to India and persecuted the Durgs worshippers and the Goddess Durga herself. The Indians then decided to change the stories in their mythology to avoid the sort of persecution in the future and the rest is history. He adds that Durga is mainly worshipped in the Bengal region of Indian and it is a well-known fact that the Bengalis are one of the most sex-obsessed people in the world and have the largest racial population in the Indian Subcontinent.

John is currently dating a German, French, Italian, Irish and Native American mixed woman. Her uncle is a priest who lived in Malta for 1 years. He claims there is something about the dome of Carmelite Church that makes the priests of that church so sexual. These priests are regularly found having sex with one another or hiring hookers. both male and female.

John once participated in NoFap for 30 days, only to fap like there’s no tomorrow for the next 60 days. A 90 day challenge for real.

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