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I have a very good friend who is a yoga and aerobics teacher by profession. He provides classes for 2 hours a day, he also keeps uploading videos on the Youtube and his own website. This friend of mine also used to be an event organizer in the past and each and every business that he ever entered, he entered it with the intention of getting women, and he has been pretty successful at it, almost in each strong attempt.

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He claims that one of the most infamous MILF pornstars of all times and perhaps the most infamous MILF pornstar currently – Alexis Fawx, lies on her Twitter and other social media accounts that she doesn’t escort. He claims that he availed her escort services twice and paid her $5000 each time per fuck. He claims that the second time, she was so good, that he sent gold earrings to her address as a tip afterwards.

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A good friend of mine is a full-time conspiracy theorist and Jav Streaming lover, who claims that the Coronavirus was spread in the entire Republic of China through air by Kim Jong-un and his men, on the orders of American President Donald Trump and the current American CIA Chief – Gina Cheri Haspel.

He claims that being one of the first to send the aids to the Republic of China is a drama by Kim Jong-Un, scripted by none other than the previous American CIA Chief – David S.Cohen, who also happens to be one of the highest paid and most popular attorneys of the world.

This friend of mine claims that the American President Donald Trump has been eyeing Kim Jong-Un’s wife – Ri Sol-ju and his sister – Kim Yo-jong for a long while now. And he has been looking for a chance to get one or both of those by hook or by crook. He adds that the American President Donald Trump has already devised the plan to divorce his current wife – Melania Knavs and bring home one or both of Kim Jong-Un’s dearest women.

This friend of mine also claims that the American President Donald Trump’s hatred against the nation of Iran and its people has its roots back in his college days. He claims that Donald Trump asked a couple of Persian girls out while he was in college, only to get mocked by each of them.

Once in the late 1980s, out of his weakness for the Iranian women, Donald Trump asked the CNN Television Host – Christiane Amanpour out, but she rejected the proposal as well, laughing at him in a ridiculous way. And that was the last time when the current American President – Donald Trump asked an Iranian woman out and that’s the biggest reason why Donald Trump hates CNN so much as well.

Wife got implants to look like a Brazzers pornstar, husband hates it

One of my great friends that owns a chain of spas in the South Dakota province. He told me that he doesn’t like to squeeze his wife’s boobs since she got an implant. He says that earlier they were tiny (and I can attest that personally as well), but he was perfectly happy with those; Going through breast implants was completely her decision and a bad one, he says. He adds that she thought that she would look like a Brazzers Moms Porns actress after going through implants, and she is looking one, but those boobies do not generate that sensation to his hands whenever he touches or squeezes those or that pleasurable sensation he used to enjoy when he used to suck on those before they turned into 2 plastic domes.

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I have a very good friend from Mississauga, Canada, who claims that having intensive sex regularly cures both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.

He also claims that authors are some of the kinkiest women in bed. He gives the example of Twinkle Khanna, an author, wife of one of the greatest Bollywood actors ever and daughter of the Bollywood’s first superstar. He claims that he is in charge of Twinkle’s pussy whenever Akshay is gone to India for a shoot. He says that it is his dream to have a threesome with her widowed mother and herself one day. He even told me that he planned to tell her about this fantasy of his to Twinkle once but then couldn’t dare to.

He claims to have had fun with women belonging to each and every race in India, he has come to the conclusion that Bengali women are most fun.

He also claims to have had hired 3 maids for his house till date and also claims to have had sexual relationships with each of those till the day he fired them. He claims that he can teach the infamous bald male pornstar J-Mac, who is responsible for fucking more pornstars acting as maids, a thing or two, which can even improve his career.

This friend of mine is one of the biggest sellers on both Amazon and eBay for toys, but he spends more time looking for and discussing the perfect porn on the Porn Dude than managing his business.

He always has some outrageous secret information which many times comes true. He claims that a software engineer from Bhutan is responsible for creating the Bitcoin and that software engineer is nowadays busy in creating an automated software for the pimps and hookers that will revolutionize the whole prostitution industry like never seen before.

The older the bisexual women get, the wetter they stay all the time and hence they need sex toys as much as the food


It may come as a surprise to many of the regular readers here that most of the escort agents in Malaysia aren’t even aware of the fact that the ladies also like to hire female escorts, although there is a great population of LGBT community that lives there.

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the August of last year when I called up an escort agency and told them that I would like to order an escort for myself, they thought that I was a troll, the lady who picked up the phone told me that they don’t sell hamburgers and kept the phone down.

