Spiritual dude advertises his massage parlour on a radio and folds Christmas Origami with his nephews and nieces

Jules Toth recently made a trip to India and he was amazed to see people worshiping rivers, mountains, fire, almost everything that the Indian people come across – they worship it. Jules was scared all the time that these people don’t start worshiping him. They were all looking at him like they never saw a Foreigner before although Jules saw several other foreigners around as well. The girls were staring at Jules like crazy and that’s what made him hire a Bandra East Massage girl that very night.

Jules comprehends that the most valuable use of his time is to manage, administer and expand his business but he has been wasting the same lately in traveling and exploring different cultures, nations and traditions.

The Christmas season is on and while Jules’s nephews and nieces are not around with him yet, they soon will be and they will waste at least a couple of complete days of his folding Christmas Origami with him. Jules loves to be with his nephews and nieces but he has got tons of better things to do.

Jules owns a massage parlour in his country that has a very wide variety of masseuses. His main source of advertising are a couple of radio networks. He has been using the radio networks only to advertise his massage parlour for the past couple of years and it has never disappointed him. The ROI IS 2100% and that’s why he is not willing to advertise through any other medium. Radio advertising has got him forever or may be for as long as his massage parlour survives. He has real exotic chicks down in his massage parlour, he has those Hungarian, Jewish, Turkish, Libyan, Arabian, Serbian, Moldovan and Austrian chicks. I think he should rename his massage parlour to Ottoman Massage Centre going by the nationalities of the girls in his massage parlour.

You Wouldn’t Trust A News Channel Like You Would Those Baga Massage Parlours

Arlene Rogermore is a SEO expert from Bend, Oregon, who writes on her blog that Yahoo Inc, itself proved that they use inferior technology when they started using MSN for registering their advertisements. Arlene clarifies that she is a Yahoo! lover and wants the old Yahoo! back, the one which used to be superior to all of its competition and was the real inspiration for the founders of the Google to create a revolutionary search engine.

Arlene claims that for herself and also for her clients, Bing ads has always generated more ROI on average than the Google or Yahoo ads.

Arlene claims that the biased governments are behind the success of the Google and its subsidiaries like Youtube. She explains in her post, how Google and its subsidiaries act as the propaganda machines for the governments all over the globe, mainly the United States of America and its allies.

Arlene writes on her blog that it is amazing the kind of money the American Pest Control services spend on their Online SEO and Internet Marketing. She adds that the billionaires don’t spend that kind of money on those gorgeous Baga Body to Body Massage Providers.

Arlene claims on her blog that the Google Maps cannot be manipulated anymore, but the Yahoo and Bing ads can be.

Arlene Rogermore believes that the days of the Comparison Websites and Online Yellow Pages are over.

Arlene writes that it is a pity that the Cyber Laws in each of the countries that she is well-familiar with, especially the ones belonging to the third and second-world are so lenient or poorly implemented that the criminals are able to get away with their bad deeds most of the times.

Arlene believes that 99.999% of the news on the internet cannot be trusted. She adds that if it is one of the Google News Results, doesn’t mean that it is a news which can be trusted.

Sex Toys, Sexy Lingerie & North Goa Massage Service Parlours Go Together

There was a time when I would make regular visits to the nearby brothel but then I got into a long-term relationship with a North Goa Massage Service Provider and my life changed for the better. I am getting for free now what I used to pay a fortune for.

Anyways, there is this friend of mine who is a digital marketing specialist and brand manager. He sells his services on Elance, Fiverr and other platforms as well. He also teaches Portuguese, Esperanto and Spanish languages online. This friend of mine tried to sell dildos house to house in order to find a desperate enough woman to get lucky. But unfortunately, some of the women whose doors he knocked, called the cops on him, and he finally decided to stop doing that nonsense only after failing in pursuit for some days.

Nowadays, he is planning to inaugurate the world’s first adult courier service, which will only cater adult products including sex toys, sexy lingeries, bikinis, viagras and the likes only. He has very high hopes with this business idea and he believes that this idea is going to be his first step to become the next Jeff Bezos.

