A Comparison of The Early 2000s’ and Modern Day Cam Babes Like Never Before

Martin Lynch from Delray, Florida, is a sex-blogger, whose African-American Ex-Wife couldn’t stop calling him ‘daddy’ while her was inside her. The new one who is a Hispanic, cannot stop calling him ‘Papi’. The biggest surprise is that she doesn’t even speak Spanish. He believes that she got it from her ‘Mama’.

Martin claims that the owner of a Freelance website, which I won’t name here, wants to advertise escort services through his ‘Online Freelance’ platform but hasn’t been doing it due to the fear of legal authorities. The owner of that freelance website told this friend of Martin that there is tons of money to be advertising escort services since the notorious Backpage got banned.

Martin is a hardcore feminist. He believes that the more rights the women have, the more sexually attractive and interested in sex they tend to become. He gives the comparison of the cam models from the early 2000s and the modern nudecamsonline babes to prove his case.

Martin recently donated US$25000 to the legendary pornstar – Traci Lords aka Nora Louise Kuzma for her incredible contribution to the porn industry. He believes that the industry will never produce a complete package like Nora Louise Kuzma ever again.

Martin writes that the attitude of a woman matters a lot more than the way she looks. He says that it goes equally for the virtual, real life and hentai women. He gives example of some figures to prove his case and he received both critical and positive comments for it.

Englishman Watches Javanese Porno On Full Moon Nights

Thanks to ヤパンスカ アダルト, women now know that dick size has almost nothing to do with a man’s height. No more you will find many women who look for none other than 6 or even 7 footers to date or marry.

Andras Saar

Andras Saar from Somerset, England, is a Sex Blogger and Finance Clerk, who writes tantric sex (the higher form of karezza founded by Ancient Hindu Rishis) is one of the most if not the most misunderstood concept in the west. He writes tantric sex or any form of karezza sex is very harmful if done every night. He believes that the tantric sex is only meant to be done on every full moon night. He claims that even Prophet Muhammad knew this very well and that’s the reason why Muslims have a major festival dedicated to the full moon night.

Andras believes men by default have 3 times as much sexual stamina during the full moon nights compared to the regular nights and having non-ejaculatory sex during these full moon nights bring positive planetary effects for the rest of the month and several posters on r/semenretention, r/edging, r/pureretention and r/sex can attest this, he adds.

Andras has a friend who himself doesn’t work. The wife of this friend of Andras is a workaholic by the day and a sexaholic by the night. She needs to suck his dick for hours each night to relieve all the stress she accumulated throughout the day. He hates weekends for he doesn’t like to have sex at all during the weekends and he dare not ask for it as she is the one who makes all the money. He has to jerk off to the Korean porn to satiate his sexual desires during the weekends.

Aliens From An Unknown Planet Plan To Abduct Beautiful Colaba Masseuses, Claims A Blogger

Orya Maqbool Jan from Calangute, Goa, is a blogger, who believes aliens from an unknown planet plan to abduct all the beautiful Colaba Massage Parlour girls from the planet earth.

Orya once had a dream where he met Yahweh which he strongly believes will one day come true. Yahweh told him in the dream that the world would be liberated from the institutions of sexual slavery called traditional marriage and will start believing in free-sex, once the number of Estonian escort girls in India outdoes that of the Indian female escorts.

Orya says that Yahweh also told him that the second exodus would be migration of the Hungarian men and women to the Islands of the Greenland, Malta and Iceland and after they all have migrated there successfully, all the Hungarian women would turn into prostitutes.

Orya has been working on creating electric adapters for charging artificial pussies. He says he will soon start working on to create adapters that would be able to charge real pussies as well. He thinks that the real women who would be needing these electric adapters would be the post-menopausal women and he’s in a dilemma if he should advertise these adapters as adapters for post-menopausal women.

Orya believes more than 85% of the female pornstars would be part-time YouTubers by 2027. He thinks self-made celebrities is an understatement used to introduce female pornstars.

Orya writes that social media influencers are some of the most frugal people in general. He claims most of the single YouTubers earning tens of millions of dollars per year would rather jerk-off instead of hiring an escort or masseuse just to save a couple hundred bucks.

Bodybuilder from New York is married to a Welsh Pornstar but prefers fucking East Delhi’s Indian Escorts

There is this bodybuilder from New York, who has been selling on eBay part-time for years now and the money that he makes with the same, he uses it all on sexual products like lubricants, cialis, East Delhi escorts, etc.

This New York bodybuilder claims that the founder of Apple Inc: the legendary Steve Jobs loved women more than the computers and it will remain a fact no matter what they tell you.

I don’t know if you know about this already or not – some even allege that Steve Jobs was a bisexual who loved men just as much as the women too. Those who make such allegations like to refer to Steve Jobs as Steve Blowjobs.

This New York bodybuilder jokes about he has been saving $10 coins for the future of his children who are yet to be born. He says that he first swipes those coins on the pussy of his wife and then put the same inside the piggy bank.