Fortunately enough, I had brought my sex toys along with me and they did the job for me.

I also tried to find a sexy shop in the vicinity where my hotel was located, but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

I had no idea that I was a bisexual until I got aroused while having a pillow fight with one of my female cousins back when I was 19, surprisingly enough, she also had no idea that she was one, she got aroused as well, we started kissing each other and then we ended up fingering and eating each other. I really miss those days and that fresh, sexy, 20 year old pussy of my female cousin.

I have met several male and female pornstars in my life and let me tell you that they are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. The best thing about each of the pornstars that I ever met is that no topic is too sensitive to them, you can talk about almost anything to them, for example, “Did you ever cheat on your spouse before joining the adult industry?”, “Do your kids know that you are a pornstar?”, “Do your kids hate you for being a pornstar?”, etc.

Real Hoes send snaps all these Fake Hoes who don’t ought to be transported to Iraq

One of my Catholic mechanic friends who tends to be a sex freak, invented a statement “By their cars, you shall know their sex life”.

By his above statement, he doesn’t only mean that the guys with more expensive cars get to fuck the best of the pussies. He gives the example that a guy who buys a Nissan even after hearing all that whining against Nissan from a guy named ‘Scotty Kilmer’ who claims to be a mechanic without any credentials other than a couple of TV shows and we all know how much can we trust the mainstream media nowadays.

This Catholic Mechanic friend of mine claims that he sleeps only 4 hours a day, edges for 4 hours to amateur snap nude, works for 10 hours, and dedicates rest 6 hours to other regular activities like bathing, shitting, commuting from office to home, etc.

This Catholic Mechanic friend of mine never worked for anyone else in his life while all his friends from the college days do. Looking at their lifestyle, he claims that the more you get promoted on your job, the tighter pussies you get to fuck.

He was in Saudi Arabia recently, and after coming back, he wrote an article on a Press Release website, which read as follows:-

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Read how PublicAgent Movies resemble the Solar System in many ways

I really find it interesting that no matter how many interesting things the mankind discovers or invents, nothing is more interesting to it than the sexual activity. And rightfully so, otherwise we all will vanish from the face of the earth and live a depressed life with our stupid gadgets that will be of not much purpose. Imagine your smartphone without Tinder installed on it or you unable to read this marvelous blog that my wife created. Imagine yourself not being able to watch public porn videos but rather watching some stupid Youtube videos by a bunch of idiot Christian missionaries.

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I have a very good friend who sells custom gifts online. He has 3 different popular websites that serve nationwide.

The past of this friend of mine is a strange one. He ran a strippers agency in the state of Missouri in the past and at one point, he and his wife also owned a gigolo agency that operated in many different cities of Alabama.

He still keeps in touch with the statistics and many other parts of the industry and so does his wife.

He claims that the popularity of the Wonder Woman Strippers has surpassed that of the Naughty Nurse Strippers for the very first time in the history.

He says that even though a group of guys doesn’t book just one female stripper usually, his agency never hesitated to provider one stripper for a group of men or one stripper for only one individual, which is both hard to find with any online based stripper agency in the United States, especially in the state of Missouri.

I myself once availed the services of my friend’s strippers agency, I ordered 2 chicks at once, all for myself. One stripper came dressed up as a nun, the other one came dressed up as a cop. The funny thing is that the one who was dressed up as a cop, indeed looked like the cop in my neighborhood that I have had a huge crush on for years now.

I asked them when they were about to leave whether they could provide me extra services, the nun said no, but the cop agreed and that’s what I wanted. I fucked this tattooed bitch all night long, 5 times straight. I wasn’t really looking for tattoo girls sex, but it just came as an icing on the cake, which I literally loved.

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I don’t know whether I told you guys this before, high-libido runs in my family in alternate generations. Both of my grandparents were very high libido, my parents were almost asexual, and here I am, cannot do anything but think of fucking all the time or make posts about my fuck-stories here when I am not really fucking.

I have been getting tons of questions regarding what I think about violent porn, lately. Well, I think that violent porn isn’t as bad as it is believed to be, but it is bad though.

In my arrogant opinion, lingerie porn is the most underrated genre of porn. I am amazed that not as many people look for it and those who do, are generally higher class than the average porn watcher, which just shows that it is watched by few but quality few.

