Sex Blogger Gives Free Furniture To Black Female Pornstars For Sitting On His Lap

Caleb Bezares from Barcelona, Spain , is a Sex Blogger and Furniture Retailer, who claims the notorious Indian Religious Leader – Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh used to regularly send his courtesans to the US, Australia and Canada to be trained by the Elite Sugar Babies of the region. He writes Ram Raheem Singh used to pay triple the amount per month to the sugar babies for that training compared to what their regular sugar daddies paid per month to them on an average.

Caleb writes about wealthy but highly persecuted young Qadiani women migrating from Pakistan to the Western nations in order to live a safe, fun and prosperous life. He claims that roughly 15% of them end up becoming Sugar Babies and that includes one of the most infamous beauty queens of Pakistan of all times which he wouldn’t name on his blog.

The first lady that Caleb dated was an Indian-American whom he met through a Sugar Baby App. On their first date, he demanded that she comes to him wearing a grey kurti, which she did.

Caleb is not happy that there is not a single Sugar Baby XXX song that he likes. He recently ghostwrote a dope sugar baby song and gave it for free to his most favourite Miami based rapper – Rick Ross. Rick Ross has promised him that he will soon start working on it.

There are evidences of the existence of Sugar Babies during the ancient times on parchments belonging to different parts of the world.

Caleb Bezares

Caleb writes he can’t wait for the Sugar Baby colleges and degrees to come into the picture.

For some mysterious reason, May is the hottest season with the Sugar Babies apart from being the hottest.

Caleb Bezares

Caleb claims to have interviewed several beautiful retired female models with a failed career who all told him that if the Sugar Baby business was as big back then, they could have made millions.

Caleb thinks someone needs to create a Sugar Baby Web Series to make it hassle-free for the babies and daddies who are new to it. He says it is a pity that there are not many Top-Notch Sugar Baby YouTubers out there.

Caleb writes Sugar Babies have always been there but they operated using different names in different parts of the world during different times just like those Black Porno Stars. He claims they used to be most popular in the Feudal Kingdom of Aragon.

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