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I have regularly been participating in tantric sexual orgies for a while now and those who cum sooner are considered casualties in these orgies. Many of the participants in the orgies are pornstars, cam models, actors and adult models.

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I recently hired a GILF pornstar when I was in Los Angeles, who told me that she is lucky to have been born in an era when an older pussy makes almost as much money as its younger rivals in the porn and escort business, which wasn’t even thought about a couple of decades ago, but thanks to the MILF and GILF culture, what wasn’t not even imaginable a couple of decades is a reality now.

Here is a piece of advise for you if you are a female and reading this post – both smile and moans are equally important when fucking to make him happy.

I have made love to several squint eyed women in my life and the best thing that I liked about fucking them is that they when you look into her eyes you ultimately come to the conclusion that she is enjoying it, whether she is doing it or not.

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The one that I did the last time was a medical student whose parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, are all doctors. She had left her parents’ spacious and luxurious mansion to live in a rented timber house to practice the escort profession with ease and no disturbance or interruption.

She enjoyed a bottle of scotch with me before we got to the real action.

These ladies are always on time, they drive their own cars, mostly the German ones.

I don’t know if you know this or not, I used to last only 5 minutes at a time but it was an escort who taught me how to last an hour or over. She was a MILF and she was the one who broke my virginity.

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There are several escort service agencies and individual escorts across the globe that offer money back in case of no satisfaction. It is a pity that many others want to do the same but don’t do it just because they don’t wanna get abused.

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Modern day high class female escorts are really experts at maintaining a great relationship with both the client and the agency.

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She also went out for a little walk with me afterwards.

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She was a multilingual as well.

The high class female escorts of today and those from a decade back, look, talk and behave very superior. Looking at these beauties, one can definitely says that evolution is for real.

I really believe that soon enough the modern western medicine will discover that the lifespan of a person is directly parallel to his/her sexual activities throughout their life.

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I am really glad that the rough porn doesn’t do as near as good financially and in popularity as the slow and passionate porn. I am really glad that the world hasn’t gone so pervert yet, otherwise we would see a new Ted Bundy in every neighborhood every other year, in all over the world, mainly in the first world countries.

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With my age and experience, I have come across several undeniable realities of the world that can only be experienced through wisdom, age and experience and one of those is that the narcissistic bitches are great fucks and if you have one that you just use as a fucktoy and nothing else, you couldn’t ask for a better life than that. The narcissistic bitches are extremely caring and particular about their own pleasure while having sex and when a woman is having a great peak of pleasure, the condition of her man is the same, and hence, you needn’t do much while having sex with a narcissistic bitch, she will do it all for you and it might be the greatest sex of your life as well.

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Cuckold porn is as popular in South Korea as it is in the States

I have a good friend who has been living in South Korea for the past 13 years now. He always tells me and my wife that the pace at which the prostitution has been growing in the city of Seoul, the day is not far away when Seoul will become the next Bangkok.

This friend of mine tells me that once he hired twin sister escorts in Seoul and it has been his best escort experience anywhere in the world till date by far.

He also told me that after he stopped drinking coffee, his penis used to swing all the time in the air until he started using stuff like Xtragel to take care of the same.

This South Korean friend of mine has been working on developing an app that will be available to be downloaded on the mobile phones and once touched by a chick, this app will be able to tell the compression ratio of her boobs and ass simultaneously. He says that he has been designing this app for the guys that don’t like their women with saggy melons. This South Korean friend of mine is perhaps the biggest fan of the pornstar with natural big but saggy tits – Alia Janine, which is such an irony. His most favorite genre of porn is the cuckold porn and not to mention that his most favorite porn video ever is Cum Eating Cuckolds featuring Alia Janine.

He loves to fuck his women in his vehicles and he claims that fucking in a luxury sedan is a lot more fun than fucking in a luxury SUV. I really believe that he has tried it in every leased, borrowed and owned vehicle possible and thoroughly compared the experience as well, he is just crazy like that.

Don’t fall for the Happeh Theory, it is a meme, jerk off to the HD sex movies all that you can

I have a friend who owns a company that is involved in making and selling dildos and vibrators. He claims that the Mormon and Catholic nuns make up the greatest number of his customers.

This friend of mine claims that he stopped jacking-off after learning about the Happeh theory, he says that he got scared that he will end up having an asymmetrical body if he keeps jerking-off to the HD Sex Movies but the opposite happened, when he used to jerk-off almost everyday to Porntube websites, he used to have a perfectly symmetrical body, but after he stopped jerking-off, his body became asymmetrical.

I personally believe that strong cranial nerves are the most important factor for an ever-hard long lasting dick.

I have had fun with several Hindu women in my life and I love Hinduism for its libertarian views when it comes to the sex and sexuality and many of their sects allowing adultery as well, especially the ones from the eastern parts of India. Not to mention that my last fap was dedicated to the Indian Tantric goddess pornstar – Maya Rati.

It is my personal observation that a successful entrepreneur gets lucky with the women not only because of his money but also because of his confidence and strong willpower as well.

I forgot to tell you in my previous posts that my wife has been complaining all the time that my dick is not as pleasurable or sensitive as it used to be before I got the vasectomy done, I am now planning to get it reversed.

If you know me well, then you already know that I am the kinda guy who likes to keep his kidneys healthy not for my overall health, but for my sexual health.

One Japanese pornstar got us so hot that we decided to have a Japanese strip party

Comparing a Vietnamese chick to a Thai one is like comparing a Mazda to a Subaru, I prefer a Toyota and by that I mean, a Japanese woman over them both and I am not much interested in the Vietnamese or Thai women.