There is no place as beautiful as home where a hot fuckbuddy is waiting in a sexy lingerie for you. For me, unfortunately, this happens rarely. My wife is dressed up in a lingerie most of the times when I reach home, but she isn’t waiting for me, but is rather in her lingerie because she likes to fuck wearing her lingerie and some other guy(s) is/are inside her. I can do nothing but join them or become a cuckold.

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I am really blessed to have been living in a neighborhood full of street whores. Before this, I used to live in a building in a very plush neighborhood where two very high-class escorts lived. I had tons of fun with both the high-class escorts just like I do with those street whores nowadays. Many of those street whores are willing to have a threesome with me and my wife, many are not. When I hire a bisexual duo, my wife becomes extremely happy, but those duos are hard to come by and they also cost a lot more than a regular street whore.

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Understanding what your spouse needs in the bed is the best thing that you can do to keep him/her forever yours. It is not just my experience, but that of several other happily married men and women.

The ability of great-looking whores to convert the noblest of men into whoremongers has always been envy of the average women.

My wife always tells me that young men with a receding hairline are worse fucks than the old men with a head full of hair and old men with a receding hairline or a head with no or a very little hair are a nightmare in bed. She says that bald men are only good for eating the pussy or for fingering it.

I personally believe that none of us men respect women with large natural breasts, the way they deserve it. I come across many young guys regularly who watch a lot of Vintage Sugar Porn, but still don’t know who Kay Parker or Honey Wilder is. Which is a shame! All they know of is fake tits bitches like Ava Addams or Lisa Ann. They really don’t have an idea about what a real woman is.

I recently came across an attractive British old woman who told me that she hasn’t ever been able to her grandson about her sexual feelings towards him. She told me that she got too drunk when around him several times to be able to have the courage to do so, but failed. I told her that she should better write the same to him through an Email, Text Message, Whatsapp, Skype or something, she replied that it would become a proof, which he could show his mother or/and father, which she cannot afford to happen. She told me that she is not afraid of the grandson, but his parents, who are too cautious about the sex life of their son. They want their son to remain absolutely chaste till he get married, and whence they get to know that his grandmother wants to become his lover, they are going to go absolutely mad on her to the extent of eradicating all sorts of communication with her and perhaps even report about it to the authorities.

I got the sexy old woman too drunk with an expensive whiskey which she loved and then me and my wife enjoyed her all night long. The old woman happened to be one hell of a kinky woman. She thanked us both in the morning and kissed us both on the lips before saying final goodbye to us. She told us that she will be back in the April of this year and we are already too excited about the same.

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I believe that the world doesn’t need social engineering as much as it needs sexual engineering. Hearing all these people in the mainstream media talking bad about Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton’s sexual deeds of the past, just like the rest of the mankind doesn’t possess a dick, really makes me go nuts. What’s bad about having sex with someone whom you are not wedded to? Traditional marriage is the biggest fraud that the mankind has invented followed by the religion, or maybe Religion is the biggest fraud that the mankind has invented followed by the traditional marriage. Whatever the case maybe, no totally sane and intelligent modern adult human being can deny that both of these are frauds.

One of the things that I have observed in my lifetime is that weak sexual organs, weak willpower and weak mind go together. Just like all stupid people follow religion and condemn free sex. All these guys need to see those sexy blonde MILFs on XNXX and that will most likely help change their minds, just like it has done that of many Mormons in the past and still continues to do so.

“Dick like a snake, balls like a bull,

Makes your own and your wife’s life so hot yet so cool.”

One of my very close and good friends is a politician who never gets tired of repeating that saying all politicians are crooks is like saying that all pornstars are cam models or escorts. And I agree with this statement of his. He himself is as honest as a politician can be, not to his wife though. He cheats on her all the time.

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I have a friend from Texas who runs a couple of clothing and accessories store in different cities of Texas, who claims that there is some truth to the Zodiac Killer theory, i.e. the people killed by a person in this life are born as his/her slaves in the next life. My wife finds this friend of mine extremely weird and that’s the reason why she always tells me to stay away from him. I also feel the same many times but I am a fuckbuddy of his one and only daughter and I know that she loves her father so much that she will breakup with me, if I stop talking to his father.

Both this friend of mine and his sexy MILF wife hate the Arabs but they have named their daughter – Saba, which is an Arabic name, after felling in love with the name.

Saba is a wonder in bed. She is a bisexual and apart from me, my wife gets to enjoy her many times as well. They both have used strap-on on each other several times by now. Saba got my wife addicted to the Indonesian porn (bokep indo) lately, which my wife doesn’t seem to get enough of.

