Tiny Husbands Taking Revenge on their Cheating BBW Wives by Enjoying Hot Massages in South Korea

I have an Australian friend who claims that eating Kangaroo meat reduces a man’s libido and that’s the reason why the Aboriginal people of Australia eat it too much because they have no other form of entertainment other than fucking and like most other cultures, they have a guilt attached to sexuality. He says that the White Australians on the other side are always looking for food that increases their libido and that’s the reason why they export it all to other countries.

This Australian friend of mine believes that it is foolish for a tiny guy to date a big boob cam BBW. He believes that the BBW is going to cheat on the tiny guy all she can sooner or later. He gives several examples of such couples in the show business. He adds that such couples can often be seen on the Reality TV Show – Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, where BBWs with Beyonce face cheat on their tiny husbands. He believes that such victim husbands should take revenge on their wives by enjoying some Chungnam massage (충남출장안마).

This Australian friend of mine is great buddies with several Indians. He gives example of this Australian-Indian friend of his who was married to a White blonde chick. She used to love her Indian Cobra until the day she met an African Rock Python.

He says that the water-based lubes help him last much longer in bed, to an extent that he can switch multiple positions. He says that earlier he would cum only within 5-10 minutes, but now he can last upto 2-3 hours on an average if he tries hard enough.

Sex Specialists Are Dumb, Big Tit Cam Lover Made His Aunt’s Pussy Numb

Indrajita Dasa from Brisbane, Australia, is a Sex Blogger and Acupuncturist, who writes that the current so-called “sex specialists” are such disappointment that it makes him wonder that it either what they study is completely useless or the people interested in getting into the department are utterly dumb.

Indrajita also writes that those claiming to be so-called experts of astrology, need someone to tell them that the clouds have a greater impact on the sex drive of a man or a woman belonging to any ethnicity than all the planets combined. He goes on to write that those who do not believe him, may ask any married couple who live together the 12 months of the year the question: What season of the year you have most sex?

Indrajita writes that he lost his virginity to the big tit cam wife of his maternal uncle at the age of 21. She was 35 back then. He went there to see his new-born cousin. His aunt already knew that he was a virgin, so she decided to present him the New Year gift like you would see in a VRBonk movie, and Indrajita delighted in it.

Indrajita write about this one adventure when once he was in Barcelona. He hired one of the most popular Spanish MILF Pornstars of all times – Montse Swinger for a night. She drank 2 bottles of whiskey that night with him and said that’s how much she drinks each day on a regular. She also told Indrajita that she likes kissing her man on the lips while getting her pee-hole and poop-hole fingered simultaneously by him. And that’s what Indrajita did for the rest of the night to her after banging her in the pussy thrice.

Montse also didn’t ask him to wear Indrajita to wear a condom as she believes STDs are a hoax. He came inside her pussy all three times that he fucked her and she was completely okay with. She kissed her on the lips before leaving and told her that she hit the menopause years ago and there is no risk of pregnancy anymore for her.

Sexually, Men are Subordinates to the Women, claims an Asian Webcam Model

“If you wish to be sexy, study sex.”

Lita, Asian Webcams

Tacy West-Wells from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a sex blog owner, who recently wrote an article titled ‘Physical and Mental Rape’.

In this article, Tacy writes that by rape she means having sex with someone, that would be against their will and interest.

Physical rape is the one generally considered as rape.

Generally, it is a stronger person, usually the male, forcing with their superior physical strength, sexual intercourse with the female.

By mental rape, she means forcing sexual intercourse via seduction, with the specific intent if sex and other consequences.

The second is much more common to be done by the females, and its all too effective. She groups under the definition all acts that use physical appearances, there are of course other characteristics to be seduction and provocative behaviour and since it is well at this point a cultural fact of the mainstream culture for the male to be the one to do basically everything in the relationship, it is far more effective if a female comes up to a man and initiates it all.

And all these factors somewhat lead to the male being physiologically defenceless, to a sex.

But on much more of a subliminal level, making it less consciously scarring, the results normally being on the side of the male, what have I done, regret, where as the other case would more likely be what did he do to me; And since it is non-productive to live a life of regrets, males tend to kind of forget or at least be less superficially scarred.

Tacy doesn’t elaborate too much on the physical rape argument, reason being it is basically mainstream knowledge at this point.

Coomerinas from all across the Globe partake in this Asian Webcam Girls Site

Gordon Chan from Quebec, Canada, is a sex blogger and a former postman, who believes sex addiction is as good for the health as is workout addiction or health food addiction if not more.

Gordon regularly follows politics and he believes Hillary Clinton fucked her way up to the Parliament.

Gordon is addicted to the sunlight and he loves the energy it gives him. But he doesn’t want to become darker since White Supremacy and all. He has limited his sun time to 20 minutes a day.

Gordon loves to study Indian Mythology in his free time. He claims that arguably the most handsome, most powerful and most focused character of Mahabharata – Karana, used to visit brothel each night before he became the King and after becoming the King he used to spend most of his time in his harem. Gordon cannot afford to visit a brothel each night and neither does he have a harem, but he can still to the hotties on Asian Webcam Girls sites and that’s what he does all night long, each night.

Gordon claims Indian Ghee is one of the best things that you can consume to have a great libido in the old age.

Gordon believes the term ‘Coomer’ should be taken as compliment. He says it is a pity that most men take the term ‘coomer’ as an insult and the women take the term ‘coomerina’ as an insult. He believes each living being is made to be able to coom as much as possible and it is a pity that the religious people and even some atheists want to take away this virtue from him/her so badly so that they can keep ruling over them.

Sex Blogger Walks Around With A Stimulated Dick 24/7, Thanks To Asian Live Webcam

Charles Ntoko from Dearborn, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Live Sex Cam Website owner, who sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he claims that the things, be it visual, lotion, or anything of other nature, that stimulate a man’s penis are scientifically proven to give a man more energy than the strongest of the stimulants or illicit drugs, but the governments have been doing their best to hide such studies, for they don’t want the men to function at their peak androgen levels.

Charles further claims that the reason why they choose ugly nd non-voluptuous women to work in the Hollywood movies is a part of all this conspiracy, so that the men walk around without stimulated dicks and hence, no superpowers to challenge the existing authority.

Charles writes that the reason he created his own live sex cam website with nothing but voluptuous beauties is to make the men function at their peak and to make them realize that ‘Penis Power’ is as strong as the ‘Pussy Power’, given the penis must be stimulated.

For the viewers who don’t like the models available for a live sex chat on Charles’s website, he has a signboard saying “Asian Live Webcam“, for he believes that website has something for every straight man.

Charles again sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he says that KGB has more top officials working secretly for America, Israel and United Kingdom combined than for the Russia alone. He claims that the foundation of such corruption was laid during the USSR days. He writes that the wared for having most corrupt double-crossing agents goes to the Russian KGB followed by Pakistani ISIS.