We recently hired a group of Japanese strippers after watching some stunningly beautiful Japanese pornstar and invited them to my rich friend’s farm house. All the chicks were experts like it was their day and night job with the class of Marla Maples.

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It is my personal observation that only feminine and weak men don’t prefer voluptuous men, strong, bulky men with that Barry White voice prefer their chicks voluptuous.

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I believe that the miniskirts are outdated and that’s the reason why I have told my wife to wear nothing but her bikini or lingerie when I am around, or be completely naked. She very rarely follows my advise, so I undress her and make her walk around butt naked as a form of punishment, then she fucks me with her strap-on to retaliate.

I always ask my wife to rub her pussy on my clothes in her spare time because I personally feel that it is the best fragrance ever. I despise perfumes and deodorants.

Public sex is becoming more popular each day. Last week, when I was walking down one of the streets of my neighborhood, I noticed that a very funny and sensual scene at the same time, that cats, dogs and humans were all fucking down the same street simultaneously.

I was amazed to learn a great news recently that some extraordinarily rich men are persuading their daughters to turn into pornstars. One such daughter of a rich businessman was recently featured in one of the greatest porn orgies ever, with both the male and female pornstars arriving in convoys of hundreds of SUVs. The porn video was also featured in many of the black tube porn websites, as almost half of the pornstars involved in the orgy were black.

The belief that the paid porn is better than the free porn has proved to be a false one.

Don’t ever let anybody stop you from masturbating. I believe that there should be a law against the anti-masturbation people. They just don’t know how good the mornings feel after one wakes up after taking multiple wanks in the night.

Polyandrous societies have men that are pussies but their women have big boobs though

I once met a family in India in a village where they all practice polyandry, those men have to have the lowest libidos on earth. Along with practicing the polyandry, the village is also notorious for prostitution.

I have read a lot of history and what I have observed like many others is that the group sex used to be a cultural phenomenon in several different tribes around the world until the Christians, Muslims and Communists took over.

Giving and receiving a good head has long been proven the best remedy for heart diseases. Blowjob is always a better workout for the straight men with heart diseases compared to the vaginal or anal sex as the man doesn’t have to try to get full-hard in that case.

I recently heard that they are robbing condom trucks in Africa and India. I am totally against using a stolen condom, in such a case, it is better that you rather jerk off to the girl boobs porn than fuck your girlfriend, wife or someone else using a stolen condom.

One thing that I have observed over the decades is that your bank account is one of the things that has the greatest affect on your ability to get fully erect as you cannot afford to have a full erection with a head and body full of stress and tension.

My personal life is one example of the fact that the past sexual experiences is definitely one of the factors that makes the MILFs better on the bed but that’s not just all, there are several other factors that either make a MILF worse or better in bed compared to her younger counterparts.

Fucking around with strangers is the perfect way to maintain perfect levels of Yin and Yang in your body and the household

One of my good friends and his wife claims that they have successfully found out the secret to maintain the perfect balance of Yin and Yang inside their household and the secret is called fucking around with men and women that they meet through mature dating websites. I am totally for it as me and my wife have also been doing the same for decades. We are believers in free love and we really believe that the entire world will soon become a believer in free love.

This friend of mine has a 14 inches long cock, his wife calls it Eiffel Tower. His wife has 38DD natural boobs, I call those twin hills and she loves it.

There is a rumor all across the internet nowadays that the good old vanilla sex is going to disappear from the face of the earth soon enough, I completely disagree because I know that it is one of the best forms of sex, which is just being underrated nowadays because it is practiced all over the world since time infinite.

I am amazed that nobody has been campaigning to make fucking in the flights totally legitimate. I think that the flight owners should provide the passengers escorts for extra charges. I am also 100% certain that many of the Vietnamese Bikini airline hostesses will provide additional services for an extra buck, in other words, those Vietnamese air host chicks will provide an extra fuck for an extra buck.

Although I am a believer in public sex, I will never fuck inside or outside a school, no matter what. If you have never tried having sex in public, then let me tell you something and that is that it is more addictive than any drug ever discovered or invented.

Hijabi porn is on the rise like never before

I have met several ordinary Hijabi aka Arab aka Muslim escorts in my life that tend to make more money than their madams. The secret is simple: The Hijabi pussies are so much in demand, the clients tip them tons of money so that they give priority to that client over any other the next time he calls her too.

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From my personal experience, the introvert women may be more intelligent but it is the extrovert women that are more fun to fuck.

I was always too large for an average woman and hence I never tried these penis enlargement exercises but I know several younger men that tell me that you can jack off for longer than you sleep to Arab Muslim Porn and you can also grow your dick larger, stronger and wider than it already is.

It is now no more a reality that wanking is mainly for the low income guys. I know several wealthy guys that take a wank as much as their lower income counterparts, and they also prefer Hijabi porn over any other.

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I have a Japanese girlfriend whom my wife knows very well too. This Japanese girlfriend of mine sometimes rides me so fast that I have named her Suzuki Hayabusa. This Japanese girlfriend of mine farts a lot while we make love and that’s the reason why I call her ass the exhaust pipe.

Last year and this year as well, I practiced a lot of edging and also used my penis pump to increase my size a lot and here is what I have concluded:- Both edging and penis pump can successfully increase the size of a penis but if you edge using a penis pump, you may end up having a big fat penis that cannot get erect. No, that didn’t happen to me because I was too vigilant about it but it has happened to a friend of mine whose wife is now getting love from different friends of his including myself.

I wanted to get into the pocket pussy business lately but it is far more complex and costs so much to make one. The profit margins are really low in the pocket pussy industry.

