More Than 70% Of Goa’s Russian Escorts Eat Golgappas And Pakodas On A Regular

The year was 2017, when a young Indian man named Harshvardhan Jain listened to Swami Nithyananda’s videos and audios all the time while he was trying to sleep. He would jerk off once in a while during these days, let’s say once every 5 days on average. He was also regularly doing Moolabandha pranayama as recommended by the Indian Sex Guru – OSHO back since the December of 2016 where OSHO mentioned that letting unchecked blood flow to your genitals is a waste and gives you brain fog apart from the weaker bones. Harshvardhan took this video regarding the practice of Moolabandha practice too seriously and started doing this practice of moolabandha whenever he could.

Let us come to the business of Harshvardhan Jain during January of 2017. He was pimping so hard during the January of 2017. One of his websites made for Russian escorts in Goa – GoaGreenValley became such a hit that it was making him lakhs of Rupees from doing business in Goa alone and it could probably have made him even millions if he had sufficient number of curvy blonde ladies working with him at his agency.

During the February of 2017, Harshvardhan thought of creating several Twitter handles, Facebook pages, blogs, etc, promoting sexy and erotic massage services and escort agencies based all over India. He would buy Facebook likes, etc from the sellers on websites like SEOClerks, Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance, etc. He was also buying Twitter followers and he had contacted a seller who goes by the name ‘SUVOSEO’ on SEOClerks to manage and create the backlinks for his websites, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, etc.

SUVOSEO of SEOClerks would charge him US Dollar 2.5 for what he usually charged 5 dollars to others, given that Harshvardhan gave him bulk orders on a regular.

Harshvardhan dealt with SUVOSEO throughout the month of February, but then Harshvardhan felt that this strategy was too slow for the kind of money he wanted to make and he thought that he had a better idea and this idea of his was to take over the entire Craigslist of India. Well, the Craigslist of India wasn’t really important in itself, but the page of Craigslist where the escort listings were posted would come on the first page of Google for the most competitive of the escort related keywords for each of the major cities of India.

Harshvardhan then went ahead to recruit Craigslist flaggers and posters on SEOClerks, Fiverr and other websites. He even contacted some local SEO people for the task.

Harshvardhan still remembers this stupid Jaat person from Gurgaon, who contacted him on the phone and told him that he could post as many ads on the Craigslist as he wanted him to but this Jaat guy claimed that he didn’t know how to flag those ads. During this time, Harshvardhan already had a few guys flagging his competitors’ ads and posting ads for himself. But they were charging Harshvardhan a lot more than what this Gurgaon’s Jaat asked for.

This Jaat guy and his one and only employee wasted one complete day and a few thousand rupees of Harshvardhan which then resulted in Harshvardhan getting back to his old Craigslist posters and flaggers.

Harshvardhan was spending a lot more than he was making in this “Craigslist Adventure” of his. Flagging the ads of his rivals/competitors or enemies, whatever you would call them, brought tons of negative attention to Harshvardhan and his escort business from his rivals. He started getting warning phone calls all the time from pimps pretending to be gangsters. One such pimp told him his name to be “Thakur” and he also told Harshvardhan that he was now after his life and his business. Harshvardhan lied to him that he wasn’t the one flagging their ads but this Thakur guy didn’t believe Harshvardhan and rightfully so.

All of the guys whose advertisements Harshvardhan flagged, went after him, flagged his ads and did everything they could to destroy his business and they succeeded into it.

Today, Harshvardhan sells pakodas and golgappas on the street while one of his competitors bought GoaGreenValley from him and runs it.

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