Old Thai Men Jerking Off To Their Hot Daughter-In-Laws Riding BBCs, Thanks To The Deepfake Technology

If every cell of your body ain’t exploding with pure joy, something is wrong.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond Frakes from Istanbul, Turkey, is a Sex Blogger and Comedian, who believes Antarctica was once the most densely populated region of the world, but the people of this part of the world were mostly asexual and it soon became an inhabited continent due to the lack of sex and cardiac diseases. He claims it was also the most technologically advanced region of the world during those times due to the people having an ample time to focus on things other than sex and sexuality.

No women age as good as the Italian, Maltese and Russian women.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond believes the men belonging to different parts of the world and ethnicities have different need for the female companionship while the longing for a woman of a man remains almost equal worldwide.

The problem with emotion is that you stop thinking about all the implications of your actions, because emotion is an immediate act.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond predicts Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to be the first Muslim majority country that would be able to compete with the Western Nations, mainly the USA, when it comes to producing good Deepfake Porn.

Women focus on the short term, men on the long term. We need both the long term and the short term, both are valuable.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond doesn’t agree with those who think or say that the men or women belonging to one ethnicity are more attractive than the other(s).

Nobody tells their real life sexual adventures as good and as realistic as the Italians.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond claims to know an extremely obese man who cannot resist curly BBWs in bikinis. He wonders all the time if it could be made illegal for the curly BBWs to walk around on the streets wearing bikinis as he immediately has to travel home after seeing such a sight to take a wank to some good deepfake porno.

After watching how they ridiculed the old Thai man whose video went viral, the one who was jerking off in the train to some deepfake porno, Raymond wrote that he personally thinks that the old man read a few articles by the mainstream media and thought of rather spending his time productively while sitting idle in the train. He writes that instead of ridiculing such people, they ought to celebrate such men as revolutionaries responsible for promoting such a healthy activity which the Victorians and others thought of as the root for several physical, mental, psychological and spiritual illnesses.