This Gambler Claims Sigmund Freud Is The Reason Why Japanese Women Flaunt Their Big Asses Online

Avigail Allard claims that men hate vacations and they only pretend to like it because they fear their wives or girlfriends. Avigail knows several gay couples very closely who very rarely go out for vacations although they are very rich already.

Avigail is a conspiracy theorist who claims that Lee Nak-Yeon is a distant cousin of Bill Clinton’s wife and ex-president candidate of the United States of America – Hillary Clinton. Avigail says that the only reason behind Lee Nak-Yeon’s success is his being a distant cousin of Hillary Clinton otherwise he stood no chance. Avigail says that it is quite evident from Lee Nak-Yeon’s body language and his speech style that he is a low-energy, incapable man.

Avigail claims that Jews are aliens most likely from some planet that hasn’t been yet discovered by the scientists yet. Avigail says that it is not possible for some breed belonging to the human beings of earth to be as intelligent as the Jewish people are.

Avigail is one of the most sold painters in the world. She has sold over 9000 paintings including both online and offline. Avigail sells her paintings on etsy, eBay and several other websites including her own. Avigail never tries to overcharge her customers as she is not hungry for the money, she makes more money with online gambling with the tactics that she learnt with different blogs.

Avigail claims that Sigmund Freud was an Illuminati agent whose job was to convert the pious and civilized people of Europe and America to sex maniacs, she adds that one just needs to watch watch some soft core porn to understand what she has been trying to convey here.

Avigail claims that the emperor Hongli of Qing Dynasty of China wanted his men to manufacture a car much before they invented the first car. Avigail says that Hongli’s men were about to be successful but they got mysteriously kidnapped one day and never seen after that.

Exercise Your Dick With A Stimulating Lubricant While Enjoying Those Live 18+ Sex Cam Shows

Do you know one fact about this world? “Fucking is fucking underrated here.”

Tommie Darwin from Miami, Florida, is a wrestling freak who claims that Lee Flair and Ashley Flair used to fuck a lot and that’s the reason why she misses him so much.

Both of Tommie’s parents were astronauts. He says astronauts are the biggest swingers. They take tons of condoms with them and fuck like crazy all the time in space. The pilots get to have the least sex, in general.

Tommie’s father told him that Kalpana Chawla was having sex with Mike Anderson when the Space Shuttle Columbia crashed. Mike Anderson gave her the first BBC of her life and she got addicted to it.

Tommie guesses that Kalpana and Mike have turned into one single soul as they were making love in the space at the time of their death.

Tommie says that he only dates chicks with a baby face. He says it is his dream to fuck a GILF, MILF and a teen simultaneously in a foursome sex session. He says that he is scared that it will remain a dream as he hasn’t seen a woman over 35 with a baby face outside a sexcam.

Tommie exercises his dick for at least 30 minutes a day and has been doing so for over 3 years now.

Tommie brags that he has done more research on sexual health than any other man or woman in the Florida province and it is his firm belief that exercising your dick for 30 minutes a day is the best thing you can do. He warns against going over 30 minutes.

Middle-Aged Man Bangs a Vietnamese Beauty right in front of his wife while she sucks a Japanese Dick like there’s no tomorrow

Ronald Healy from San Diego, California, loves to play tennis every evening and have sex with different Busty Asian Women every night and write a story about it on his blog.

Ronald writes he finds sweaty sex too annoying. He always keeps the temperature of his room very low so that he doesn’t sweat at all.

Ronald believes an unhappy sex life is the prime cause behind domestic violence. He writes he has concluded his after interviewing several divorced men and women.

Ronald recalls the time when once he took some libido suppressant in Hanoi once and that very night he had an appointment with an Vietnamese pornstar he met through ditnhau.pro. He found it harder to raise his dick that one night than raising his 3 kids all their lives.

Ronald writes on his blog that after 18 years of his marriage to his wife. They both have decided that they will let each other fuck others to continue having a happy sex life. They both say their sex lives were over when they were in a monogamous marriage.
Ronald’s wife believes circumcised dicks are overrated and this offends Ronald greatly as he is circumcised just like his messiah was.

Ronald claims television producer – Carla Pennington, was offered US$5 Million for a porn movie by one of the topmost American porn studios but she refused the offer. He writes he won’t disclose the studio name but will give one hint and that is the studio is notorious for starring GILFs (55+) women in their porn flicks.

Sex Toy Brand Owner From Tangerang City Enjoys Russian Escorts In Lahore Each Time He Is There

Jamaludin Leng from Tangerang City, Indonesia is a sex toy brand owner who has been selling the products at what they cost to him to make the brand popular for now. He claims to have a great strategy behind it all. He claims that the sex toy industry in Indonesia has only seen rise while the escort/marriage industry has been seeing decline for decades now.

Jamaludin has always been passionate about getting sexy massages. He writes on his sex toy company’s official blog that the Lahore Escorts who drive themselves to the client’s location, with no driver involved, are generally the hottest in bed. They do it so that nobody is there to interrupt them while they are having fun.

Jamaludin believes that the number of the days of the cinemas are over. He says that soon the top Hollywood female actors will turn into $15000 Lahore Escorts.

Jamaludin sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he writes on his sex company’s blog that the nation of Israel will soon have condoms everywhere like in the USA, which is against the Old Testament and the Talmud, which proves that Israel is more of a Zionist state than a Jewish state.

Jamaludin also writes on his sex toy brand’s blog that it goes without saying that the dogs eat pussy better than the men. He adds that single women are notorious for making their dogs eat their pussies. He advises men that if you are a broad-minded enough, make your dog eat your wife’s pussy and don’t let her call the dog her son, otherwise it causes a guilt complex.

Jamaludin decided to have a sex toy brand when he saw that there were more men and women with a great deal of self control than he earlier thought. H hates such men and women, he believes that every man and woman should be ready to fuck each time someone gives them an invitation.

Jamaludin writes on his company’s blog that he used to be scared of hot and naughty girls back as a teen, now he cannot stand any other type of women.

MNC Chief Eats Indian Sweets Before Hiring A Karachi Call Girl

We are no sinners, as the sin has no real existence. If you claim that sins exist, all that you are saying is that there’s an omnipotent force, which the westerners call God. Sin is just ignorance. Ignorance of the life principles.

Boyd Keeling

Boyd Keeling from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Chief Content Officer at a Multinational Corporation, who claims to know a woman at his company who wouldn’t let her husband fuck her but regularly fucks her superior and his son who also works at the same office.

Boyd is too proud of his 10.5 inches long cock. It is 4.5 inches in girth. He writes British women are more dating than their American counterparts in the bed and it is not just him who has come to this conclusion after fucking hundreds of women belonging to both the nations.

Boyd loves to read the religious history. He writes that Jesus was born Jewish. But he was the first Christian, and was never a Jew. He was not following Judaism and was also fighting the Pharisee which turned on him. He was from the chosen people. Like Mary. He has nothing to do with the Jews of those days.

Boyd believes Indian sweets were made to increase the libido of both men and women and anybody who disagrees has definitely never tasted it.