This above mentioned friend of mine is a conspiracy theorist as well, who believes that there is a clash of interests between different White nations including USA. He claims that the British MI6 backed by the Russian KBG will be in an all-out-war against the United States of America’s CIA and its closest allies Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad.

I really wish if the Arabic sex videos were as easy to come by as the Hungarian sex videos

I have a female friend who also used to be my fuckbuddy in the past who told me about a couple of months ago that surviving 2 different cancers belonging to totally different organs which have nothing to do with sexuality have increased her sex drive a lot even though it has been years since she hit the menopause. I took that as a signal that she wants us to revive the relationship which we both used to have years ago and did I tell you that she is a Hungarian MILF who has been featured in many different Hungarian sex videos (magyar szexvideók). No words can describe the beauty of a sexual session between me and her.

I was always a Mamma’s boy and one of the common traits of Mamma’s boys is that they all love women, even when they are homosexuals.

I personally believe that Jesus was right about heaven and hell but he was too shy to clarify what exactly he meant by the same. I personally believe that when you are having sex, you are in heaven, and when you are not, you are not, the aim of the human life is to prolong sexual sessions, according to myself and Jesus Christ.

It is really great to know that they have started having sexual orgies in many of the middle-eastern countries. I believe that they soon will be as sexually liberated as their European counterparts in the Middle-East. I really believe that they are almost as sexually liberated in the Palestine as they are in Israel. I have been to Palestine and Israel several times and each time it has been easy as roses to hire an escort in both the countries and equally so. If you want to see and enjoy how hot those Palestinian women are and how freely with a great confidence they flaunt their curves, just have a glimpse of ‘LearnArabicwithMaha‘ on the Youtube.

I really hope that there will be thousands of celebrity sex workers all over the USA by 2025

My wife once had sex with 6 men at a time and I was looking at them, stroking my junk like a loser. They had all her 3 holes acquired with three of their dicks and rest 3 dicks were busy rubbing on her tits, foot, hands, waist, eyes and everywhere else that you can think. One Hispanic dude even tried to make me suck his dick only to get his ass kicked off by me. My wife stared angrily at me after I kicked the Hispanic dude’s ass and then invited him to fuck her in the ass. There was a black dude who came in a brand new Nissan Altima to fuck my wife but someone stole his car from the outside of our house. I was so happy about his car being stolen from outside my house while his dick was in my wife’s mouth, he blamed me for his car getting stolen. He claimed that some of my friends did it. My wife slapped him on the face and then ultimately his big mouth was shut. The cops haven’t been able to find his car yet and the insurance company hasn’t given him money either. I am too happy about it.

Anyways, the above story is not what I came to post here. I wanted to write here that I am really not happy with the slow progress of the escort agencies. They aren’t making the use of the technology as they should have and I am really not happy about the fact that there aren’t many celebrity sex workers yet that can be booked using the internet.

The female escort industry has been declining each year as the sex dolls are getting more advanced each year

I do not agree with Freud at all in almost anything and I consider him to be one of the biggest trolls of all times the affect of what is still alive.

I am not a racist or anti-vegetarian, but I believe that Indian women aren’t interested in sex as much due to their unhealthy diets, I would rather put my dick in a mini sex doll than putting it in a different Indian woman every night.

I believe that there will be more male gigolos than female escorts by the end of this century, the way the things are moving. I am not saying that the female escorts are not doing a great job, I cannot even recall how many female escorts I have had fun with till date, but I believe that the upcoming super-advanced sex dolls are going to finish the business of average-looking, average-performing female escorts.

It is my personal observation over the decades that average looking women are seldom fun in bed, it is either the ugly ones or the stunners that rock the bed. I have had a huge crush on the Scottish pornstar – Georgie Lyall since the first time I saw her in that FakeTaxi Movie, and I am going to hire her throughout my business trip to Scotland in the coming February. I am willing to pay whatever it costs.

I once hired Maserati – the Black Pornstar once through an escort website, it turned out to be a fake setup and the pimp ran away with my hard-earned money, and I had to fuck a street whore that night.

Me and my wife are going to perform on one of the best live sex show sites and I am too excited about it

It is my personal observation over the years that an odorless pussy is bound to be tasteless.

I was in Italy last year where I didn’t hit on any woman because I really fear the Italians. I bought an automatic heated sex doll online there itself, which did a lot of damage to my dear testicles, to an extent that I got an ED for a few months and it scared the shit out of me, but thanks to the God Eros, I got my sex drive back after a couple of months.