He has already created a website dedicated to this upcoming business of his, where he has been posting statements and other interesting stuff like, “Shout out to the Republic of China for making dildos, fleshlights, and other sex toys so reasonably priced.”

He also once posted a controversial post claiming that the Professional Wrestler Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust’s wife – Terri Runnels, who also worked as a Professional Wrestler and Valet for a while worked as an escort for a couple of years after her divorce with Dustin Rhodes, to get over with the divorce and to freshen up her mind completely. He further added that most of her clients used to be busty lesbians, not straight or bisexual men.

What a pity it is that not a single deepfake porn or live hot cams video of stunning Pathan MILF – Tehmina Durrani exists on the entire internet, while ugly sank BTS K-Pop and Bollywood Singers and Actresses’ Deepfake porn videos are in plenty everywhere.

From Rick Rude to Richard Ramirez, every popular man from the 1980s would enjoy masseuses

A friend of mine whom I would call Cecilia James here, was married once and was always a freakish whore wife. She used to drink tons of rye whiskey back then and would drink her own piss. Her husband loved her for all that, at least she believed so, until the day she caught him cheating on her once and that’s when she asked him for divorce and alumni, both of which she successfully achieved.

Growing up, Cecilia used not have a crush on any actor, sportsman or a wrestler, but rather a notorious serial killer named – Richard Ramirez. In the early 2009, she travelled all the way to San Francisco, just to see the man of her dreams – Mr Richard Ramirez. The meeting went well. He asked Cecilia to show a nipple of hers, which was extremely hard to do privately in the prison surroundings but she somehow managed to do it. Then he asked Cecilia to stand still till he ejaculates, he came within a couple of minutes and said ‘Thank You’ to Cecilia. He told Cecilia that he uses the phone of his drug dealer inmates to jerk off to the porn in the prison and that’s the only activity that he enjoys in the prison.

Cecilia’s mother used to be a mistress of the Pro-Wrestler – Rick Rude. Though Cecilia was not his daughter, he always treated her like one. He was really a wonderful man, with a passion for hot women. He never looked with hungry eyes towards Cecilia, even when he was drunk. Cecilia once found the number of a Baga Massage Parlour in his personal telephone directory, until then she had no idea that he travelled to India as well and would fucks masseuses too. Before that, Cecilia used to believe that he only fucked his fans, wife and mistresses.

Cecilia hates sadist men. She thinks they are the worst people in the bedroom. Cecilia was once in a relationship with one and it ended within a couple of months due to his sadism. It was one hellish time of her life. He was of Pakistani descent.

Candolim Masseuse Turned Herb Seller Is A Huge Fan Of The Chinese Herbs

Laura Viera-Ramirez is a Pharmacist from Tijuana, Mexico, who writes on her blog that she is married to a teacher and she regrets it. She misses the days when she used to work at a Candolim Massage Service Parlour.

Laura Viera-Ramirez also sells herbal and protein supplements at her pharmacy and she writes that the sales of the protein supplements has gone down lately but that of the Chinese herbs has gone up.

Laura Viera-Ramirez writes on the official blog of her pharmacy that she is really amazed at the fastidiousness of the cosmopolitans.

Laura Viera-Ramirez has a son with dual personality, she writes that managing him is one of the hardest things for her. She claims that she spends roughly as much as 14 times the brain energy managing her son with the dual personality than she does managing her pharmacy.

Laura Viera-Ramirez claims that the germicides are more in demand than ever before, not only at her own pharmacy but each and every Mexican pharmacy.

Laura Viera-Ramirez claims that she is extremely vigilant regarding the imported medicines, especially the ones imported from the Indian subcontinent. She claims that 80% of the medicines imported from Pakistam, 70% from India and Bangladesh, are fake.

Laura writes on her blog that she doesn’t care about losing the business but rather hates it for the inconvenience caused when a customer has to return empty-handed. She also writes that she hates the customers who look at other customers and the stuff at the pharmacy with a cold stare.