Boyd claims to know many yoga experts. He says they are all more of sex experts than yoga experts and are often found chatting with Call Girls in Karachi.

Boyd claims to have been working on inventing condoms that could also be used as pens. He says both the semen and the ink could be used as an ink in these upcoming creations of his,

Marriage is a hoax, you better not fall for that trap and keep meeting sexy women regularly through the Internet – Decian Murphy

Decian Murphy is one of the most pro-porn men that you will ever meet but he volunteers against the domination, violent and incest porn, very actively on the internet. He says that he is going to take his cause on the streets as well and very soon so.

Decian believes that the institution of marriage and the modern education system are two of the biggest hoaxes of the present day, followed by the politics and the healthcare system. He says that he is determined that he is never going to marry and for that very reason he regularly enjoys compilation of best sex cam sites regularly.

Decian was in Hungary last year, there he met the infamous Hungarian Naturally Busty GILF Pornstar – Mercedes Silver aka Conchita. He says that he was really surprised to see her driving a silver Mercedes. He doubts that she got her name probably from there.

Decian is a businessman who has to outsource a lot of his business to the companies in other countries. He hates to do it. He writes on his blog that the companies where he outsource his business gives him a headache sometimes to an extent that he feels like BPO’s full-form should be changed from Business Process Outsourcing to Big Pussy Odor.

Decian sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he claims that the Holy Trinity of CIA, DEA and FBI runs the United States of America and not the politicians. He is also a big fan of the late British author – George Carlin.

Men Buying Grey Bikinis For Their Cam Model Wives To Make Them Asexual

Juan Byrne from Edmond, Oklahoma, is a Sex Blogger and Pet Care Business owner, who claims to know an old curly grey-haired Indian-Estonian Artist who claims to have indulged in over 200 sexual orgies. She claims Pale-Ginger women are the most regular at sexual orgies and not the Redbones contrary to the popular rumor. She rejects the Redbone rumor as completely false calling it a “big bullshit”.

It is a well-known fact since time immemorial that women addicted to food make a lot more noise while sucking a dick.

Juan Byrne

Juan doesn’t agree with the study conducted in Thailand in 2017 which concluded that women shorter than 5 feet are more affected sexually by other planets. Neither does he agree with the study done in Slovenia in 2016 which claims that wearing pink, purple and yellow underwear increases femininity in both the genders.

Juan agrees with the claim that women who offered their services in combat services at some point in their lives are the least hesitant to trying anal sex.

If Foreign Male Tourists didn’t crave much respect, we would see a lot more of them fucking the escorts.

Juan Byrne

Juan claims to know an Indian-Canadian Psychic and Astrologer who told him that chanting of sexual mantras makes women sexually easy.

Juan believes the claim that most of the Hindu Fascists still use the pull-out method rather than condoms, pills or other methods as was told to him by a sex cam model.

Juan believes talking and thinking in German is the secret behind the exceptionally sexy skin of the German women.

Living in grey colored surroundings reduces sex drive in both the genders.

Juan Byrne

Juan doesn’t agree with those who claim that the pull-out method was still the most popular contraceptive method till the Late-1990s.

Juan is amazed that nobody talks about Ugandan women’s fetish of getting their butt cheeks clapped while everyone is busy discussing the “Why are you Gae?” video by Simon Kaggwa Njala, Pepe Julien Onziema and Pastor Senpai.

Indian Ashram Sannyasis Are Now Notorious For Fucking Sex Dolls

Iranian women close their eyes more and for longer than women belonging to any other race during the sex act.

Videsh Ramjattan

Videsh Ramjattan from Brooklyn, New York, is a Sex Blogger and a Public Affairs and Strategy Firm owner, who claims to know an extremely horny, 61 year old woman who was Indian Guru Rajneesh OSHO’s most favorite sexual companion during his days in his Oregon Ashram. This 61 year old woman has an incredible body and she likes to wear nothing but extremely skimpy clothes that show her cleavage to the maximum. She always wears a maala and it is a wonderful sight looking at that maala hanging between her tits all the time and she can be often seen at adult web cams. She attributes her amazing body at this age to her eating 800 grams of Australian grapes each day for the past 17 years now. She avoids all sorts of non-vegetarian foods including chicken and beef based dishes. She is very fond of the Indian Sweet – Gulab Jamun and the Indian Dish – Chole Kulche and although she is very calorie conscious, she eats these dishes every once in a while. She is very hyperactive and as high energy as electricity itself. She delights in giving sexual training to the virgin couples and has proudly accompanied several such couples on their honeymoon.

Whenever I am in a bad mood. I recall my sexual adventures at my St Petersburg Penthouse with the voluptuous Russian village girls with the curtains off.

Videsh Ramjattan

Videsh claims feeding birds with packed milk, Arab dates and edible oils and then eating their absolutely bloodless (Kosher) meat increases your libido and has unparalleled anti-ageing effects.

Videsh claims to know a millionaire book shop owner who enjoyed his first kiss with the wife of his maternal uncle like you would see in an incest porn movie. She is tiny but exceptionally fit and busty Muslim woman from the West Asia. She regularly insults Videsh’s maternal uncle for his sexual inferiority to all her past partners and advices him to rather go here than to fuck a real woman.

Sex Blogger Gives Free Furniture To Black Female Pornstars For Sitting On His Lap

Caleb Bezares from Barcelona, Spain , is a Sex Blogger and Furniture Retailer, who claims the notorious Indian Religious Leader – Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh used to regularly send his courtesans to the US, Australia and Canada to be trained by the Elite Sugar Babies of the region. He writes Ram Raheem Singh used to pay triple the amount per month to the sugar babies for that training compared to what their regular sugar daddies paid per month to them on an average.

Caleb writes about wealthy but highly persecuted young Qadiani women migrating from Pakistan to the Western nations in order to live a safe, fun and prosperous life. He claims that roughly 15% of them end up becoming Sugar Babies and that includes one of the most infamous beauty queens of Pakistan of all times which he wouldn’t name on his blog.

The first lady that Caleb dated was an Indian-American whom he met through a Sugar Baby App. On their first date, he demanded that she comes to him wearing a grey kurti, which she did.

Caleb is not happy that there is not a single Sugar Baby XXX song that he likes. He recently ghostwrote a dope sugar baby song and gave it for free to his most favourite Miami based rapper – Rick Ross. Rick Ross has promised him that he will soon start working on it.

There are evidences of the existence of Sugar Babies during the ancient times on parchments belonging to different parts of the world.

Caleb Bezares

Caleb writes he can’t wait for the Sugar Baby colleges and degrees to come into the picture.

For some mysterious reason, May is the hottest season with the Sugar Babies apart from being the hottest.

Caleb Bezares

Caleb claims to have interviewed several beautiful retired female models with a failed career who all told him that if the Sugar Baby business was as big back then, they could have made millions.

Caleb thinks someone needs to create a Sugar Baby Web Series to make it hassle-free for the babies and daddies who are new to it. He says it is a pity that there are not many Top-Notch Sugar Baby YouTubers out there.