He recommends listening to the sexy roleplay ASMR videos that put you off to sleep for the men with erectile dysfunction. He claims that it helped him a lot with his ED which he got through steroids back in 2013. His personal favorite is Tara Tainton. He believes that she is one of the most underrated female pornstars ever.

He also believes that the Welsh girls are extremely underrated for their beauty. He adds that overall the ladies belonging to the United Kingdom are underrated, but the Welsh girls are most underrated out of them all followed by their Scottish counterparts.

He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have a crush on his own sister during his teenage years. I really applaud him for his bravery. Most men and women that I know, had crush on their own siblings during their teenage years, but they are really great at hiding it, but not great enough to hide it from someone like myself.

New Jersey Swimming Clubs Are A Hub To Meet Hot Cam & Porn Models

Charles Vedy from San Diego, California, owns a company that manufactures Hot Runner Systems, Runnerless Injection Moulding and Injection Moulding Components. He is also a dating blogger, responsible for exposing many Taliban Chiefs who spend tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of US Dollars per year on Bangkok’s Massage Parlours. A few men on social media, apparently Taliban members, even threatened him for exposing them, but he was too busy jerking off to the porn that he didn’t even bother reading more than half of the threats.

Charles also once exposed some ‘Cringe Sugar Daddies’, that used to hunt sugar babies by using free apps. These cringe sugar daddies never paid a penny for the services of the sugar babies, but rather sent hundreds and sometimes even thousands of expensive products to the sugar babies bought-off using hacked Target, eBay and Amazon accounts.

Charles once met this beautiful 28 year old Ethnic Uzbek, Second-Generation American Citizen, at a swimming club in New Jersey, who after struggling to become an actress in Las Vegas for years and finding no success, came back to her hometown – Jersey City. She got in touch with a Sugar Baby Agency, and started her new career as a Sugar Baby. She owns her own penthouse now that was paid-off by a Billionaire Gulf-Arab Client of hers. She recently inaugurated a her own first furniture retail store. She aims to build a successful chain of such furniture stores. She attributes a great deal of her sugar baby career success to choosing her agencies wisely and never using a free app for the business. She claims many of the free apps are ordinary dating apps disguised as sugar baby apps, hence a serious sugar baby or daddy must stay away from those as they mostly prove to be a waste of time.

Charles writes not to believe those so-called ‘Amateur Sugar Baby’ niche porn videos that could be easily found nowadays on almost every porn tube website. He writes sugar babies don’t offer sex for money and he doesn’t know a single one, in real life or through the internet who would let herself filmed having sex and he knows hundreds of them. He adds that any smart and mentally mature person can tell these videos are fake and scripted, since in the half of such movies, the females being filmed are in their late-30s, 40s and sometimes even 50s and in the ones where the younger ones are being filmed, they are mostly from the Eastern Europe who can’t even speak proper English, hence there is no way that they ever worked as sugar babies in the US. No mentally sane man would pay thousands of dollars to them for their sugar baby services in the US.

Charles writes most of the Sugar Babies that show themselves on the internet or television by giving interviews or through other methods are the lowest of the lot. He claims no top-notch sugar baby has the time to create and upload videos for the YouTube or get interviewed on Dr Phillip McGraw’s show or any other reality show telling how it works and getting persecuted and shamed for her profession. He adds that sugar babies are more well-known for their brains than they do for their beauty and they know it well that they shouldn’t attract publicity by showing themselves up on a television show or tube websites.

Meet Sexy Goa Masseuses Who Love To Bite Their Lower Lip While You Are Inside Them

Scott Coomer believes that every man and woman’s sexual capability changes drastically every 7 years – either negatively or positively. He believes it is up to the individual if it changes negatively or positively. He claims that for the prudes, it results in a downward slope every 7 years and for the Chads and Stacies, it results in an increasing capability 99.9% of the times.

Scott is a proud bisexual and he regularly participates in a so-called friendly contest where the bisexual couples make trains of 60-120 people at a time; The guy who cums before 30 minutes is considered weak and is out from the team forever, which doesn’t sound so friendly.

Scott and his friends grill hot Calangute Body to Body Massage Workers in live sex shows and they are well known for it.

Scott claims that he can last a couple of hours normally but seeing the sight of the woman biting her lower lip while he is inside her makes him ejaculate almost instantly.

Scott had a really strong foot fetish for a year but now he hates that since he developed hair fetish. He says that his love for women with really long hair seems to only increase with time. His most favourite long-haired pornstar of all times is Mason Storm. He claims that he has watched each of his porn videos for at least 20 times and never got bored.

Scott believes that we can generate electricity through aroused genitals and we are not far from the day when scientists confirm this fact.

Scott claims that his libido shoots up at least twofold during the months of June and July.

Scott believes genital insurance is as important as any other insurance but it is a pity that no life insurance company does it out of their prudishness.