If you don’t have the premature ejaculation naturally or you have the right premature ejaculation destroyer (destruidor da ejaculação precoce) then becoming a successful lover is far more easier than becoming a successful professional or a business person.

Masturbating using your imagination is a mortal sin but jacking off to porn is a virtue

You don’t need the machismo of Razor Ramon to fuck a random street whore and neither do you need it for ellinikes tsontes. The later is definitely far superior to the first and you can never feel bored with it.

Although the BBWs are very popular in the porn industry nowadays, I still believe that they are highly underrated. My day is never over unless I ejaculate to a sexy BBW porn movie.

Yesterday I met these bisexual dad and son, both of whom happened to be bisexuals. both the dad and son are always working on techniques to increase the size of their little friend and they both keep recommending each other the right penis pump.

I believe that the transgender porn will see its last days by the end of 2025.

I remember when I used to be a teenager, everyone in my family could tell the time I was going to take a wank, I used to jump around like hell in excitement.

People that don’t watch porn just because they feel like they are cheating on their better-half aka spouse or girlfriend are always lonely and those who irrespective of the fact that whether they have a girlfriend , spouse or are single, don’t stop touching your junk or looking at porn, those who don’t stop looking at porn and masturbate regularly, are the ones who never feel lonely, I am the prime example of the same.

I believe that masturbating without using porn is a mortal sin according to the Catholic religion as you are having sex with someone without their permission subconsciously if you masturbate to your imagination, which is not the case when you masturbate to porn because the pornstars have agreed to create that porn video just for the sake of helping you to jerk off or some other sexual reason. Hence, it is a virtue to masturbate using porn.

No many which technology comes and goes, Japanese porn is always going to be the hottest

I wonder all the time about how lucky the Japanese men are that get to fuck those stunning Japanese MILFs and teens on the regular whereas guys like me have to do with javboard.

You don’t need an iron will but an iron cock to satisfy a stunning Japanese MILF. One of my good friends who happens to be an accountant, also happens to have a very large and stiff cock, he is also a car freak, he refers to his girlfriend’s big booty as boot space. His girlfriend’s big boot is capable to take all of his huge dick and therefore he says that his girlfriend has a boot space of 11 inches.

My wife is not ashamed to admit that it was her mother who mentored her into sex, instead of being ashamed, she is proud of the same because she believes that her mother did a great job and I can attest it as well.

I ask you this question “How long can you live without the masturbation or sex?” I know that not longer than a week, the testosterone levels peak on day 7 and it is impossible for a man to control himself on that day and if he doesn’t, he will end up having a wet dream.

Many people accuse the smart phones for being responsible for the increased masturbation statistics. Let me answer those all, even when they had landline phones, they were all masturbating and even though they didn’t have high speed HD porno back then, they used to masturbate to the imaginative porn and your granddad can confirm this to you, if he is alive otherwise you may ask your beloved daddy about the same.

These Thai pornstars have better natural bodies than Goldie Blair

High maintenance women are just like high maintenance cars in every respect except for one and that is most high maintenance cars don’t last for long but high maintenance women do.

I have bedded several engineer women in bed and they are boring as fuck when it comes to a fuck.

I only have morning sex just like many of my Thai friends that introduced me to AV movies (หนังเอวี). I started watching Asian porn to relax after a long day of work but nowadays, I relax more than I work. I am not addicted but AV movies have really given me a reason to live happily.

I remember when I was in Canada at the Hyundai Manufacturing Plant and I met this MILF Korean translator there who seduced me to fuck her the very same day I met her. That was the day since I started loving Asian women so much. Asian women are really more fun-loving, naughty, open-minded than their Western counterparts.

I have a friend whose wife fucks around all the time. She loves village men and claims that they have harder dicks than their city counterparts. This friend of mine also has sex as the first thing in the morning, he says that the coffee has a sedating effect on him and that’s the reason why he has coffee as the last thing before going to the bed.

I have a 25 year old nephew, who is so madly in love with Goldie Blair, he came to me last week and told me about the same. The way he was staring at his aunt, I feared his intentions, anyways, he asked me if I knew a woman who looks like Goldie Blair, he would be willing to do anything for her, I told him that I don’t know any and he should persuade and talk to Goldie Blair herself, he then told me that Goldie Blair is married and she is not willing to give up on her husband. I then told him to keep looking but not at your auntie.

Pornstars are Rothschilds’ agents, especially the real life mother-daughter duos

Most husbands nowadays think that they spend a lot of time fucking, turns out that they spend most of their time jacking off to their favorite porn, there is really a porn solution for everyone in the modern day and time.

You all deserve big boobs on your chick and to fuck her, a large dick but that doesn’t mean that you stop using porn to relieve yourself. Watch all the porn that you can, for a happy, healthy and long life.

I have a friend who thinks that he is a hardcore porn addict and because of the very same belief, he has limited his fap to once a week.

I believe that 80% of the magazine models in the near future will all be pornstars.

Although the BBWs are very popular in the porn industry nowadays, I still believe that they are extremely underrated.

I used to enjoy a lot of elevator porn back in 2007-2010 but nowadays they very rarely produce any elevator porn.

Looking at different teenage pornstars that are second or third generation, it seems to me like that soon enough, the porn industry is all going to be a family business. My personal favorite real life mother and daughter pornstars are Andi James and Britt James, I really hope that the mother-daughter duo soon enough works in a single movie.

I remember how stupid I used to be in my early 20s. I was fucking this stunning MILF regularly to whom I said that she needs a breast replacement surgery. She slapped me right in the face after hearing the same.

