Nudist gynecologist wife hires Vagator masseuses for her husband whenever they travel to Goa

Surya Darma from Depok City, Indonesia, is a jeweler and sex blogger, who writes on his blog that having a hot gynecologist hasn’t helped his sex life in any other way than her hotness. He says that he still has soft erections and can’t last over 8-9 minutes in the bed. He says that his wife tries her best but still she is clueless about how she could make things better for her loving husband.

Surya Darma and his wife, both are nudists, which is something extremely rare to find in Indonesia. They both regularly workout and they aren’t allowed to visit any gym in the Depok City in the Islamic Nation of Indonesia, so they prefer to workout inside their home. While working out butt naked together, they many times start fucking each other on their fitness equipment and when it happens, it looks like it is a scene from some porn movie.

One of Surya’s nephews is a Youtuber who lost his virginity to a fan in 2013. 2016 and 2017 were the best years of this Youtuber nephew of Surya, when he would get a new fan pussy almost every other day.

Surya’s wife regularly hires escorts for Surya whenever they go abroad. She writes on her blog that bargaining with a Vagator Massage Parlour can both be a great or bad thing; Many times they will send you the same girl that you asked for, other times they will send you a nightmare.

One of Surya’s sister-in-laws is a mayor in Kansas, USA. She converted to Catholicism after marrying a Catholic aspiring politician in Kansas. She mostly wins with the votes she receives from the Catholic voters and Surya claims she is a freak in bed. He claims to have fucked his own sister-in-law thrice and his nudist wife knows about it all but she is too busy to care or object.

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