Candolim Masseuse Turned Herb Seller Is A Huge Fan Of The Chinese Herbs

Laura Viera-Ramirez is a Pharmacist from Tijuana, Mexico, who writes on her blog that she is married to a teacher and she regrets it. She misses the days when she used to work at a Candolim Massage Service Parlour.

Laura Viera-Ramirez also sells herbal and protein supplements at her pharmacy and she writes that the sales of the protein supplements has gone down lately but that of the Chinese herbs has gone up.

Laura Viera-Ramirez writes on the official blog of her pharmacy that she is really amazed at the fastidiousness of the cosmopolitans.

Laura Viera-Ramirez has a son with dual personality, she writes that managing him is one of the hardest things for her. She claims that she spends roughly as much as 14 times the brain energy managing her son with the dual personality than she does managing her pharmacy.

Laura Viera-Ramirez claims that the germicides are more in demand than ever before, not only at her own pharmacy but each and every Mexican pharmacy.

Laura Viera-Ramirez claims that she is extremely vigilant regarding the imported medicines, especially the ones imported from the Indian subcontinent. She claims that 80% of the medicines imported from Pakistam, 70% from India and Bangladesh, are fake.

Laura writes on her blog that she doesn’t care about losing the business but rather hates it for the inconvenience caused when a customer has to return empty-handed. She also writes that she hates the customers who look at other customers and the stuff at the pharmacy with a cold stare.

Laura writes on her blog that speaking with a softened tone really helps the business of a pharmacy as it doesn’t only help bringing in the repeat customers but also makes the first-time customers buy more, sometimes the things that they didn’t even intend to buy.

Laura writes that she hates to see the ravishingly beautiful or handsome, women or men, having lusterless looks just because of one disease that they are suffering with. She also adds that she is perfectly healthy but looking at such people gives her nightmares of getting a chronic disease herself.

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