Sex Aggelies everywhere

Gone are the days when a woman who could take a BBC with immense ease was considered brave. Nowadays, each and every woman has tasted a BBC and most of them have discovered that the BBCs are extremely overrated.

I don’t know if you have ever called on one of the sex aggelies numbers, but if you have called one of those, then you must be aware of the fact that gone are the days when an escort girl or a call girl will only appreciate a client that will pay her top dollar just like the full-time car reviewer would do only appreciate the car manufacturer that will pay him top dollar to review their car.

My advice to you an avid escort lover is that you should always go for a horny looking escort over a good-looking one.

It is a well-known fact that women of the first world countries don’t need your protection anymore, they just need your dicks.

After talking to several men on the topic and also according to my own personal observation, the men who ejaculate early, regret it for the weeks to come and those who last longer are always proud of their accomplishment.

If your wife or girlfriend is so engrossed into work all the time that she forgets to take care of her own and your special needs, then ought to hire a good female escort, regularly.

One of my good friend, who is a historian claims that the prehistoric and ancient Babylonians used to masturbate more than they fucked and he never fails to provide several proofs to back up his claim.

Jewelry plus Nylon = 10 times the fucking pleasure

I personally used to believe that strippers and philosophers cannot be good strippers until I recently saw the video of this one chick who was stripping in her nylon like it is nobody’s business.

I am working on creating an app that will allow you to speak through your buttocks. I need funds for that and I really believe that my fans who are regular to reading my blog will send their wives to the strip clubs to make some fast buck and send the same money to me so that I can create that app.

I recently had a word with this stripper who told me things I never heard before, she told me that contrary to the popular belief, strong and bulk men melt faster in front of a woman. She also told me that men with long and stronger looking fingers are usually rough in bed. We all know that President of USA – Donald Trump has small hands but we got to check out his fingers as well this time to confirm this.

This stripper also told me that rich men have smaller dicks compared to their middle income counterparts.

I believe that there will be pussy and dick shaped airbags in cars in the future and a Korean automobile company will be the first one to do the same. I am not going to name this automobile company but the auto enthusiasts already know which one.

I make my girlfriend wear all of her gold jewelry whenever we are down to fuck and believe me, it increases the pleasure multiple times. Our ancestors were not fools, they used to do the same. Tonight I am going to make her wear her jewelry along with her nylons to see if it increases the pleasure even more.

Other than engineering, Germany is also one of the best when it comes to the live cam websites

Do you know what a ‘Breast Failure’ is? A breast failure is when the big boobs fail to impress a boob lover that the owner of those breasts is trying to impress. Luckily, that never happened with me when I speak to those Webcam Deutschland babes. These ladies have some of the best boobs that you have ever seen.

I will soon enough publish the story of a cam model who accused her colleague of raping her. Her colleague was really lucky enough that he had several recordings of them both performing on live sex cams. He literally saved his ass due to live sex cams.

I also remember meeting my favorite wrestler diva on a webcam site. My most favorite diva – Sensation Sherri Martel didn’t live long enough, otherwise I am certain that I would have chatted with her some day as well.

I really want my wife to perform on these live sex cam websites as well but she is shy as hell. I am certain that she is never going to do it.

I once had the pleasure of chatting with this B-Grade movie director and actress on live sex cam and that was one hell of a great time spent. She put a large glass bottle inside her pussy like it is nobody’s business and kept it inside for hours.

I cannot recall the name of that village in Russia where each and every lady is a cam model. I must say that this village is heaven on earth.

There is one great thing about the cam models from Russia and other Eastern European countries and that is that most of their cam models look better than the hottest of their pornstars, models, news anchors, TV and movie actresses.

Women of Chennai have very tight pussies, try one today

No cock is inadequate in size if you know how to use it right and no boobs or ass is small if her pussy is tight.

When they say that the opposites attract in case of a man and a woman, the only thing that is comprehensive is that the pussy and dick attract or boobs and pecs on the chest attract each other or muscular and meaty asses attract, or pretty faces attract. Who cares about the behavior, attitude or intelligence in this case?

People nowadays have no time to waste, but they waste a lot of semen on Chennai sex girls and that’s what is making them calm and super-composed.

These Chennai sex girls, let me tell you are nothing less than sirens. You are never alone anywhere with these girls around. Leggy women in Chennai are always in more demand and it is always better to hire them during the night time as theirs and yours horniness during the night is inevitable.

All the female escorts that I personally ever met, whether in Chennai or elsewhere, they all prefer tea over coffee and I am not sure yet whether it is because of their personal taste or health.

It is funny how the escorts stay and look younger than an average woman after the age of 40, whereas the people – especially medical doctors of the Victorian era preached otherwise.

I believe that to expand the tourism of the country, the tourists should be provided free whores on the street and they should be allowed to fuck in the public.

I personally believe that afternoon sex is highly underrated.

Here is a fun fact for today :- Half of the middle-aged men are as good at fucking as in their youth but most of the women only get better with age.

Never before there was such a great variety of Indian porn available online

I have been working on creating some sex toys aimed at homosexual people as I really believe there is a need for the same. One of my good friends lived in the OSHO ashram in Oregon and that’s where he discovered his true sexual orientation for the first time after he had threesome with other men when they were all intoxicated. He says that he never before enjoyed such waves with a woman before. This friend of mine is the one who gave me the idea that I should invent a special toy aimed at the homosexuals as there are almost none in the marketplace already and there is really a need for the same. I haven’t been able to get enough time to invent one due to my recent obsession with the Indian porn that I caught recently.

