MNC Chief Eats Indian Sweets Before Hiring A Karachi Call Girl

We are no sinners, as the sin has no real existence. If you claim that sins exist, all that you are saying is that there’s an omnipotent force, which the westerners call God. Sin is just ignorance. Ignorance of the life principles.

Boyd Keeling

Boyd Keeling from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Chief Content Officer at a Multinational Corporation, who claims to know a woman at his company who wouldn’t let her husband fuck her but regularly fucks her superior and his son who also works at the same office.

Boyd is too proud of his 10.5 inches long cock. It is 4.5 inches in girth. He writes British women are more dating than their American counterparts in the bed and it is not just him who has come to this conclusion after fucking hundreds of women belonging to both the nations.

Boyd loves to read the religious history. He writes that Jesus was born Jewish. But he was the first Christian, and was never a Jew. He was not following Judaism and was also fighting the Pharisee which turned on him. He was from the chosen people. Like Mary. He has nothing to do with the Jews of those days.

Boyd believes Indian sweets were made to increase the libido of both men and women and anybody who disagrees has definitely never tasted it.

Boyd claims to know many yoga experts. He says they are all more of sex experts than yoga experts and are often found chatting with Call Girls in Karachi.

Boyd claims to have been working on inventing condoms that could also be used as pens. He says both the semen and the ink could be used as an ink in these upcoming creations of his,

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