Hundreds of Married Couples Choosing Live Sex Cams as a Means to their Primary Income Since Covid-19 Pandemic

Ragnar Eyre from Brussels, Belgium, is a sex blogger and tour guide, who believes Italian pussies taste the best. He says he will choose an Italian pussy over the most delicious pasta any day.

Ragnar is married to a full-time homemaker and a part-time cam model. Every weekend Ragnar joins her and they make it a couple cams. His wife’s pussy is so hairy that she needs to comb it twice a day.

Ragnar believes women hit their sexual peak at the age of 34. Both his wife and the singer – Nicole Scherzinger are the best examples of it, he says. He has always had a huge crush on Nicole Scherzinger. It is one of his dreams to meet her in real life.

Ragnar never gets tired of repeating this personal story when once he was suspended from the college and he took revenge by having sex with his college principal and her daughters using astral projection.

Ragnar recently fell in love with Nancy Bhabhi AKA Nandita Dutta from India, since he saw her soft porn movies and her saree photoshoots. He writes he has been trying to make his way to reach her without any mediator. He says he would sell the house he lives in just to be able to smell her pussy for once.

Ragnar discovered fapping at the age of 18. He was just playing with his dick and it felt extremely good to him. He is 28 now and has never been addicted to fapping until Covid-19 kicked in and he had to spend his days sitting at home having nothing else to do other than playing with his wife or his own dick when she is not available to play with.

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