Maltese Gentleman Travels To Jutland Each Year To Enjoy Those Gorgeous And Young Russian Escort Girls

Sean Martin is a Maltese gentleman who regularly visits the Jutland Island of Denmark, not for its beaches but rather to enjoy the exceptionally beautiful Danish escort Jylland.

Sean believes that the life of an average high class Danish escort is far more fun and adventurous than an average guy would think including his younger self.

Sean says that he doesn’t trade his call girl’s breast size for the butt size or vice-versa; He wants both the assets of his call girl for the night perfectly shaped, toned and natural and those Danish escort girls never disappoint when it comes to the same.

Once he called a gorgeous Greek escort in Egtved named Opal to his hotel room. She had no issues with Sean banging him tantric style. After knocking her for 3 hours straight tantric style, Sean was rock-hard again only after 10-15 minutes. He adds that it really made him feel like the good old German-American – Charles Bukowski.

He recently sent a love letter to Opal written personally by himself. She replied back telling that she was very much impressed with his handwriting and Sean couldn’t be any happier.

Another time when Sean booked a local Greek call girl for 2 hours initially after falling for her gorgeous pictures, she turned out to be so sweet and fun-loving that Sean decided to extend the session for a 2-week long tour abroad.

Enjoying Greek call girls for over a decade now, Mr Sean Martin has come to the conclusion that the call girls of Jutland in general are provided conducive atmosphere to improve their skills and are stressed upon the need to utilize their time to the optimum.

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