Caleb writes Sugar Babies have always been there but they operated using different names in different parts of the world during different times just like those Black Porno Stars. He claims they used to be most popular in the Feudal Kingdom of Aragon.

Old Thai Men Jerking Off To Their Hot Daughter-In-Laws Riding BBCs, Thanks To The Deepfake Technology

If every cell of your body ain’t exploding with pure joy, something is wrong.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond Frakes from Istanbul, Turkey, is a Sex Blogger and Comedian, who believes Antarctica was once the most densely populated region of the world, but the people of this part of the world were mostly asexual and it soon became an inhabited continent due to the lack of sex and cardiac diseases. He claims it was also the most technologically advanced region of the world during those times due to the people having an ample time to focus on things other than sex and sexuality.

No women age as good as the Italian, Maltese and Russian women.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond believes the men belonging to different parts of the world and ethnicities have different need for the female companionship while the longing for a woman of a man remains almost equal worldwide.

The problem with emotion is that you stop thinking about all the implications of your actions, because emotion is an immediate act.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond predicts Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to be the first Muslim majority country that would be able to compete with the Western Nations, mainly the USA, when it comes to producing good Deepfake Porn.

Women focus on the short term, men on the long term. We need both the long term and the short term, both are valuable.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond doesn’t agree with those who think or say that the men or women belonging to one ethnicity are more attractive than the other(s).

Nobody tells their real life sexual adventures as good and as realistic as the Italians.

Raymond Frakes

Raymond claims to know an extremely obese man who cannot resist curly BBWs in bikinis. He wonders all the time if it could be made illegal for the curly BBWs to walk around on the streets wearing bikinis as he immediately has to travel home after seeing such a sight to take a wank to some good deepfake porno.

After watching how they ridiculed the old Thai man whose video went viral, the one who was jerking off in the train to some deepfake porno, Raymond wrote that he personally thinks that the old man read a few articles by the mainstream media and thought of rather spending his time productively while sitting idle in the train. He writes that instead of ridiculing such people, they ought to celebrate such men as revolutionaries responsible for promoting such a healthy activity which the Victorians and others thought of as the root for several physical, mental, psychological and spiritual illnesses.

Maltese Gentleman Travels To Jutland Each Year To Enjoy Those Gorgeous And Young Russian Escort Girls

Sean Martin is a Maltese gentleman who regularly visits the Jutland Island of Denmark, not for its beaches but rather to enjoy the exceptionally beautiful Danish escort Jylland.

Sean believes that the life of an average high class Danish escort is far more fun and adventurous than an average guy would think including his younger self.

Sean says that he doesn’t trade his call girl’s breast size for the butt size or vice-versa; He wants both the assets of his call girl for the night perfectly shaped, toned and natural and those Danish escort girls never disappoint when it comes to the same.

Once he called a gorgeous Greek escort in Egtved named Opal to his hotel room. She had no issues with Sean banging him tantric style. After knocking her for 3 hours straight tantric style, Sean was rock-hard again only after 10-15 minutes. He adds that it really made him feel like the good old German-American – Charles Bukowski.

He recently sent a love letter to Opal written personally by himself. She replied back telling that she was very much impressed with his handwriting and Sean couldn’t be any happier.

Another time when Sean booked a local Greek call girl for 2 hours initially after falling for her gorgeous pictures, she turned out to be so sweet and fun-loving that Sean decided to extend the session for a 2-week long tour abroad.

Enjoying Greek call girls for over a decade now, Mr Sean Martin has come to the conclusion that the call girls of Jutland in general are provided conducive atmosphere to improve their skills and are stressed upon the need to utilize their time to the optimum.

Brexit, SexMex, TikTok Influencers And The World’s Best Sex Cams Website

Lucas Korhonen from Mill Valley, Calfornia, is a Sex Blogger and a Costume Attendant, who wants to introduce a gold, a silver and a platinum model to the escort industry, both globally and nationally. He says he will start from the First World European Countries and then go further.

Lucas knows a 45 year old Bisexual woman who claims to have never dyed her hair. She has always had a thing for men and women with grey hair and she believes grey hair is naturally more sexually attractive to both the genders regardless of their sexual orientation. She claims the fetish and beauty of non-grey hair is society imposed and unnatural. She once applied to become a model for the world’s best cam site, but was rejected and she blamed the recruiters at the website, just like she does everyone else.

I fell for the NoFap and NoPorn trap once. Only on Day 2 of being there, I once resisted one of the strongest urges ever to watch the porn before bed. That very night, I had a dream where my phone broke down and I had to borrow that of my mother to deal with the situation. I watched Galilea Taboo and Nicky Ferrari’s SexMex Incest Porn Videos in the dream. I also forgot to delete the history. My mother happened to check my browsing history and discovered the incest porno on her phone. She asked me in anger: What is it? And then I woke up.

Lucas Korhonen

Lucas believes when the economic growth turns to economic decline which has already begun to happen, most of the young social media influencers, mostly the YouTube, TikTok and Instagram ones, are going to turn to escorts, pornstars and live sex cam models.

Lucas knows a cam model who once dated one of the most popular American whistle-blowers of all times – Edward Snowden. They broke up due to Edward’s addiction to Scat, Bestiality and Incest porn. He was often found watching porn and masturbating during the work hours.

Lucas claims to have decoded the Zodiac Killer Ciphers. He says the answer is hidden in one of the most popular articles related to the Brexit transition period.

Psychiatrist Disses r/semenretention And Chats On Best Cam Sites When He Has No Patients

I study medicine, I probably know nothing about the sources most so-called 60+ year old medical experts get their information from. My study is a source that I trust and seems like they deserve that trust for the most part, if you think about what medical science has done for us. In my study, we learn to evaluate evidence, which I for example did with research to the porn addiction, but like the stuff that I said was accepted by my teachers, although they thought I was a weird Christian fundamentalist first, which is kind of a fair criticism, but when I told them I am a Buddhist, they accepted my criticism But like how to criticize evidence and research is something I also learned in the university.

Dr Douwe Braam

Dr Douwe Braam from Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a Psychiatrist and Sex Blogger, who sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he writes that the YouTube deliberately recommends us stupid and nonsense videos as a part of the elite’s propaganda to keep the common man dumb and distracted. He believes that “Why are you gae?” video, the Ugandan Debate Featuring the Gay Rights Activist – Pepe Julien Onziema, The Pastor Senpai and News Host – Simon Kaggwa Njala was the best ever and perhaps the only non-propaganda recommended video on the YouTube.

Dr Douwe recently wrote this poetry:-

Sex is like a fight, we must face the sexual fire.

For the stronger our dick gets, we go even deeper and stronger.

The weapon we use cannot be bought in the marketplace, they are more than enough to satisfy your own wives.

The road is as easy as it is deep, although it may not always be so soft.

Dr Braam writes both mysticism and semen retention have one thing in common and that is they are both big scams that tell you to stay away from god’s most precious gifts like best cam sites, best porn sites, OnlyFans, and what not.

