Psychiatrist Disses r/semenretention And Chats On Best Cam Sites When He Has No Patients

I study medicine, I probably know nothing about the sources most so-called 60+ year old medical experts get their information from. My study is a source that I trust and seems like they deserve that trust for the most part, if you think about what medical science has done for us. In my study, we learn to evaluate evidence, which I for example did with research to the porn addiction, but like the stuff that I said was accepted by my teachers, although they thought I was a weird Christian fundamentalist first, which is kind of a fair criticism, but when I told them I am a Buddhist, they accepted my criticism But like how to criticize evidence and research is something I also learned in the university.

Dr Douwe Braam

Dr Douwe Braam from Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a Psychiatrist and Sex Blogger, who sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he writes that the YouTube deliberately recommends us stupid and nonsense videos as a part of the elite’s propaganda to keep the common man dumb and distracted. He believes that “Why are you gae?” video, the Ugandan Debate Featuring the Gay Rights Activist – Pepe Julien Onziema, The Pastor Senpai and News Host – Simon Kaggwa Njala was the best ever and perhaps the only non-propaganda recommended video on the YouTube.

Dr Douwe recently wrote this poetry:-

Sex is like a fight, we must face the sexual fire.

For the stronger our dick gets, we go even deeper and stronger.

The weapon we use cannot be bought in the marketplace, they are more than enough to satisfy your own wives.

The road is as easy as it is deep, although it may not always be so soft.

Dr Braam writes both mysticism and semen retention have one thing in common and that is they are both big scams that tell you to stay away from god’s most precious gifts like best cam sites, best porn sites, OnlyFans, and what not.

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