Back when I lost all my sex drive, I started hating the smell of the female farts which I otherwise love.

I have traveled around the world and one of the most important things that I observed during these travels is that the darker a pussy, the less sensitive it is, also the women with darker pussies have lesser sexual control and don’t enjoy sex as much.

I have always been against the Christian religion, especially the Catholic one. Most of the great people, including Freud, Einstein, JP Morgan, Margaret Sanger, have observed in their lives that the lack of sexuality makes a man or a woman physically, mentally and spiritually weak.

My wife recently told me that the first time ever that she masturbated, it was with French fries. I suggested to her that it is a good idea if she performs the same on one of the best live sex show sites. She told me that she is thinking about it.

She thinks that the cam models nowadays have to work a lot harder compared to what it used to be because of the vigorous competition, to which I agree but it is also a lot of fun. I don’t find it to be work, but rather fun.

This Oneida Community worshiper claims to have group sex all the time like you would see in a TubeGalore Movie

I don’t know what has happened to my wife. She cannot stand me calling her ‘babe’ anymore. Her mother has a reputation of being a slut in the neighborhood, in the company she worked at, and she also had a couple of open marriages in the past. Perhaps, a couple of my mother-in-law’s boyfriends whom my wife hated, used to call her ‘babe’ and she is reminded of that lately when I call her ‘babe’.

I have a friend who is a huge believer in the free-love moment and wishes all the time that he were born in Oneida, New York, during the 1860s, to see those beautiful times when Oneida Community operated.

This friend of mine believes that whence the women all become whorish and slutty throughout the world, there will not be such organizations as ‘escort agencies’ operating anywhere in the world, but rather there will only be ‘escort families’; And nobody will feel any shame about being a prostitute, rather they will be proud of the fact that the people are willing to have sex with them for money.

This friend of mine runs a blog as well, which is definitely not good as this one, where he never gets tired of repeating that some pornstars/escorts love being used and there are those who don’t, those who don’t love being used, definitely do not deserve to be in the business and by being in the business, they are doing a great disservice to the society and to themselves.

His personal favorite escort is from Springfield, Missouri. Most of the times when he calls her, she is ill, has a headache, already booked, on a vacation, she has an excuse to not meet him 99% of the times when he needs her desperately, and that’s the reason why he likes to call her the FIAT of escorts.

This friend of mine also claims to have had sex with 10 different college girls at a time that weren’t paid whores, like you would see in a Tubegalore movie.

My good friend with an ED has been practicing Vajroli Mudra using the help of XVideos in order to save his marriage

I have always believed that the older pussies are highly underrated whereas their younger counterparts are greatly overrated. Take my wife’s pussy as an example, it has only been getting sweeter with age.

I personally believe in working hard and fucking even harder. The more tiring my day is, the sweeter is the sex in the night.

I have many of my good friends that had a troubled childhood and one thing that is common among them all is that they have a damaged sexuality. All my good friends with a serious ED had a troubled childhood.

One of my good friends who has had ED all his life told me that the worst moment in his life was when he gifted his wife a Mazda MX-5 Miata RF and she never drove it once in her life and instead she preferred to take a bus. He once followed her, and it turned out that she used to take the bus to a nearby parking, where she had hidden a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Convertible, gifted to her by a rich boyfriend of hers. He never told her that he had discovered all about it because he has 3 kids with her and didn’t want to separate himself from them at any cost. He doesn’t trust women anymore, no matter whether they are Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, Hindus or Buddhists. He has been practicing Vajroli Mudra lately using the videos on Xvideos all the time, because he still has the hope that he can fuck the brains out of his wife and satisfy her more than her rich boyfriend, one day.

Do you know that the women who snore a lot are 10 times the better fucks on an average compared to the women who don’t snore at all? I think that the above mentioned cheating wife is also a snorer, but I never dared ask this to my friend.

My wife has been aging like those British MILFs you watch in the porn movies

I only fear the old age because of the lack of sex life and sexual disability that comes with for an average man. I am really disappointed that the field gerontology isn’t putting much emphasis on the sexual life of the older men.