Public VR Porn Featuring Scandinavian Women To Challenge Naughty America

Faris Fares from Burbank, Illinois, is a Sex Blogger and Adult Toy Retailer, who writes that it was a poetess who told him once that the women hate poetry like nothing else. She also told Faris that she doesn’t know a single woman who is not a poetess and likes poetry. She also told Faris that she believes that the myth that women love a man who tells them poetry is something that the male poets came up with to impress the women and increase their market value when the women literally had no freedom of speech in the world.

Faris claims to be quite liberal in his sexual views but believes short and skimpy clothes on a woman invites rape and statistics are the proof. He claims that the only reason why there are not as many rapes in Norway, Denmark, Finland or Estonia as in Sweden, because the women of the former mentioned four countries don’t dress as vulgar as the women of Sweden in general.

Faris only had public sex for once in his lifetime and it was with a Punjabi woman from India, who was too desperate to get a green card. She only went on one date with Faris once before. It was cold December and she didn’t mind walking and fucking butt-naked in the snowing streets of Fargo, North Dakota like you would see in a Naughty America VR video. It was her first year in the US, hence it goes without saying that the country was too cold for her.

Faris writes eating the Indian dish – Bhel Puri, hailing from the Maharashtra province of India during the month of August in any part of the world increases the libido like no other but it does the opposite for the rest of the year. He adds that’s the reason why escorts are the busiest in Maharashtra during the month of August and most children are born there during the months of March and April.

OnlyFans Is Overrated, Mainstream VR Porn Is The Real Deal – Maria De Leon

Maria De Leon from Orangevale, California, is a Sex Blogger and Costume Designer, who believes retrograde ejaculation is a nature’s way to control the population. She claims that when apes were more in population than the homo sapiens, the disorder was quite common among them too and it can be seen checking the Urinary Tracts of the Ape Bodies found beneath the soil belonging to the prehistoric times.

Maria once travelled to Bangladesh, after coming back, she wrote that unprotected sex with a cheap street hooker is safer compared to crossing a street in the Dhaka city.

Maria claims the cross-eyed super-skinny pornstar – Kyaa Chimera once managed to pay for the Pro-Linkedin ads to promote her OnlyFans videos. Her Linkedin profile got deleted the very next day by the Linkedin staff and since then she has been working full-time for the top VR Porn Videos Studio – YouGoggle.

Maria claims to have been writing a book with one of the ex-freemasons titled “Metareligion As The Human Sexuality”. She claims that the book will enlist the tricks and ideas that the freemasons use to last too long in bed and rather than feeling drained and tired after sex, they feel more energetic, zealous about everything and too creative.

Maria writes once a Pakistani told her that his illiterate dad, who didn’t speak or understand the English language, used to watch the English language Hollywood movies all the time. Maria later discovered that the old man used to watch those movies only for the stunning busty gingers or blondes on those and the kissing and love-making scenes involved in the movie.

Maria believes in the study that claims normally an average BBW has more libido than a fit woman, but when it comes to the Jewish women, it is quite the opposite, the BBWs have a lower libido compared to the fit women.

Traditional Catholic Couple Makes Reality Lovers Money Fucking On Live Cams

Solemn and Sincere bitches in the public and the office suck the best but ride the worst.

Rick Solem

Rick Solem from Dr Tinley Park, Illinois, is a Sex Blogger and Microbiologist, who writes that perhaps the entire adult industry in general (includes escorting, live sex cams, porn) is the only industry that does not rely on the predatory lending and borrowing practices for its survival and it is quite evident by looking at those relaxed VR porn movie directors at the Reality Lovers.

Rick believes 50% of the porn actors by 2050 would be from the acting schools and acting skills would be prioritized over the fucking skills and the good looks in the porn industry by that time.

Rick writes that porn induced fetishes are a myth. He claims they are a propaganda of the religious institutions against the prosperous and always bettering porn industry.

Rick has a friend named Wazier, who used to run a very popular sex blog which promoted free marriages, adultery of all sorts and stuff like that.

Wazier met this 6 feet tall, 35 year old Mexican divorced MILF who resembles the Mexican Top Pornstar – Gali Diva AKA Galilea Taboo a lot, about 7 months ago. She has a 3 year old biological daughter with her first husband. She told him that she is a dedicated and committed Catholic now. Both recently got married. He shut down his sex blog forever the same day they got married. He used to make between 1-2000 Dollars with ads on that blog. He could easily sell his website for hundreds of thousands of dollars on Flippa, SEOClerks or any other marketplace of that sort, but he was so much in love with this woman that he decided to shut his blog down instantly as he was done banging her after the first night of their marriage.

Wazier’s wife now says that she wants to start OnlyFans and Live Sex Cam Chatting featuring herself and Wazier, where they both would be seen wearing traditional Christian clothes to promote the religion and its traditional values.

American Anthropologist Believes Voluptuous Hentai Comic Stars Are No Lesser Than Deities

Sexual Fetishes are just like St Augustine’s work on religious language. Both are fairly well regarded but face a lot of criticism.

Morris Juncal

Morris Juncal from Spokane, Washington, is a Sex Blogger and College Professor, who donates bitcoins to the NGOs in India and Sri Lanka that put of a summer camp each year to spread awareness and knowledge regarding he sex. He requested them that they should stretch and focus more on the unconventional sexual health related topics. Also, the unconventional knowledge found in the ancient and medieval polygamous Muslim world related to the sexual strengthening of both the genders.

Morris has an Anthropologist friend who told him that there used to be tribes that would bury ugly and non-voluptuous women. Most of these tribes were apparently located in Africa and Americas. The reason why most of the women in these 2 parts of the world are voluptuous just like you would see in hentai porn comics sex pictures.

Morris holds a late Wittgensteinian non-cognitive understanding of religious language, yet is sympathetic to Augustine’s contribution towards ineffability in as much as it may be an accurate description of the phenomenological experience of faith.

Morris writes what a pity it is that no mainstream social media website, be it the Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, doesn’t allow the escorts to post premium paid ads.

Morris claims 20 out of 100 modern men lose their virginity to an escort.

Morris despises religion and religious people and mildly wishes the worst for them. Just for the reason that they try to make people feel like sinners for their excessive interest in sex, especially their desire to have sex with wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of other men.

I think that we can carefully say in language “just on the way that I claim a desk exists, I am claiming a deity exists, and just as I describe features of the desk as being old and heavy, so too I describe this deity as being old and heavy.” But I would claim that such a statement is made outside of religious language.

Morris Juncal

Erectile Dysfunction, Hinduism, Exceptional Insight, Lollywood Actresses And Family Strokes Porn Videos

Bookworms may be more smart, shrewd, more insightful, wise, knowledgeable and intelligent, but they generally have a small dick and that’s why women hate them.

Gustaf Aru

Gustaf Aru is a Sex Blogger and Businessman from Narberth, Pennsylvania, who claims to have been working on building a company that will make dildos and other sorts of sex toys for all kinds of pets and after staying in the business for years, given it all goes as he planned, will eventually further expand into making sex toys for the wild animals, rats, hamsters and even insects. He claims he is already in touch with the Animal Rights Authority on the subject.