As the regular readers of my blog are well aware of the fact already that I me and my wife believe in free sex and we fuck whoever and whenever we can. Before finding my own businesses, I used to work different jobs and it is my personal experience that you are more likely to find fuck partners at the part-time jobs than the full-time ones, just my 2 cents.

My wife always tells me that tall, thin and good-looking men have tall, thin and gorgeous cocks but it is a natural strongman wrestler like WCW’s all time greatest Bill Goldberg that can make a woman scream like a crazy bitch all night long.

My wife always says that a reliable dick is far more important than a reliable vehicle for any woman and they should spend more time in pursuit of a reliable dick than a reliable car.

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Satiate your woman and she will be grateful to you forever, they say, but in case you hire a sensual massage Cape Town service, it is going to be a completely different experience. In Cape Town, your sensual or tantric masseuses take care of you completely and they do it as you like. You can even hire them for roleplay or CFNM services. For me personally, I love to undress my woman when she was fully clothed already.

It is my dream to create a bus themed brothel chain sometime in my life as I have a special romance with the bus because I had my first sex in a bus itself. This brothel of mine will have a special category of deaf escorts inspired by my favorite special pornstar – Savannah Jane.

Me and my wife find condom commercials so stupid that those turn us both completely off and that’s the reason why we don’t watch any, especially when we are about to make love.

Car lovers love to have fun with their women in their car, park lovers love to kiss their woman in the park but those sensual masseuses in South Africa, especially the ones from Cape Town find these habits cheap and are only available for luxury hotels. You need to burn a hole in your pocket to have some fun with those but you are going to love yourself for making that decision.

What I have observed personally is that the women with high estrogen levels are generally far more horny than their low estrogen counterparts but they are proud and arrogant during their initial fucks and do nothing but lay dead while you fuck them. The case is quite the opposite with the tantric/sensual masseuses in Cape Town, the women with high estrogen levels in that case are more eager to have fun and take all the responsibility while you lay back and enjoy every inch of their bodies.

More female cam models are turning into hardcore pornstars than ever before

I recently came across a cam model who told me that she finds some men over 75 to be greater fucks than their much younger counterparts.

I have a friend who is 72 and his wife uses the term ‘tie’ to refer to his cock because although it is too long, it still keeps hanging like a tie and it is lifeless like a tie as well. This old dude has been edging to porn lately to increase sexual stamina and get hard easily with decent success.

One of my friends owns a brothel at a place where it is legal. He says that there was a time when brothels used to be always short of the prostitutes but since the sex dolls and free HD internet porn came into the scene, the case has become quite the opposite.

One of my good friends owns a cam website and he is amazed at the growing number of career women that are willing to perform in front of a webcam each night.

I really cannot comprehend why most men claim that they get tired, drowsy, lazy and sleepy after sex or masturbation, none of it ever happened with me.

My wife always says that anybody who fears snow blindness has never went semen blind (a situation in which the semen gets into one or both of your eyes). I wonder how the opposite starers of Peter North be feeling all the time when Peter North gave them the money shot.

I am a really great fan of many deaf pornstars and my most favorite among them all is Savannah Jane whom I adore a lot. I wonder how difficult would it be for her to perform as a pornstar but she does it anyhow for her love for the dicks.

Japan has much freakier and thirstier BBWs than Samantha 38G

Gone are the days when they used to mock large women with name-calling. They used to call them buffalo, cow, you name it, but nowadays these women are referred to as BBWs, no matter which part of the world they are from. Several BBW have been having a great success with choreography and dance videos on the Youtube and Television whereas others like Ashley Graham are having a great success with BBW modeling. My most favorite BBW is Samantha 38G who is my most favorite Non-Japanese pornstar and although I have seen much freakier Japanese BBWs on different Sex Jepun Porn websites, I do not know their names and hence cannot make a mention of those here.

As an older man who has already crossed the age of 55, I have been providing young men with tips on my blog regarding sex and here is one more advice from me for the rookies – always choose a freakish woman over a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman will forget you soon enough no matter how hard you try to last longer in bed and how many sacrifices you make for her but one hell of a freak woman will never forget you if you were really able to make her happy in bed. Here is how you can distinguish a freak woman by a non-freak one – freakish women don’t talk much while fucking but they moan a lot and their moan sounds thousand times better than your average pornstar who generally fakes those. These moans sound so good to the ears that most of the times you automatically recall those in your mind even when you recall the name of that woman 50 years later.

I guess that’s enough teaching for today, see you guys later, keep your dicks and chicks healthy.

Highly creative men have very high libido and they are more likely to hire escorts even at old age than their low libido counterparts

When I was a teenager, I mostly used to wank using my left hand and that’s the very reason why my left arm has always been stronger and bigger than my right one.

Being a devout Muslim couldn’t help me. I used to pray to Allah all the time to help me stay away from the Zinah but nobody came to the rescue.

I kept on committing Zinah no matter what and I still remember the time when I fucked my first girlfriend in her pickup truck while it was raining. She only sucked the tip of my dick no matter how much I insisted her to take it full in.

I had a friend in my college years who always started thinking what his progeny would look like with a random woman whom he used to be attracted towards.

I was recently able to locate him on the Facebook where he told me that he has been creating profiles on matrimonial websites instead of PlentyOfFish or Tiner and he dates and fucks the interested women and then runs away without marrying them which I find ridiculous. He must not have enough budget to hire classy escorts that they have to offer at Escorte Si Saloane De Masaj Din Romania otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this stupid stuff.

