Bakery Owner Spends All His Savings On London Porn Star Escorts

A down-to-earth female escort makes her man feel better and value himself.

Jahe Becker

Jahe Becker from Skagen, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Bakery Owner, who believes real life sex, like meditation, increases calmness, awareness and ambition with a person while jerking-off to porn does the opposite.

Jahe believes the study done in Israel which concludes the Ginger Men and Women attain their sexual peak 2 years earlier on an average compared to their Non-Ginger counterparts.

Jahe writes it is such a pity that even after several decades of the evolution of the sex toy industry, the comfort and convenience of buying sex toys is still not on par with buying deodorants, furniture or clothes.

I can’t tell it from a woman’s perspective how different sex feels in a motel compared to a 5 star hotel, the only thing I miss out in a motel while having some poontang is the king size bed.

Jahe Becker

Jahe has been working on creating an innovative stimulant lube using Diesel, Petrol, Vaseline, Engine Oil and Mobile Oil.

Jahe claims one of the London Porn star escorts – Sophie Dee, is secretly married to one of the male members of the legendary European Jewish Family – The Goldschmidts. He writes she was absent for a few years from the porn industry because she was too busy consummating her marriage with the Middle-Aged Goldschmidt. He is not sure if she has become a mother to her baby already.

Jahe buys nothing but cars with big boots as they remind him of his big booty ex-girlfriend who left him to marry an old multi-millionaire.

Jahe has been writing a book on one of his real life college friends’ struggle with his 5 year long erectile dysfunction. It is also going to be the first book authored by Jahe Becker.

Jahe knows a Persian-American CEO, who offered the Attorney, Escort and Pornstar – Jane Jones, whose staged name is Emma Starr, a brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, just to accompany her to a Las Vegas Casino one night. She accepted the offer and apart from accompanying him to the Casino, she also spread her legs for Jahe for the next 2 nights.