Gustaf claims to know several top Lollywood Actresses working as escorts in UAE. He claims these actresses get paid tens of thousands of dollars just for one or two hours of their services.

Gustaf claims to have read all the Hindu scriptures available. He claims that the Hindus have buried this one fact that the Hindu God Brahma was imprisoned for 400 years by the superior Hindu God Shiva for having incestual relationship with his own daughter Saraswati. He writes it was nothing like familystrokes free porn videos back in the day.

Gustaf believes the contribution of condoms on Erectile Dysfunction and Low Testosterone among the modern men and PCOD and PCOS among women is unknown and there needs to be people who do nothing but campaign for it 24/7.

Gustaf once dated a 32 year old Australian woman, who was a mother of triplets. She had an open marriage with her 56 year old husband. After getting banged for hours at a time. She would instantly be seen chatting with random big dick strangers on the live cam.

Female dogs taking 2 cocks in the same hole simultaneously are the proof that it is totally natural for the human females to do so (obviously with 2 human beings, not dogs).

Gustaf Aru

Governors Jerking Off To Bongacams Models During Election Days

Ivan Gentry from Frankenmuth, Michigan, is a Sex Blogger and Architect, who likes to study the history of sex related businesses as a hobby. He has been on it for the past 7 years now. He writes that the sex business ideas were at their peak in the year 2007 followed by the year 1983.

Ivan believes the statistics that conclude the Levantine Arab countries, especially Jordan and Lebanon have the highest rate of erotica readers are accurate. He also agrees that Libya has the greatest number of regular erotica readers in the African continent.

Ivan agrees with the study that claim the adult males living in a single parent household masturbate more often than their counterparts living in a two parent household.

The notion that an Average American Governor has more sex on an average than an Average American President is as true as an Average Professional Hooker having more sex than a Average American Homemaker wife.

Ivan Gentry

Ivan lived in Japan for 3 years. He writes that when people talk of the prostitution in Japan, they name cities like Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka, most of the times; Ivan doesn’t deny that these 3 cities have a large number of happy ending masseuses, street hookers and high class escorts that when put together are larger than the number of the masseuses in Thailand, but it is the city of Kawasaki that has the best-looking, best=-smelling and most elegant female escorts, especially the mature ones, he writes. Ivan adds that some of the examples of the infamous Kawasaki city’s feminine beauty could be seen on Bongacams, Welcome to Sex Webcams Bongacams here.

Ivan’s uncle served in the army for a good length of time. He says many navy merchants and military experts commit corruption with the help of each other and they are often caught having illicit sexual relationships with each other, when they generally use to continue their monkey business of corruption.

HQ Toy Pussies Combined With HQ VR Porn Are More Addictive Than Real Life Pussies, Latest Studies Conclude

Julius Wade from Pierre, South Dakota, cannot stop fucking his Pink Dynamite Sex Toys and this is what he wrote on his blog recently:-

Here is the deal guys. I relapsed last night and I am so tired of trying for over 15.5 years now. I have decided that if I relapse ever again, I will pass the ownership of the server to one of existing leaders here and leave.

If I relapse ever again, I will stop caring about fapping or not fapping. I will start working out like crazy everyday to get fit, find a girl for myself, get married and get into some business that won’t demand me being a celibate (no long hours, not tons of creativity required) as I know my limits with an active sex life.

But If I don’t relapse ever again, which I will definitely try my best to, I will stay a celibate my entire life and use my extraordinary energy, drive and passion to reach the top as I know my potential when I am practicing ‘no lust celibacy’; it is far higher than my sex drive.

But if I relapse ever again, I am done with trying to be a celibate forever.

I was sleep deprived yesterday, like only slept 3 hours in 36 hours, whenever that happens, I get these crazy boners that won’t go away for hours and also my brain wasn’t functioning right, then I had a little argument with my parents. Then I did the same mistake again that always leads me to a relapse, i.e. taking my phone with me to the bed and I relapsed multiple times.

Whatever be the case now, one relapse and I am done. There are no excuses anymore. I am so sick and tired of it.
I know how bad it is but I still do it nonetheless.

I don’t want to live and die as another married normie and I shall try my best to never relapse again.

I want kids but no I don’t want to marry. I respect the institution of monogamous marriage but it is not for me. But I will still do it if I ever relapse again because it is better than being a wanker or a whoremonger.

Julius Wade, A South Dakotan Blogger

Make Sure You Workout And Take That L-Arginine Before You Meet Those Escorts In Karachi For Fun

Women who like to keep their nails extraordinarily large prioritize the girth of the dick over its length.

Lloyd Revy

Lloyd Revy from Sutter Avenue, New York, is a Sex Blogger and Economist, who believes the supplement L-Arginine doesn’t help improve the blood flow in the arteries of the heart as much as it does to their genitals. He doesn’t take any other supplement than L-Arginine and it has been the same for over past 7 years now.

Lloyd claims to know a family in his neighbourhood where the dad gets cucked by his two stepsons every night. Both the brothers fuck their stepmom for hours at night while the dad looks at it all sitting butt naked on a couch in the same room tying to get his weak dick hard by stroking it using different oils and/or stimulants only to face unsuccess each night.

Lloyd writes it is a pity that due to some people on the internet having faked illnesses to get attention, those who actually got illnesses and want to tell it, can look to some as they are faking it.

Lloyd claims working out gives him more urges to watch porn and fap but he rather uses this drive of his to meet sexy Escorts in Karachi and satiate them and make each of them crazy about him.

Lloyd also does Ashwini Mudra to strengthen his dick.

Lloyd believes a human female breasts are the biggest marvel of god’s creativity. It is the greatest example of how much gravity a little creation of god can possess.

Lloyd claims that most of the female squirts in the mainstream porn industry including the ones by Jada Fire and Veronica Avluv are fake.

Chemistry Teacher Rides Her Mechanic Husband Like Those Bitches Do In China XXX Videos

Allie Darcy from Beach, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Chemistry Teacher, who is open on her blog about regularly cheating on her car enthusiast husband, who seems to be more concerned about the buttons on the steering wheel on the cars than her breasts.

The best friend of Aliie’s husband is a mechanic who told his girlfriend that her breasts are like 2 big airbags and to everyone’s surprise, she loved the comparison and let him play with her airbags that very night, all night, like they do in that China XXX Video.

Allie never liked the fiance of her one and only daughter. He lives in a different country. She fears each day and night for her daughter’s future.

Allie has had sexual affairs with 5 different economists till date. She says each of them was very cautious about using the precautions.

Allie calls bullshit on the conspiracy theory propagated by some that Indian Philosopher and Mystic OSHO was a CIA Agent who was put in the position to destroy the Hindu concept of Brahmacharya because the US feared that India will become a superpower otherwise. She says bigger bullshit has not been propagated before.

Allie writes sadists are some of the worst people in bed, especially when they are males.

