Older men Naked Cams more than their teenage counterparts

I read this story of an ever-horny woman on Reddit last night who wrote that once when coming back from the office to home, she first fucked a total stranger in the bus, then she fucked her brother-in-law after not finding her husband home but her brother-in-law instead and while they were both fucking, the husband came home and joined his wife and brother. The story reminded me of a porn movie I once watched while I was a teenager.

It is my personal observation that nothing costs more than a pussy in the long run, including the old ones, so better let someone enjoy the pussy while you watch naked cams and enjoy it with your hand, fleshlight or pillow.

I recently met this old man who once got an opportunity from an Eastern European refugee who offered him a nice fuck wherever he wanted to and whenever he wanted to, in exchange for a shelter, he fucked her right there on the street and took her back home. After fucking her regularly for 6 months that he decided to marry her and they both have 4 kids together now. This guy claims to have had a lot of public sex and he always tells me that what’s not good about public sex is that it is extremely addictive, he says that even after getting married, you may want to fuck your spouse only in the streets, it is that addictive.

Another man I met last year told me that loud moans are generally fake and he always doubted that his wife made fake loud sounds while they were both fucking and to confirm it, he once fucked her in the public and she was as silent as a stone.

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