Men Buying Grey Bikinis For Their Cam Model Wives To Make Them Asexual

Juan Byrne from Edmond, Oklahoma, is a Sex Blogger and Pet Care Business owner, who claims to know an old curly grey-haired Indian-Estonian Artist who claims to have indulged in over 200 sexual orgies. She claims Pale-Ginger women are the most regular at sexual orgies and not the Redbones contrary to the popular rumor. She rejects the Redbone rumor as completely false calling it a “big bullshit”.

It is a well-known fact since time immemorial that women addicted to food make a lot more noise while sucking a dick.

Juan Byrne

Juan doesn’t agree with the study conducted in Thailand in 2017 which concluded that women shorter than 5 feet are more affected sexually by other planets. Neither does he agree with the study done in Slovenia in 2016 which claims that wearing pink, purple and yellow underwear increases femininity in both the genders.

Juan agrees with the claim that women who offered their services in combat services at some point in their lives are the least hesitant to trying anal sex.

If Foreign Male Tourists didn’t crave much respect, we would see a lot more of them fucking the escorts.

Juan Byrne

Juan claims to know an Indian-Canadian Psychic and Astrologer who told him that chanting of sexual mantras makes women sexually easy.

Juan believes the claim that most of the Hindu Fascists still use the pull-out method rather than condoms, pills or other methods as was told to him by a sex cam model.

Juan believes talking and thinking in German is the secret behind the exceptionally sexy skin of the German women.

Living in grey colored surroundings reduces sex drive in both the genders.

Juan Byrne

Juan doesn’t agree with those who claim that the pull-out method was still the most popular contraceptive method till the Late-1990s.

Juan is amazed that nobody talks about Ugandan women’s fetish of getting their butt cheeks clapped while everyone is busy discussing the “Why are you Gae?” video by Simon Kaggwa Njala, Pepe Julien Onziema and Pastor Senpai.

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