Allie has been involved in a short movie project for a while. The movie is a porn parody, featuring the American Pornstar MILF – Friday as Pro-Wrestler Rick Rude’s wife. Allie claims she is the one who got the offer to play Rick Rude’s wife before but she refused the offer and then they offered her the work as an assistant-writer and she delighted in it.

Beauties Curvier Than Angel Wicky Waiting For You On Live Sex Cams

Armando Angel from Beulah, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and eBay seller, who believes MGTOWs are a high IQ people and no average or low IQ person would ever like to join them.

Armando believes Japan is the most incel country in the world right now.

Armando used to jerk off using a condom in the college days to online sexy girls and wouldn’t throw the condom unless he had shown it to the fellow students in the college. He used to do it to brag about the thickness of his semen.

Armando writes ejaculation even once a month will leave you half as creative if you didn’t ejaculate at all.

Armando claims even being around nuclear technology reduces testosterone levels in men and according to him that’s the main reason why the testosterone levels have been dropping in men continuously for decades now.

Armando believes the Catholic Church will soon agree to the purchase of condoms if the couple is married.

Armando was in Japan for a few years. He writes several Japanese pimps have been using the Japanese Cyber Cages as a hub for their prostitution deeds.

Armando claims to know a sexologist who advises the use of a different brand of condom to the men and women belonging to different race. He believes this doctor is on another level and this advise of his is legit as fuck.

Armando believes Angel Wicky ought to be the most popular pornstar of the current times, not Mia Khalifa. He claims Mia Khalifa would have remained on the corner if she weren’t a media darling.

Hundreds of Married Couples Choosing Live Sex Cams as a Means to their Primary Income Since Covid-19 Pandemic

Ragnar Eyre from Brussels, Belgium, is a sex blogger and tour guide, who believes Italian pussies taste the best. He says he will choose an Italian pussy over the most delicious pasta any day.

Ragnar is married to a full-time homemaker and a part-time cam model. Every weekend Ragnar joins her and they make it a couple cams. His wife’s pussy is so hairy that she needs to comb it twice a day.

Ragnar believes women hit their sexual peak at the age of 34. Both his wife and the singer – Nicole Scherzinger are the best examples of it, he says. He has always had a huge crush on Nicole Scherzinger. It is one of his dreams to meet her in real life.

Ragnar never gets tired of repeating this personal story when once he was suspended from the college and he took revenge by having sex with his college principal and her daughters using astral projection.

Ragnar recently fell in love with Nancy Bhabhi AKA Nandita Dutta from India, since he saw her soft porn movies and her saree photoshoots. He writes he has been trying to make his way to reach her without any mediator. He says he would sell the house he lives in just to be able to smell her pussy for once.

Ragnar discovered fapping at the age of 18. He was just playing with his dick and it felt extremely good to him. He is 28 now and has never been addicted to fapping until Covid-19 kicked in and he had to spend his days sitting at home having nothing else to do other than playing with his wife or his own dick when she is not available to play with.

Plenty of Coconut Available in the Market to Use on Your Dick while Chatting on Live Sex Cams

Patrick Lowe from Miami City, Florida, is a sex blogger and retired attorney general, who claims it is a false rumor that the soy increases estrogen levels in men. He claims to have had the first experience of this. After eating soy rich foods all the time on purpose for 6 months straight, his Testosterone levels increased but not the estrogen levels. He writes the soy made him too rich in testosterone that he would become like the Hindu God Shiva (Hindu God of Destruction) whenever he wouldn’t get any pussy. He was always found checking out Livecams those days to satiate his sexual desires.

Patrick is married. He says it is strange and weird that he has bad nightmares whenever his wife is having menstrual cycles.

Patrick is proud of the fact that his garbage can is always full of sexual products – Lube, Condoms, oil bottles he used as lubricants, etc.

Patrick believes natural oils, especially coconut oil work better on a dick than the best lubricant available in the market.

Patrick regularly hires pornstar escorts. He enjoyed the escort services of the GILF Pornstar – Patty Plenty. He says just like in her porn movies, she was very relaxed and offered him second session for free, which proves she loves the sexual action. He says it is a pity that the porn industry doesn’t give chance to fun-loving ladies like Patty Plenty but dumb bimbos like Mia Khalifa, who just look like they are waiting for the sex to get over as soon as possible and never look like they are enjoying it.

From Malta to Bengal, these Cam Models Make you Cum on Your Wall

John Loughleed from South Dakota, is a sex blogger and an architect who writes on his blog that he is really disappointed with the acting skills of the 21st Century Pornstars. He wishes all the time if someone could bring back the Golden Age of Porno. He appreciates the bedroom skills of the modern pornstars though. He still prefers free sexy private cam over the modern porno. Whenever he watches porn, it is mostly from the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

John loves to read the Indian history and mythology and he has come to the conclusion that the Hindu Goddess Durga used to be the Goddess of Sex before the Aryans came to India and persecuted the Durgs worshippers and the Goddess Durga herself. The Indians then decided to change the stories in their mythology to avoid the sort of persecution in the future and the rest is history. He adds that Durga is mainly worshipped in the Bengal region of Indian and it is a well-known fact that the Bengalis are one of the most sex-obsessed people in the world and have the largest racial population in the Indian Subcontinent.

John is currently dating a German, French, Italian, Irish and Native American mixed woman. Her uncle is a priest who lived in Malta for 1 years. He claims there is something about the dome of Carmelite Church that makes the priests of that church so sexual. These priests are regularly found having sex with one another or hiring hookers. both male and female.

John once participated in NoFap for 30 days, only to fap like there’s no tomorrow for the next 60 days. A 90 day challenge for real.

For a Gay Man, it is as much fun to bang a total stranger as it is to bang a Friend

Irresponsible sex is the best sex.

Bjorn Foshe

Bjorn Foshe from Michigan, USA, is a gay sex blogger and an engineer, who claims the Coomer Wojak character was in originally designed by a notorious homosexual forum poster who mostly goes by the name – JamestheBBCLOver, but an anonymous 4chan user labelled it as his own later by deception.

Bjorn believes homosexuality is the most natural form of human sexuality and it is easily proven by looking at the Bonobos but what a pity that the so-called intelligent human societies and religions are not willing to accept it as it naturally is. He adds heterosexuality is a choice though.

Bjorn has a bisexual friend from the New York City who claims the First Lady Melania Trump regularly hires Gigolos and apparently, President Donald Trump never had much sex with her since the beginning of their marriage.

Bjorn has been working on inventing a vaccine which he claims would be able to change a person’s sexual orientation on demand. He believes most men would choose bisexuality through this vaccine as it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, and he believes no man would be able to resist the gorgeous big cock men available at Complete List Of Best Gay Sites 2020 » SingleSceneDating

Bjorn actively campaigns against the misguiding online communities like r/nofap, r/semenretention, etc, that claim masturbation and porn are unhealthy.

