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There is this restaurateur friend of mine, whom I would call ‘Eric’ here. Eric claims that women with big hips enjoy anal sex more compared to their counterparts with small hips.

Eric is a married guy, who buys the most skimpiest possible leather skirts for his sexy wife. She is one of those stunning tattooed emo girls, who you cannot get enough of staring at, the kind you see on Adult Webcam Chat, especially when she is wearing something way too sexy.

Eric’s wife used to feel pain in the spine after the day of having anal sex initially, but since she started taking certain ayurvedic supplement by an India-based brand that goes by the name ‘Himalaya’, she doesn’t feel the pain in her spine anymore, no matter how hard and deep she gets fucked in her ass, and she even enjoys receiving the dick both in her anus and vaginal hole more than ever before, which could be seen on her Snapchat Porn Account.

Eric uses the code word – ‘Hockey’ for the anal sex, ‘Cricket’ for the vaginal sex and ‘Softball’ for the blowjob to his wife. She has no idea that he has other women as well with whom he uses the same terms.

Eric believes that tittyfuck is highly overrated and rubbing your dick against the nipples is underated, her wife feels otherwise. Maybe, she hates getting her hubby’s dick rubbed against her nipples. I would love to be the one to tittyfuck her, because I don’t think that Eric is giving her enough of that. Eric can rub his dick against her nipples all that he wants.

Eric claims that people born to interracial parents don’t enjoy anal sex much and that’s the reason why anal videos aren’t that popular in the USA, where roughly half of the people were born to interracial parents, but the anal sex videos are extremely popular in the Europe, Middle-East, Japan, India, you name it. Maybe, Eric doesn’t know that a great percentage of the people in the Southern USA were born to the parents belonging to the same race and Southern USA doesn’t show much interest in the anal videos.

The Demand For Erotic Bodyrub Has Stayed High Globally For Several Decades Now

I have a friend who runs a strippers agency of his own in Los Angeles, California, who told me that before the strippers used to be most popular with the bachelor parties, but now they are most popular with the divorce parties. The case is the same for both male and female strippers, he added.

He also told me that the demand of the White Strippers who offer erotic bodyrub is still the same while the demand for the Black, Latin, Arab and Indian Strippers has been on a constant rise for the past few years.

He also said to me that Mujra dance, which originally hails from the Indian Subcontinent is very popular with strippers agencies nowadays. I checked on the Youtube what it really is and I didn’t find anything special about it. I am going to stick with my regular strip dance forever.

Once I made an Indian woman cum twice. She is the wife of an Indian gynecologist who she claims cannot stop fucking his attractive female patients. She cheats regularly on him with different handsome guys like myself. She said thanks to me after I was done fucking her twice. Till date, I am not certain about which coming she referred to.

After availing the services of different services around the world, I have come to the conclusion that red tapism and bad strippers go together. In the countries where there is a lot of red-tapism, the strippers are really bad. Take Pakistan for example, the strippers don’t do anything there other than their stupid Mujra dance.

I personally love tall strippers, body, face, dancing skills, all are secondary to me.