Once A Daily 8AM Wanker, Now The Boyfriend Of A MTV Candolim Masseuse Diva

The year was 2003, when Raja Gujral would watch sexy bikini babes on Fashion Show TV channels, MTV songs and through other sources and would get aroused. No, Raja wouldn’t jerk-off or try to cum during these times but he would watch these things whenever nobody was home or he was out at his cousin’s or friends.

Raja was doing very well at school. His marks and overall percentage were always in 80s and his rank during each examination was 5th, which was very good, considering there were over 50 students in his class were too smart in general.

The reason that Raja wants this story of his from 2003 shared on CamsWme is that he recently dated a MTV diva whom he met through a Massage Service in Candolim while he was in Goa.

Anyways, it is time for me tell you about Raja’s life in the year 2019, the year when he used to jerk off like a crazy gorilla.

It was the first week of January, 2019. Raja was on about 8 days of NoFap and he had so much energy that he didn’t even feel like sleeping when he should have slept for the sake of his health. He felt a lot more ambitious as well. He still remembers listening to the song ‘Tiny Demons’ as picturized on a Miami Vice video, thinking how can he be richer than the Ambanis of India. He had tons of ideas flashing in his head telling him things he could do to become richer than the notorious Ambani Brothers of Mumbai, India, he claims. Then, all of a sudden , he had a thought in his head, which was full of fear and stuff like that. He believes it came from drinking too much caffeine in the form of Diet Coke. But the thought that really made him kill his 8 days of NoFap streak was the feeling which made him imagine that if this NoFap energy makes him a billionaire times over, it wouldn’t be able to make him content the way he would want to.

At that very moment of time, he felt as the only thing that could make him completely content was a wife and multiple kids whom himself and his wife would raise together. So, he started edging to some BBW porn in the early hours of the morning. As much as he can recall, it was 8AM and he ejaculated to one of his all time favorite BBWs – Anastasia Rose, after stroking it to tens of other BBWs including Samantha 38G and Karen Fisher.

He still remembers that after being done, he felt as he committed a great blunder by breaking his 8 day streak and it wasn’t worth it at all. The session lasted for 2 hours although he tried his best to make it up to 4 hours, he says.

Raja was listening to Shams Tahir Khan’s Crime Tak so much before falling asleep each during those times. He thinks that he came across him while he was looking for the conspiracy behind Indian orator Rajiv Dixit’s death. It was all going good till Raja started listening to serial killer stories by Shams, which would scare the shit out of him and the only rescue that he saw for himself from this fear was to jerk-off to those breasty women at a particular porn site.

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