Coomers Turning Their Younger Cousins Into Sex Massage Addicts

The year was 2002, when a cousin of mine told me some stories about the porn that he watched very smartly behind his parents’ bank on a Cable TV network. He told me that he saw guys fondling big breasted women’s tits and how they kissed those beautiful, big and soft puppies of them and how much both the guys and the girls enjoyed the act. His perspective was that the women enjoy the sex act (including foreplay) a lot more than the guys do. I believed every word of what he said. He also told me about the term ‘cum’ for the very first time, which I knew nothing about before. I asked him “What is cum?” and he didn’t believe me when he heard that I didn’t know what cum is. He then told me that it is a sort of white liquid which comes out of a man’s penis after he has sex. Then I asked him “Is it possible that a man can make this form of liquid come out of his dick even when using the grip of his hand?” His reply to this was a ‘yes’. Then I told him about his real brother who was a 3 year old cousin to me. How I watched him cum to the grip of his own hand while we were bathing together. He didn’t believe it for once and then when he finally did, we both went up to him the next day and asked him to do that act for us because we wanted to see a man cumming to his own hand. My younger cousin (the guy who was in fact a real sibling of this coomer cousin of mine) demanded it because he was tired of seeing cum in the porn movies and now he wanted to see it in real life. At first, the coomer cousin denied to us that he could cum and that I was mistaken for real. He said that it wasn’t his cum but rather whiter pee which I saw in the toilet, but then he finally agreed that it was his cum. And then he jerked-off to his own hand and showed us his cum for real. We were really impressed by it, especially his real brother as it was the first time that he was seeing cum in his real life.

I didn’t know the side-effects of cumming at all and couldn’t even imagine that there were any and I would think about a girl who lived next door who worked as a B2B masseuse in NOIDA and would try to cum to my own hand but I couldn’t for the next 2 years.

I received this letter from a guy who wants to remain anonymous. He told me this story of his just because “he trusts me” and he wanted to share it publicly.

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