Laura writes on her blog that speaking with a softened tone really helps the business of a pharmacy as it doesn’t only help bringing in the repeat customers but also makes the first-time customers buy more, sometimes the things that they didn’t even intend to buy.

Laura writes that she hates to see the ravishingly beautiful or handsome, women or men, having lusterless looks just because of one disease that they are suffering with. She also adds that she is perfectly healthy but looking at such people gives her nightmares of getting a chronic disease herself.

SEO Expert Is Amazed By The Tactics That Goa’s Massage Parlours Are Aware Of

Yvonne Gartner is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Brooklyn, NY, who never gets tired of repeating on her one and only blog that it is never a good idea to stop doing search engine optimization for the keywords on which your website already ranks well. She further adds that this is something her gut always knew and possibly, her superior intuitive skills and capabilities are the reason why she is far ahead of any other SEO or Internet expert that has the same years of experience in the field. She then clarifies that she is not a feminist or doesn’t believe that the women are superior to men, it is just that the women are more hard-working nowadays. She also clarifies that she is not a feminist.

Yvonne Gartner claims that while some SEO experts and individual website owners do their best to make it faster for their audience to understand the content on their website, many others do right the opposite, they rather do their best to make the content more complex and difficult to understand for the viewer and believe that it is too smart of them to do so. One such website she says was that of a Candolim B2B Massage Service that she recently visited.

Once A Daily 8AM Wanker, Now The Boyfriend Of A MTV Candolim Masseuse Diva

The year was 2003, when Raja Gujral would watch sexy bikini babes on Fashion Show TV channels, MTV songs and through other sources and would get aroused. No, Raja wouldn’t jerk-off or try to cum during these times but he would watch these things whenever nobody was home or he was out at his cousin’s or friends.

Raja was doing very well at school. His marks and overall percentage were always in 80s and his rank during each examination was 5th, which was very good, considering there were over 50 students in his class were too smart in general.

The reason that Raja wants this story of his from 2003 shared on CamsWme is that he recently dated a MTV diva whom he met through a Massage Service in Candolim while he was in Goa.

Anyways, it is time for me tell you about Raja’s life in the year 2019, the year when he used to jerk off like a crazy gorilla.

It was the first week of January, 2019. Raja was on about 8 days of NoFap and he had so much energy that he didn’t even feel like sleeping when he should have slept for the sake of his health. He felt a lot more ambitious as well. He still remembers listening to the song ‘Tiny Demons’ as picturized on a Miami Vice video, thinking how can he be richer than the Ambanis of India. He had tons of ideas flashing in his head telling him things he could do to become richer than the notorious Ambani Brothers of Mumbai, India, he claims. Then, all of a sudden , he had a thought in his head, which was full of fear and stuff like that. He believes it came from drinking too much caffeine in the form of Diet Coke. But the thought that really made him kill his 8 days of NoFap streak was the feeling which made him imagine that if this NoFap energy makes him a billionaire times over, it wouldn’t be able to make him content the way he would want to.

At that very moment of time, he felt as the only thing that could make him completely content was a wife and multiple kids whom himself and his wife would raise together. So, he started edging to some BBW porn in the early hours of the morning. As much as he can recall, it was 8AM and he ejaculated to one of his all time favorite BBWs – Anastasia Rose, after stroking it to tens of other BBWs including Samantha 38G and Karen Fisher.

He still remembers that after being done, he felt as he committed a great blunder by breaking his 8 day streak and it wasn’t worth it at all. The session lasted for 2 hours although he tried his best to make it up to 4 hours, he says.

Raja was listening to Shams Tahir Khan’s Crime Tak so much before falling asleep each during those times. He thinks that he came across him while he was looking for the conspiracy behind Indian orator Rajiv Dixit’s death. It was all going good till Raja started listening to serial killer stories by Shams, which would scare the shit out of him and the only rescue that he saw for himself from this fear was to jerk-off to those breasty women at a particular porn site.