I am over 55 and still 70% of my browser history consists of escort, cam and porn websites and I am proud of the same. I know several men who lost their sex drive only when they were in their 30s and I cannot even imagine how big of losers they are. I personally believe that majority of men and women have a low libido and that’s the reason why they aren’t as creative as they should be.

Found my Hispanic mentor lookalike on an amateur Spanish porno website and it really got me rock-hard

Women enjoy sex without condoms and no matter what the scientists tell you, the pill is more beneficial for the women in the long run. Women can always more than compensate for the hormonal imbalance with ingesting semen regular through their vaginas. Ingesting semen through vagina is extremely good for a woman’s health and several surveys confirm the same.

I have been working on inventing a sniper product that will ensure the right throw for the women looking to get pregnant as I am very well aware of the fact that the women unable to get pregnant through their husbands the conventional are not always ready for the IVF or other related methods and hence this invention is the right cure for those.

I love a woman wearing nothing but a sexy and revealing apron, especially if she has a great ass. I have seen several such women in amateur Spanish porn videos (videos porno amateur).

I eat a lot of seafood in order to increase my vigor but nothing does it better for me than watching my favorite amateur Latin American porn videos.

My first Latin fuck was my mentor at the job when I was recruited as an apprentice back in the late 1980s. I fucked her the very 4th night of my job and she seemed to have loved it and so did I. We kept fucking like rabbits every other night for months and then she suddenly lost all interest in me and the same was the case with me as well.

I am glad that this mentor of mine let me fuck her even though several tall, young and handsome Latin guys were after her. I know those Hispanic dudes are masters in bed, I know several White women that filed for divorce with their husbands after riding a big Hispanic dick. Thank you Miss Mentor for letting me fuck you every night for months.

Behind those Hijabs are marvelously silky smooth breasts that can turn your world into a living paradise

I have lost a lot of my appetite with my age but my sexual appetite only seems to grow with my age. I love eating while making out and that’s the reason why most preferred venue for fucking is kitchen.

As you may all be already aware of the fact that I am a Muslim but I am not an Arab and neither my wife is an Arab but I love Arab women more than women belonging to any other race. I bet that Hagar was a stunning woman and that’s why her descendants are mostly so sexy and freaky in bed although they hide those marvelous assets behind those dark hijabs, burqas and naqabs. Perhaps if these sexy Arab women didn’t hide their assets like that, they would not be able to come out of the house due to the fear of getting raped because these women are unbelievably sexy. Nowadays, there are several Arab women working as escorts in Lebanon and UAE, if you haven’t fucked one yet, you are definitely missing one of the greatest pleasures that life has to offer to you as a man.

More men in different cultures are homosexual than we will ever come to know and you know where am I pointing at. Men belonging to different cultures have increased their chances of fucking an Arab beauty due to these sexy Arab women marrying gay men who being unable to get hard for their wives, hire or call other men to fuck their wives and that’s when Arab Sex Scandal are made.

One government official from belonging to an Arab country personally told me that a couple of Arabic countries have been considering taking Jaziya (Tax) from the gay men in their society in exchange for giving them freedom to marry the men. I believe that when this happens, a great percentage of Arab men will come out as gays which will give us a greater opportunity to marry, befriend or have one night stands with the Arab women which will turn the earth into a Jannat (paradise).

Big tit women make the best wives – Abid Jasic the Dickhead

I just learnt some Hindi and I wrote these lines “Apni Biwi ko Bhej, Karun use main chase, speed meri hai tez”. The lines mean – Send your wife to me, I have been chasing her for a while, I fuck at a very fast speed. Though the lines may not sound or appear very fascinating to most, I dedicate these lines to my neighbor whose big tit wife I have been chasing for a while now.

More and more people nowadays have been using the unit pound instead of kilogram when it comes to measuring the weight of almost anything and each time hear the word ‘pound’, I am reminded of this neighbor of mine that I have been chasing for a while as she is from England and she still mistakes dollar for pound many times and her fascinating big tits always make me fantasize about pounding her.

Before the internet, most of the slangs weren’t as popular as they are now. We used to refer to sexual stamina as battery life in the 1990s and the term pillow for a big boob is being used since time immemorial but I never heard a teenager use these terms anytime before this decade. Nowadays I see teenagers using slangs that I myself never heard.

One of the teenagers that I met a while ago on a discord chatroom told me that he has been working on creating a software that will allow the couples to have a better sex life.

My advise of today to all the inexperienced bachelors would be that they should always look for a woman with big and nice quality tits as these are the women that are loving, caring, warm and friendly and make the best wives, just that they cheat on you if you are away for too long as they cannot live without a dick as long as their low estrogen counterparts but that doesn’t matter much to most of the modern men. Modern men love sharing just like myself. I have been sharing my big jugged wife with my friends and others, thanks to condoms, now we can whoever, whenever, wherever without much risk of STDs.

Never disturb someone who is edging to big booty porno

I own a boutique hotel in the downtown area of my city and let me tell you here that whenever you see a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on the door of a hotel, don’t come to the conclusion straight away that someone is fucking inside or someone is sleeping, nowadays, the case mostly is that someone is busy edging to the big butt porn inside.

I once came across this guy who used the term ‘hot tea’ to refer to sex and ‘orange soda’ to refer to masturbating.

Once I even came across a man who would get unconscious for a while after achieving sexual climax each time.

I really believe that vodka has a huge part to play in the extraordinary beauty of Russian women but I also believe that those Russian girls really need bigger booties to look even better.

I believe that the governments must do something to lift off the taxes from the sexual products so that the world can become a better place.