Nudist gynecologist wife hires Vagator masseuses for her husband whenever they travel to Goa

Surya Darma from Depok City, Indonesia, is a jeweler and sex blogger, who writes on his blog that having a hot gynecologist hasn’t helped his sex life in any other way than her hotness. He says that he still has soft erections and can’t last over 8-9 minutes in the bed. He says that his wife tries her best but still she is clueless about how she could make things better for her loving husband.

Surya Darma and his wife, both are nudists, which is something extremely rare to find in Indonesia. They both regularly workout and they aren’t allowed to visit any gym in the Depok City in the Islamic Nation of Indonesia, so they prefer to workout inside their home. While working out butt naked together, they many times start fucking each other on their fitness equipment and when it happens, it looks like it is a scene from some porn movie.

One of Surya’s nephews is a Youtuber who lost his virginity to a fan in 2013. 2016 and 2017 were the best years of this Youtuber nephew of Surya, when he would get a new fan pussy almost every other day.

Surya’s wife regularly hires escorts for Surya whenever they go abroad. She writes on her blog that bargaining with a Vagator Massage Parlour can both be a great or bad thing; Many times they will send you the same girl that you asked for, other times they will send you a nightmare.

One of Surya’s sister-in-laws is a mayor in Kansas, USA. She converted to Catholicism after marrying a Catholic aspiring politician in Kansas. She mostly wins with the votes she receives from the Catholic voters and Surya claims she is a freak in bed. He claims to have fucked his own sister-in-law thrice and his nudist wife knows about it all but she is too busy to care or object.

More Than 70% Of Goa’s Russian Escorts Eat Golgappas And Pakodas On A Regular

The year was 2017, when a young Indian man named Harshvardhan Jain listened to Swami Nithyananda’s videos and audios all the time while he was trying to sleep. He would jerk off once in a while during these days, let’s say once every 5 days on average. He was also regularly doing Moolabandha pranayama as recommended by the Indian Sex Guru – OSHO back since the December of 2016 where OSHO mentioned that letting unchecked blood flow to your genitals is a waste and gives you brain fog apart from the weaker bones. Harshvardhan took this video regarding the practice of Moolabandha practice too seriously and started doing this practice of moolabandha whenever he could.

Let us come to the business of Harshvardhan Jain during January of 2017. He was pimping so hard during the January of 2017. One of his websites made for Russian escorts in Goa – GoaGreenValley became such a hit that it was making him lakhs of Rupees from doing business in Goa alone and it could probably have made him even millions if he had sufficient number of curvy blonde ladies working with him at his agency.

During the February of 2017, Harshvardhan thought of creating several Twitter handles, Facebook pages, blogs, etc, promoting sexy and erotic massage services and escort agencies based all over India. He would buy Facebook likes, etc from the sellers on websites like SEOClerks, Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance, etc. He was also buying Twitter followers and he had contacted a seller who goes by the name ‘SUVOSEO’ on SEOClerks to manage and create the backlinks for his websites, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, etc.

SUVOSEO of SEOClerks would charge him US Dollar 2.5 for what he usually charged 5 dollars to others, given that Harshvardhan gave him bulk orders on a regular.

Harshvardhan dealt with SUVOSEO throughout the month of February, but then Harshvardhan felt that this strategy was too slow for the kind of money he wanted to make and he thought that he had a better idea and this idea of his was to take over the entire Craigslist of India. Well, the Craigslist of India wasn’t really important in itself, but the page of Craigslist where the escort listings were posted would come on the first page of Google for the most competitive of the escort related keywords for each of the major cities of India.

Harshvardhan then went ahead to recruit Craigslist flaggers and posters on SEOClerks, Fiverr and other websites. He even contacted some local SEO people for the task.

Harshvardhan still remembers this stupid Jaat person from Gurgaon, who contacted him on the phone and told him that he could post as many ads on the Craigslist as he wanted him to but this Jaat guy claimed that he didn’t know how to flag those ads. During this time, Harshvardhan already had a few guys flagging his competitors’ ads and posting ads for himself. But they were charging Harshvardhan a lot more than what this Gurgaon’s Jaat asked for.

This Jaat guy and his one and only employee wasted one complete day and a few thousand rupees of Harshvardhan which then resulted in Harshvardhan getting back to his old Craigslist posters and flaggers.

Harshvardhan was spending a lot more than he was making in this “Craigslist Adventure” of his. Flagging the ads of his rivals/competitors or enemies, whatever you would call them, brought tons of negative attention to Harshvardhan and his escort business from his rivals. He started getting warning phone calls all the time from pimps pretending to be gangsters. One such pimp told him his name to be “Thakur” and he also told Harshvardhan that he was now after his life and his business. Harshvardhan lied to him that he wasn’t the one flagging their ads but this Thakur guy didn’t believe Harshvardhan and rightfully so.

All of the guys whose advertisements Harshvardhan flagged, went after him, flagged his ads and did everything they could to destroy his business and they succeeded into it.

Today, Harshvardhan sells pakodas and golgappas on the street while one of his competitors bought GoaGreenValley from him and runs it.