Air Crew Officer Admits Jerking Off To His Twin Cousins On Whatsapp Groups

Those who think of their intelligence, ideas, wisdom or insight as the greatest gift of the god to the humanity are plain dumb. It is the hot voluptuous women that are the greatest gift of god to the humanity and it is well mentioned in Torah, ancient scriptures of the Babylonians and on the most popular Whatsapp Adult Sex Groups.

Haden Parris

Haden Parris is an Air Crew Officer and Sex Blogger from Carmel, Indiana, who claims to be the biggest tantric expert in the entire province of Indiana. He writes that with each mistake or error during a tantric sexual session, the participant is constantly learning something.

Haden writes that the first sentence which the Hindu God Rama said to his wife after discovering her in the jungle after isolation for an entire year was – “Lund Le Seete, Teri Choot Ka Ras Hum Hain Peete.” In Hindi it means enjoy my dick my beloved wife Sita, while after I am done banging you at the speed of a Cheetah, I will drink all your juices like there’s no tomorrow.

Haden once dated this married MILF who had 3 kids. She had a PhD in accounting. She wore nothing but different traditional dresses belonging to different cultures of the world in the day and nothing at all during the nights. She would giggle all the time while giving a blowjob, many times he would cum before time due to her sexy giggles getting him too hot. She loved to swallow all his baby-batter, since a stunning accounts teacher told her that swallowing sperm was the secret of her gorgeous face and exceptionally voluptuous body.

Having sex in a forest is the most fun and natural thing that you can do. It is such a pity that everyone talks about natural this, natural that, but nobody talks about the most natural form of sexual activity – Having sex in a Forest. Blessed are the tribal people for they still get to fondle those tits in the jungle while drinking that pussy juice.

Haden Parris

Haden has a fetish for short-haired girls. He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have wet dreams weekly, where he would be having threesomes with his short-haired twin sisters; sometimes twice during the same night.

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