Governors Jerking Off To Bongacams Models During Election Days

Ivan Gentry from Frankenmuth, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Architect, who likes to study the history of sex related businesses as a hobby. He has been on it for the past 7 years now. He writes that the sex business ideas were at their peak in the year 2007 followed by the year 1983.

Ivan believes the statistics that conclude the Levantine Arab countries, especially Jordan and Lebanon have the highest rate of erotica readers are accurate. He also agrees that Libya has the greatest number of regular erotica readers in the African continent.

Ivan agrees with the study that claim the adult males living in a single parent household masturbate more often than their counterparts living in a two parent household.

The notion that an Average American Governor has more sex on an average than an Average American President is as true as an Average Professional Hooker having more sex than a Average American Homemaker wife.

Ivan Gentry

Ivan lived in Japan for 3 years. He writes that when people talk of the prostitution in Japan, they name cities like Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka, most of the times; Ivan doesn’t deny that these 3 cities have a large number of happy ending masseuses, street hookers and high class escorts that when put together are larger than the number of the masseuses in Thailand, but it is the city of Kawasaki that has the best-looking, best=-smelling and most elegant female escorts, especially the mature ones, he writes. Ivan adds that some of the examples of the infamous Kawasaki city’s feminine beauty could be seen on Bongacams, Welcome to Sex Webcams Bongacams here.

Ivan’s uncle served in the army for a good length of time. He says many navy merchants and military experts commit corruption with the help of each other and they are often caught having illicit sexual relationships with each other, when they generally use to continue their monkey business of corruption.