The case is quite different for an average woman though. Just like in the case of my wife, her libido, dick-raising capabilities have only been rising as she is aging, just like those women that I keep watching on the British MILF tube videos. Yesterday, she got herself another fuckbuddy named Jordi, who in reality looks like the infamous Jordi El Nino Pollo of the porn videos. They both allowed me to become a cuck and it was like watching Leigh Darby and Jordi El Nino Pollo fucking in real life. He was so scared of me while I was in the room, I kicked his butt once while he was fucking my wife in the missionary position but immediately my wife started scolding me and then I encouraged him to go on with fucking my wife in the pussy. He also looked at me once while his dicked slid out of the pussy accidentally, asking through his eyes whether he could put it in her asshole, I stared him back with such an anger, he looked like he was going to have a heart attack due to the fear, and after that, he couldn’t dare look at me back again and perhaps finished sooner than his dick could take it.

The funny thing is that I would let him fuck my wife in the asshole if he didn’t ask me for it, she really loves getting fucked in her asshole. I haven’t told her about it yet, I just hope that she doesn’t read this post and she will never get to learn about it.

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I personally believe that most GILFs are more horny than their MILF counterparts and can’t go a day without sex/masturbation. I also believe that the menopause rather increases the sexual desire of the women; I believe that they all lie about it not being there anymore because they have got tired and bored of fucking the same man over and over in all those years. They don’t want to admit the fact that they got tired of fucking and sucking the same man over the decades and come up with an excuse that they don’t feel sexual desire anymore since they hit that menopause. I believe that I know about this more than the most because it has been years since my beloved wife hit the menopause and her sexual desire has only increased over the years. She fucks me and other men even more since the day she hit the menopause. All our blog’s regular subscribers know the fact that me and my wife are in an open marriage and we both fuck around all the time.

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I have been practicing yoga lately to fulfill my fantasy of sucking my own cock lately. I have great hopes with the same and I know that soon enough I will be able to achieve my goal. My wife thought of me as a bisexual when I told her the same.

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True fuckbuddies are like pearls, priceless and with high libido, they are full of life and are fun-loving, they are promiscuous and the word cheating doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

It is a sad reality of a man’s life that women behave like it was all your fault even when they are caught cheating red-handed. Luckily enough, this problem never existed in my life because my marriage is an open one.

I hate the term ‘hard-work’ when it is used in the perspective of sex life. I really hope that they come up with something better and new term really soon.

It is one of my fantasies to spend a night with the Indian Bollywood Actress of Swedish origin – Elli Avram once in life. I have already published the offer on a website that I created for this specific purpose and optimized it as well.

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I am not a pro-masturbation or anti-masturbation, but I personally believe that it is essential to jerk-off occasionally even when you have willing pussies all around you as it allows you to explore your body better.

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I never knew that Indonesian pornstars and cam models were so good

Enjoying a big-butt woman in cowgirl position on a chair is the best feeling ever and if you haven’t had this feeling before, do it now, no matter what it takes.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as excessive sex or masturbation and that’s the reason why I have been actively campaigning against the NoFap movement since the financial year 2012. I have always said, believed and took the stand that replacing a delicious dick or a pussy is a dumb idea, but adding one is always a marvelous one.

Since the day I joined this new company that I have been working at, I have gradually turned it into an orgy and swinging hub and they all love me for the same.

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“Tits, beautiful

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Black, white and brown,

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Some like to hide those through their arms,

Whatever the case may be,

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Tits spread beauty,

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With all the qualities of tits,

Imagine the world without it.”

Free 4k porn is something as miraculous as something out of the ancient Indian mythology

One of the top 50 global pornstars of the current times – Alexis Fawx recently revealed that it was a uhd porn forum post that made her consider getting breast implants first. Alexis also said that the male pornstar – Mikey Butders, who is a very good friend of another busty pornstar – Lucky Benton with whom he has worked a couple of times as well was the one who told indirectly Alexis Fawx to get breast implants one night when they were drinking together. You may search for 4k porn to read full posts in this regard.

One of the street pimps that I have been chatting with on Discord for quite some time, told me that he wants Alexis Fawx to work with him. I was confused whether I should tell him the truth that Alexis Fawx ain’t somebody who is going to work with an ordinary street pimp or should I motivate him; I ended up motivating him.

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Rameshwar is an Assistant Manager for Business Development at a Pharmaceutical company.

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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must be aware of my obsession with sexy Hispanic and Indian women with sexy thin waists but I haven’t yet disclosed my obsession with busty Japanese women with silky smooth asses.

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It is an uncommon knowledge that disciplined guys finish last in the fling game, whereas they do great in the business and career world.

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I have a very good friend who struggled a lot with becoming a popular author. He wrote 8 books and couldn’t even sell 200 copies of all those 8 books combined. He says that it hurts when it looks back.

