Meet Sexy Goa Masseuses Who Love To Bite Their Lower Lip While You Are Inside Them

Scott Coomer believes that every man and woman’s sexual capability changes drastically every 7 years – either negatively or positively. He believes it is up to the individual if it changes negatively or positively. He claims that for the prudes, it results in a downward slope every 7 years and for the Chads and Stacies, it results in an increasing capability 99.9% of the times.

Scott is a proud bisexual and he regularly participates in a so-called friendly contest where the bisexual couples make trains of 60-120 people at a time; The guy who cums before 30 minutes is considered weak and is out from the team forever, which doesn’t sound so friendly.

Scott and his friends grill hot Calangute Body to Body Massage Workers in live sex shows and they are well known for it.

Scott claims that he can last a couple of hours normally but seeing the sight of the woman biting her lower lip while he is inside her makes him ejaculate almost instantly.

Scott had a really strong foot fetish for a year but now he hates that since he developed hair fetish. He says that his love for women with really long hair seems to only increase with time. His most favourite long-haired pornstar of all times is Mason Storm. He claims that he has watched each of his porn videos for at least 20 times and never got bored.

Scott believes that we can generate electricity through aroused genitals and we are not far from the day when scientists confirm this fact.

Scott claims that his libido shoots up at least twofold during the months of June and July.

Scott believes genital insurance is as important as any other insurance but it is a pity that no life insurance company does it out of their prudishness.

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