Blessed are those who get to fuck Muscular Japanese cougars on the regular

I have a friend who claims that the enlightenment cannot be attained without indulging in tantric sexual sessions for hours at a time for months without any break at all.

This friend of mine claims to have slept with several female politicians and their female secretaries, including one Japanese cougar, he says that each of those was a great fuck to say the least.

He is also not ashamed to admit that he has been having an extramarital affair with his mother-in-law who also happens to be a muscle girl cam model since after 6 months of his marriage to his wife. His wife knows about it all and says that it is okay as long as he doesn’t cheat on her with any other woman and keeps satiating his widowed mother-in-law who doesn’t have any other dick to satiate her needs and desires.

Both the husband and wife believe that monogamy is unnatural and openly cheat on each other. He says that why spend $1000 on a cougar escort when you have your sexy mom-in-law, who is willing to do whatever you ask her for. She says that why just ride the one same cock, when you are beautiful enough to get any other that you want, whenever and wherever you want?

This friend of mine loves cars as much as he does women. He has his own terminology to refer to the escorts he fucks. Those who allow only vaginal sex, he refers to them as one door, those who allow blowjob plus vaginal, he refers to them as two door, those who allow blowjob, anal and vaginal, he refers to them as three door.

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