Nowadays, this friend of mine runs a juice bar of his own in Huntsville city in Alabama which does quite well.

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I have enjoyed several different women belonging to several different ethnicities, having different shapes and sizes in these over 50 years of my life, the sweetest girl that I ever tasted was a 25 year old Russian escort whom I enjoyed in St Petersburg, Russia.

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While I was in Russia for a couple of years, I observed that the topmost escort agencies of that country make more money than an average bank or a casino owner there. To be honest, I really considered asking my wife to help me establish an escort agency there but then I refrained from it, and that was one of the best decisions that I made. She would have never agreed to become a madam, although she loves being a MILF who fucks around with every hot stranger with a big dick.

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Carleigh is a 36 year old Portuguese woman who just started her own beer brewery in the city of Lugano. Carleigh had to buy the beer brewery equipment from her best friend otherwise she would get angry on her and their friendship would have been in trouble, otherwise Carleigh was interested in buying the brewery equipment from the undisputed best Chinese brewery equipment company that goes by the name Yolong.

Carleigh had to finally deal with Yolong after getting to know that her friend’s company doesn’t make Yeast Propagation System. Carleigh didn’t take a minute to decide where she is going to get the Yeast Propagation System from. She immediately called the people at Yolong Brewtech in Ningbo city, China and ordered one.

Carleigh also does bitcoin trading at a major level along with running her brewery. Recently she lost 500, 000 Euros with the falling price but it doesn’t bother the rich lady so much. She is certain that the prices will be up soon and they will be much higher than ever before.

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Pornstars enjoy working so much in a XXX video that it is almost impossible for them to notice how hard they work

First of all, a heartfelt thanks to the visionaries of the Victorian Era who had a vision of making porn one of the most consumed things on the face of the earth. If it weren’t for their vision, porn would have never come so far. The only thing to pity is that why didn’t someone think of it earlier. I believe that there were many great men and women who thought of it much before but their ideas have either been buried from the history books or they themselves were buried for expressing the same. Whatever the case maybe nobody could stop their ideas forever and here we are, every man or a woman has a complete harem on his little smartphone today and I know for sure that if there is such a thing as purgatory, souls of all of them have been salvaged from it ever since the internet porn came into the picture or perhaps when the playboy magazine came into the existence.

If you like to watch behind the scenes of a XXX Video, then you must be well-aware of the fact that porn is not just two or more people having fun on the camera, it is a lot of hard-work and the pornstars are some of the most sincere people on the face of the earth. One thing is for certain though and that is the only ones who enjoy sexual activity can survive in the porn industry, as nobody can work so hard for so long without enjoying the act.

I know several married female pornstars personally and there is this one thing common among them all and that is they are all as much devoted to their husband’s dick as they are to their male pornstar’s at the time of work. I also had a meeting with Cory Chase once, who told me that she is never tired of fucking, no matter whom she fucks, she told me that she enjoys fucking her husband as much as he does a pornstar.

Glory be to the British Porn Videos, the British Pornstars and the city of London

I know 7 different motivational speakers from the Great Britain and they all have one thing in common and that is that they all practice tantric sex (sex without ejaculation). They only ejaculate if they want a baby. They claim that having tantric sex increases your vitality and vigor. They also add that the prehistoric and biblical men whose lifespans are told to be several hundreds of years used to practice sex without ejaculation and that is the only thing that made them live for so long.

Anyways, just last week I wrote this parody for the Catholic prayer which is known as Gloria Patri in Latin and Glory Be in English:-

“Glory be to the pussy,

and to the hole in the ass,

and to those soft boobs,

As it was when I first had sex with you,

And tonight,

and ever I wil,

till the last drop of sperm in my balls.”

I got the idea to create this parody poem after a London escort who sucked me off on my last trip to London sang the parody of popular Protestant prayer “A Peace Prayer” to me. This chick really had a great sense of humor, she was a great sucker and I didn’t have an idea that she has worked in many British Porn Videos, I only got to know about the same when I was on all night porn watching spree on one of my most favorite amateur British porn websites – XX Brits.

Although I get to fuck women from all across the globe apart from my wife, I feel like every night of mine is a night in harem since I got access to HD internet porn, many thanks to the technology.

I can dream about that elite Tel Aviv escort if I can’t hold her tonight

I recently saw Trish Stratus on an escort directory, I just cannot recall which one. Anyways, a professional wrestling freak friend of mine recently told me that Eric Bischoff, the last president of WCW, was a stooge of the Chairman of World Wrestling Federation (WWF), who was put in charge of bankrupting the WCW and he really succeeded in it.

