French-Indian Living In The US Supports EU, Cuban Revolution And Sakinaka’s B2B Massage Centres

Fleury Amratlal from Delray, Florida, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks Donald Trump should be held accountable for the violent actions that took place at US Capitol Hill on January 7, 2021. She writes Trump should be removed via the 25th amendment before January 20th.

Fleury believes there was a chance for KMT to win the war against the Communists in China. She also believes the Cuban revolution was a positive event for China.

Fleury thinks we should return to the gold standard and from Tinder to the Massage Service Sakinaka scene.

Fleury believes deepfakes pose danger to the national security and individuals should have the right to sue those who create deepfakes.

Fleury thinks EU should have its own army and EU should become more centralized. She also supports the Euro currency and sports betting.

Fleury hates the fact that the phrase “All Lives Matter” in the modern day is mostly used in a provocative manner.

Fleury supports a practice of banning foreign digital products if they have been created by companies residing in hostile countries.

Fleury thinks accounts of medias sponsored by the government should be labelled as state-affiliated media on social networks.

As a workaholic, Fleury thinks the average working week hours should be extended.

Fleury thinks Lebanon should go back under a French Mandate.

Fleury believes the United States should cut a significant portion of its military funding and instead invest that money into NASA.

Fleury believes the British and Austro-Hungarian empires are the most underrated European empires of all times, while the Roman empire is the most overrated empire the West has ever known.

One of the two brothers of Fleury is a musician. Fleury and her brother believe the music streaming services should pay musicians more. Her brother thinks one of the Non-English speaking countries will create a highly popular genre like KPOP this decade.

Fleury supports sugar tax; supports free trade; privatization of the railways globally; nationalization of the natural resources.

Fleury thinks certain types of religious clothing should be banned and there should be a dressing code on beaches.

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