I cannot comprehend why talking about porn is still a taboo whereas talking about sex is not. My wife never got ready to do porno although I was the one to suggest it to her and encourage her to do the same as well but she has been creating ASMR videos with kisses, moans and farts lately on my advice and suggestion and uploading the same on Youtube where she is receiving a lot of positive feedback for the same. She has been receiving more complimentary comments for her big booty than anything else.

Found my class fellow fucking the girl of my dreams on Big Boobs Tube

There was a dude in my school whose mother performed at strip clubs but she raised her one and only son to be a strict catholic and would have been proud if he became a pastor but he ended up becoming a porn actor, writer and director. He wasn’t my friend or anything, just a regular class fellow and I wasn’t aware of his profession or career until I saw his movie last night on Big Boobs Tube where he was fucking the woman of my dreams with her fishnets on.

I wasn’t aware of who he was until his face started looking familiar to me and I did a research on him only to discover he was who I thought he was. The dude used to brag to his friends about his long dong and how he can edge for 4-5 hours at a time and everyone used to think that the guy is a troll but he was right. I never had an idea that I could be envious of someone like that wanker.

From my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that horny men put women off, just act uninterested till she gets desperate to fuck you and fuck her with taking control of her, don’t act desperate, hungry or thirsty again, be a MAN. Suck her boobs like she is your slave and fuck her pussy like you were born to drill.

I once fucked this woman whose mother was of Indian origin and Father was French, this bitch had the most exotic look I ever saw in a woman. She made me cum within 2 minutes and she had this proud look on her face after that happened but I didn’t act like a loser at all although I felt like one inside and that made her pride disappear within a few seconds when she saw my proud, arrogant and manly face even after I came within about 2 minutes. Male apes don’t last long and they still couldn’t care less, all they care about how many pussies they get, not about how long they last.

Wealthy aircraft manufacturer has gone nuts over Sofia Sweety

One of my good friends is a wealthy gentleman who owns a company that builds small aircrafts. This friend of mine brags about his cock all the time and when he recently learnt the Hindi language, the first thing that he did was to write a dirty song “Tedhi Lulli Wale, Aaja Gaand Marale, Chootad Tere Kaale, Ismein Hum Lulli Daalein”.

This wealthy friend of mine has been watching a softcore pornstar Sofia Sweety for the past 6 months and this has happened for the first time that he has gone nuts for a woman so much that his desire for her is not limited to her fanny only but he wants entire Sofia Sweety and he has gone mad to the level that he is willing to live in a homeless shelter for the rest of his life if he could just fuck her for once a week. He says that he hasn’t seen a young teen so beautiful ever before.

He wants to learn Spanish language now and he has been looking for a female teacher that completely resembles Sofia Sweety. He says that he is going to find one no matter what.

This small aircraft manufacturer is of the belief that a woman’s measurements don’t matter as much as the quality of her flesh and he claims that he hasn’t seen a woman with a better flesh quality than that of Sofia Sweety in his 55 years of life.

This filthy rich middle-aged man is not ashamed to brag about his masturbation addiction and he claims that if the governments don’t want their male citizens to be wankers then they must make a law for the women to look ugly and dress up in Niqabs or Hijabs.

Bratty Sis features the nastiest, the horniest, the finest teen chicks in the porno industry and you know it

A fit old woman is far sexier than an unfit young woman but the story is totally different when the woman is in her late teens or early 20s and is your sister as well. I know that my wife is gonna be mad at me for writing this but I cannot help myself. Since I have started watching Bratty Sis porn, I cannot help myself checking out their website at least tens of times to see if there is a new release (movie and cum release).

Watching tall, strong and handsome men with a hairy chest makes my wife go all wet and I am gonna do this to her now. I have been looking for a Bratty Sis video that features such a man and show the same to my wife so that she also get addicted to the Bratty Sis videos and we both make love together while watching Bratty Sis videos which is my dream and my wife’s nightmare. I would also love my wife to play my sister. OMG! Am I having a rock-hard erection while writing this?

I really hope that the next US president be a pornstar. It is a shame that many pornstars have participated in the elections but none could ever become a governor.

I believe that breasts most precisely define’s god excellence and although I have sucked some of the finest looking big breasts in my life, I still respect small breasts and many of Bratty Sis’s models have small breasts which I love. Small breasts, natural big breasts, silicone breasts, breasts everywhere are the reason why there is so much of positive vibe everywhere around the earth and that includes your daughter’s breasts as well. Let me suck your sexy daughter’s breasts just once so that a guru like me can tell you more mysteries about the life and the world in general.

My wife has no idea about how many erotic accounts I have on different sex-related websites

I dedicate the song ‘Tell me Lies’ by Fleetwood Mac to Boobpedia for telling me nothing but lies. Boobpedia is full of lies and I cannot even recall how many times it lied to me. Once I read on a Boobpedia post that the pornstars Jessica Robbin and Pocahontas Jones are sisters and just yesterday I read that Andi James and Britt James are mother and daughter, and I know for sure that both are false.

Once I was chatting with Pocahontas Jones on a cam website where I dared ask her about whether Jessica Robbin is her sister and she clearly told me that she is not, I told her that I asked just because I read a post on Boobpedia and sent her the link to that post as well, which she complained about to the Boobpedia and they removed ASAP.

Yesterday, I watched one video of Andi James and then one of Britt James, trying to find resemblance between the two, which I really failed to. I watched both the videos while my wife was away, she doesn’t have any issues when I fuck other women but she doesn’t let me watch porn or lemme masturbate to the point of ejaculation; she has no idea how many erotic accounts (conto erotico) I have on different porn websites. She also has no idea about my hidden fleshlight that I have kept inside my personal locker.