This wrestling freak friend of mine claims that the 56 year old woman that accused the professional wrestler Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon of groping herself outside a bar in Orlando, Florida used to run a sex racket in the city. She offered Ramon one of her prostitutes outside the bar where she accused Razor of groping herself, Razor refused and told her that he gets 10/10 fan chicks for no price at all that have drum tight pussies, this offended the madam of that sex racket and she wrongly accused Scott Hall for groping herself.

I have been to Israel aka the Holy Land several times and each time I am astonished by the ever improving quality of the escorts there. On my last trip, I met this escort in Tel Aviv, who told me that she owns her own marble business. It is really amazing knowing how far the escort services have come. Back in the day, only aristocrats and diplomats used to have access to top level courtesans, but now any one can hire them as long as they have the adequate money to pay their fee, thanks to the technology and the generosity of these gorgeous ladies who refer to themselves as escorts.

This marble business owner that I just mentioned, referred to herself as a freemason of pleasure and happiness. I still cannot stop dreaming about her.

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I wonder all the time that if men start fighting with their cocks instead of the arms and ammunition, Africa and Latin America will be the two new superpowers and the Asians will have to turn slaves. Kim Jong-Un will then be made to clean the toilets, Xi Jinping will be made to clean the dishes and Narendra Modi will have to make tea and samosa again. No matter what these guys do, I will be busy watching premium HD porn videos all the time.

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I have met many swingers in the past and they all say one thing “To a swinger, a couple that is married for years and never indulged in swinging is a miserable sight.”

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I recently stumbled upon this article where the author claimed that the importance and significance of the circumcision really increased among the Israelis when they were enslaved by the Babylonians. The author made a claim that the Babylonian women were too sexy for the Hebrew eyes and a glimpse of one of those sexy things would make a Jew wank for tens of times. The author claimed that these beauties were turning Israeli men into complete wankers and they were left with no option but the circumcision.

I am not ashamed to admit that I had my first sex on a kitchen table but now I hire tantric masseuses that wear nothing but the most expensive designer clothes.

I believe that many of you have already tried tantric massage and it shouldn’t read surprising to you that for anybody who is new to tantra, the speed is painstakingly slow but what I have found is that those tantric goddesses at sensual massage Cape Town can really adjust their speed according to your wish irrespective of the fact that whether you are new or regular to tantra.

While normal sex destroys the size, stamina and other great features that a normal penis is born intact with over time, tantric sex increases your size, strength, stamina and other features. These are the things that I personally observed first and read later. I didn’t know that there is a thing like tantra that has been existing for thousands of years, all I knew was about Mantak Chia’s sexual Kung-Fu and I stumbled upon tantra while looking for something else on the Google. You may start practicing by putting a Hot Titties/Booties Shaking video on and edging to it. Believe me you, your life is gonna change forever for the great.

Tantra has existed in different parts of the world with different names. Israelites have always believed that sex on the day of sabbath is a special blessing but they do not mention that Kosher sex is the special blessing, not your ordinary one.

NoFappers are fake and phony, they write those long NoFap posts while downloading free porn videos

I really used to get chills when I was a teenager and used to talk to a younger looking Japanese MILF with big boobs on the webcam. I remember trolling cam models all the time on different cam websites, especially Cams.com

I really would say that webcam sites are far superior in the eyes of any Muslim teenager than the Islamic heaven aka Jannat. I was recently talking to this Muslim teenager from Armenia who told me that he gifted a brand new bed to a cam model which he ordered from Amazon US for her. He saw that the cam model had a very old bed and he really wanted to help her but she was first resistant because she didn’t want to pass out her address any random stranger whom she just met on a webcam site and especially the a Muslim who lives in an Islamic nation, anyways, she finally began to trust him and gave him her address.

I have been very regular to Reddit since the very day of its inception and these NoFap guys on Reddit have really gone as insane as a man can get recently. They have started to compare sex with illegal drugs. I have made several posts bashing these guys but most of them don’t seem to listen to anything that goes even a bit against their beliefs.

This is what I wrote recently on NoFap Reddit and my post received nothing but downvotes:-

“Those who compare sex with drugs are absolute idiots. Sex is thousands of times more fun, 100% natural and a million times healthier than any drug in the world, even the one that has been prescribed to you by your doctor. You guys keep believing what you believe while I take a wank looking at my favorite free porn videos.”