His Ex-Masseuse Fat Wife Rides Him Like One Of Those Sex-Starving MILFs On VRSmash

Vlasta Bratcher from London, England, is a sex blogger who happens to have a wife who weighs over 250lbs. She can be extremely wild during the heat of the night like those pornostars in the VRSMASH movies. She always makes Vlasta wonder what a pity it is that there is no such thing as a dick insurance.

Vlasta is a fan of the Ayurveda and some other Hindu practices including their Calangute Massage Centres. He strongly believes that a raised kundalini increases a man’s libido by 600%. He has been trying to raise his kundalini up for years now by different practices but all those practices only raise up his dick by making him bored to the level that he ends up watching granny porn.

Vlasta believes Theravada Buddhism is overall better than Hindu Monasticism.

Vlasta believes Islamic Sharia is the only solution to save the West from Feminism and Female Promiscuity and he is glad that it is never going to be applied in the UK.

Vlasta lived in the United States of America for years and he claims to have never met an African-American pastor who ever practiced voluntary celibacy although they tried so hard by using different tactics including vegetarianism, veganism, etc.

Vlasta believes vegetarianism is more harmful than veganism. Although he claims to hate both.

Vlasta claims to have met a Jewish guy once who claimed to have never had a night without sex. He was 74 then and no, Vlasta is not talking about the US President Donald Trump here.

Semen is formed using your adrenal juice, which is a very precious and expensive juice, which the old and the children don’t even manufacture at all. It takes only a couple of minutes of sexual activity to suck up the entire juice your body needed for the day or manufactured during 24 hours. The game doesn’t end there. If you keep going with the act, your balls (testicles) would start sucking up your life force from different precious organs of your body (both internal and external) in order to manufacture the seed which you think because you haven’t thrown it out is gonna stay inside your balls and gonna give you superpowers. Once the seed has been formed, it is of only one use and that is procreation. During each sexual act, you manufacture billions or millions of seeds. If that act was not intented to procreate, you would throw all those seeds (your potential babies) into the garbage bin. And if you don’t ejaculate, your body’s reproduction system would stay on and your body would keep manufacturing seeds all the while without your will.

Vlasta Bratcher

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