As I am getting older, I have started to look for ways to increase my virility and one of the ones that is really working for me is eating figs and pomegranates everyday.

Alexis Fawx is not my friend’s hot mom but she is definitely my wife’s greatest enemy at the moment

Hope you just read my wife’s rants about my addiction to and obsession with Alexis Fawx. My wife forgot to tell you that how I put my coffee on her ass to make it look like her ass is hotter than a heater and although she really gets flattered by this act, she also got embarrassed a couple of times when she farted meanwhile, lol. I still didn’t mind drinking the same coffee.

While my wife was busy ranting about my obsession with Alexis Fawx, I was busy watching the same Alexis Fawx My Friends Hot Mom movie for the fourth time in the past 2 weeks.

Anyways, let us talk about something other than Alexis Fawx for sometime. I don’t want my wife to kill me while I will be asleep. I recently became pen-friend with the son of the Cuban-American pornstar – Alanis. He is such an idiot that when someone asked him a question related to his wife – “Is she comfortable in her own skin?” He replied, “Yes, most of the time but when she is not I use my skin to comfort her and my dick as well.”

This son of Alanis claims to have had sex with the 1980s German singer – Sandra Cretu. He is such a show-off, he rides in a Mercedes but never gets it fixed until it refuses to start and he also uses the cheapest possible oil in his Mercedes.

Once while he was on NoFap, he searched for ‘Dhaliwal’ on Google, came across Naina Dhaliwal and Amrit Dhaliwal’s bikini pictures and broke his NoFap then and there.

I wonder why Alexis Fawx hasn’t done a pregnant porn yet

My favorite Alexis Fawx video of all times is the one in which Alexis is giving feeding the guy along with giving him a handjob.

I find pregnant women far more attractive than the non-pregnant ones and that’s the reason why I insist my wife all the time to get fucked by me without me or her using any sort of contraception but the bitch wouldn’t agree.

Anyways, I wonder all the time why Alexis hasn’t done a pregnant movie yet although she has been pregnant several times. She maybe thinking that it will ruin her image or it will not be good for her baby but I find this awkward that still so many women are not aware of the fact that in several African tribes, it is a custom for the mother to be fucked each night while she is pregnant as there is a notion among the people of those tribes that it helps in popping out a healthier baby.

I love chubby women more in general but Alexis is definitely an exception to that. It is really sad that Alexis Fawx MILF doesn’t provide her escort services anymore.

There was a time when I was addicted to the strip clubs and live sex shows and I fear that I am now getting addicted to the porn again first time after the teenage years.

I believe that a beautiful voluptuous woman can be more dangerous than all the Russian nuclear weapons combined. I also believe that there should be college degrees in the field of sex, so that we can have better escorts, pornstars, strippers, etc. I believe in liberal governments and I really believe that they will do the same in the near future.

Alexis Fawx is my new love

To all those that are aware of my obsession with Kiki Daire, I have found another obsession and she is Alexis Fawx. I have been watching Alexis Fawx XXX movies for the past few days and fucking my wife watching those. My wife looks and sounds a bit jealous of her but I couldn’t care less.

I live in the same neighborhood as Alexis Fawx and when recently I dedicated the song – Bette Davis Eyes to her on our neighborhood radio, Alexis replied me with “Get lost weirdo”. Who cares? My wife is never going to let me fuck her. My wife doesn’t yet know about this insult of mine by Alexis and I don’t intend to tell her in the future even though I sometimes feel tempted to tell her about the same as I care about each and every smile of her and this incident is definitely going to make her super-happy.

Alexis Fawx’s waist reminds me very much about that of an escort bitch that I fucked from the Kashmir Valley while I was there for some business. Kashmiri girls are really beautiful, especially the Hindu ones, but there aren’t enough of those there anymore, they are all on diaspora and all the Kashmir is a totally Muslim dominated region now.

My dad was a pimp and I inherited this great talent in the art of pimping, I would have made billions pimping pornstars like Alexis but my nagging wife wouldn’t ever let me pimp anyone. Gosh! I cannot even pimp my wife. I would love to see my wife getting fucked for the dollars by a BBC.

Gosh! Now I can enjoy Kiki Daire’s Super-HD videos for free

I remember watching the video of my all-time favorite pornstar Kiki Daire where she was enjoying her fuck-session so much that she kept calling her male co-star throughout the session. The male had a large beard and mustache, and he was getting this look by Kiki that she is willing to be a slave to his cock for life.

I hate women with saggy breasts and that’s the reason why my wife can be found everyday using home remedies to make sure that her breasts don’t become saggy.

I once saw an interview of Kiki Daire where she mentioned the argumentative guys and as much as she hates argumentative guys, she loves calm, cool, strong and silent guys and if they are big in size, she finds them irresistible.

She also mentioned in the same interview that she loves the 70s or 80s music being played in the background while she is getting fucked.

Once I enjoyed watching a porn video of Kiki Daire on a premium porn website where this Estonian guy was fucking Kiki Daire without a break and without switching the position and they both were in the state of a sexy and interesting silence.

In one of the interviews, Kiki mentioned that she has sex with her husband at least 3 times a week and she doesn’t count the number of times she blows or fucks other guys.

In another interview of Kiki Daire which I watched on the Youtube, Kiki said that she doesn’t agree with the ones who say that fapping steal the thrill from the real thing.

As much as I find the front of the Kiki Daire attractive, that much I find her back as attractive as well. Those stupid cameramen get so much focused in showing Kiki’s front most of the time that they don’t even care about showing her back even once in the entire 30+ minute long video.