Bjorn recently made a post on his blog claiming that he is very soon coming up with a questionnaire that would let a person know their sexual orientation like no other questionnaire or survey ever did before. He says he is too excited about it as it is the need of the current times when men and women are so confused about their sexual identities. He claims to know several men and women who wasted their entire lives just to discover what their sexual orientation really was and till the last day of their life, they remained a failure.

Bjorn writes it has been scientifically proven time and again that homosexual men and women are 3 times as creative on an average compared to their heterosexual counterparts but no mainstream media source would dare mention it anywhere. “What a shame!”, he adds.

Last month, Bjorn decided to convert to Hinduism just for the reason that they worship Phalluses. He also got a new Hindu name as soon as he got converted but he prefers to keep that name a secret. He also regularly recites a mantra which the Hindus claim increase the testosterone levels of a homosexual man like no other.

Bjorn has a Gujarati-Indian friend who told him that Mahatma Gandhi and India’s First Prime Minister – Jawahar Lal Nehru were secretly gay lovers. Bjorn says that the news didn’t shock or surprise him at all because he can tell a gay or a bisexual just by a glimpse and both Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru look like bisexuals.

This Gujarati-Indian friend of Bjorn claims to have interviewed hundreds of Aghoris based in Punjab, India and most of them admitted to being homosexuals. This news also didn’t surprise Bjorn at all as he always could tell why these men wake up in the dark; “For the secret rendezvous of course”, he says.

Looking for Porn Videos List while wearing a Kippah is Haram

There’s no such thing as a sexually drained person.

Claire Karina Garrett

Claire Karina Garrett from Delaware, Ohio, is a sex blogger and beautician, who writes most women love misogynists more than they do simps because an average misogynist is a lot more obsessed with the women than an average simp. She gives the reference that MGTOW Reddit Groups and Discord servers are an example for anyone who wants to discover what she is saying. She adds it won’t take an average person more than 5 minutes on any of such communities to confirm her claim.

Claire is married to a Jewish man and after marriage for 15 years, she claims to have discovered that wearing a kippah increases both DHT and Testosterone levels in men. On the days he wears that kippah regularly, he is often seen looking for the porn videos list although he bangs her twice a day, each day.

Claire is not ashamed to admit that she lost her virginity at the age of 20 in an open Jeep.

Claire has 5 Flat Earther Female Friends. All 5 have flat chest and flat butt without any exception.

Claire writes her ultimate dream is to find the world’s first super=advanced free-sex tribe on an island.

Claire has been wearing the same styled cat lingeries for over 3 years now. Instead of getting bored of the same, she has becoming more obsessed with it rather.

Claire was in an adult retail business for a while during the past decade. She writes love is in the air during summers. Each year, the sales of condoms and contraceptive pills rise to 200%. She jokes no wonders why the hottest countries are also the most densely populated.

Claire claims drinking semen of her husband regularly cured alopecia for her.

Eskou is one of the most beautiful things about Japan followed only by Japanese Hentai Porn

Darel Pendergrass from Montgomery, Alabama, is a sex blogger and leather belts retailer, who claims eating certain junk foods increases libido like no other. He adds it is a pity that these junk foods are not found in the category of aphrodisiacs anywhere.

Darel writes on his blog that although the North-East Indian women share the same DNA with Western Tribes of China, they have much larger breasts than their Chinese counterparts on an average. He says it is a pity that there are no studies why the case is such.

Darel writes it is another pity that so many people are so scared to visit a sexual health professional.

Darel doesn’t seem happy with the research literature revolving around the sexuality related subjects.

Darel has been doing a research on the Japanese enkou tradition lately and he says he hasn’t had so much fun performing a research before.

Darel believes the role of mental health and personality is vastly underrated in terms of a person’s sexuality.

Darel claims to know hundreds of men named Paul. He says without any exception, they are all sex freaks.

Darel never gets tired of repeating that total strangers have better sex than people in relationship in general.

Darel believes sexual problems due to the emotional control in the early age of an individual belonging to any gender are real and it is another pity that not much focus is placed on the same.

An Average Tranny Porn Site is 12, 654 times as Popular as an Average Religious Website

Priscilla Majella from Orlando, Florida, is a sexual blogger who claims sexual prowess is directly linked with financial and family success.

Priscilla writes on her blog that when once she interviewed a sexual victim nun. The nun told her honestly that she had had sexual affairs before becoming a part of the Church as well but no man performed the sexual intercourse as an average priest does. She even told Priscilla that as much as 30% of the priests regularly jerk off to tranny porn sites regularly.

Priscilla dresses herself up in black 7 days a week and likes to call herself the princess of darkness.

Priscilla claims Satan and Iblees are two different angels. Both were simultaneously cursed after the god found them indulged them performing gay sex on each other.

Priscilla is not ashamed to admit that she regularly hires male escorts as n international traveller. She loves Eastern European guys more than any other. She writes on her blog that the best trait of the Eastern European male escorts is that most of them are action oriented.

Priscilla follows Zoroastrianism. She claims to have never indulged in masturbation since she started following the same.

Priscilla says according to the law of Zarathustra – The one unpardonable sin is wilful masturbation. Even rape and genocide can be forgiven but not masturbation.

Priscilla believes a man can cure his impotence merely by following the subliminal method like her ex-husband could. She then contradicts herself by stating that maybe it was her hotness that cured it.

I highly doubt that my current MILF Girlfriend used to be a Cam Model

My current girlfriend is a bisexual woman who claims to have had sex with several social workers till date. She says that both male and female social workers are some of the worst people in the bedroom with ugly looks and lower libidos. She also claims that social workers are more likely to commit suicide as well.

My current girlfriend firmly believes that there will be universities in the near future that will teach escorting courses. She believes that the foundation of such universities will start from the Netherlands or Thailand. She adds that looking at the rapidness of the development in certain Asian countries, first university of that kind will most likely be built in Thailand. She also believes that in the future, there will be recruitment agencies that will get men and women employment into escort agencies in a very organized way.

She also says that the escort girls that don’t allow their pictures to be posted on the official website of the escort agency must allow the escort agency to post their black and white portrait at least because nobody wants a surprise if they are paying that kind of a money for a little bit of fun.

I highly doubt that this current girlfriend of mine used to work as a camgirls live herself to satiate her very high libido and also to make an extra buck but I dare not ask her. She is a fine fucking MILF and I am not doing anything that will take her away from me. Each time I fuck her, the next day my dick is so hard that each day feels like a new day when I hit the puberty. She loves to get licked.

Even Transgender Men and Women Love to Watch Hentai Porn

I know several transgender people and they all have one thing in common and that is that they watch more porn than they fuck in reality. They like to watch a lot of porn on the free hentai steam.

I believe that all the masturbation gloves available in the market presently are useless and that’s the reason why I want to launch my own brand for masturbation gloves.

I checked a recent survey in which it was mentioned that the men that spend more time jacking off to their favorite porn are far more happier than the ones that fuck the pussy of their favorite women regularly.

“Two big mountains and a valley,
Having an off-road in the valley.”

The above mentioned poetry is what my 21 year old nephew came up with in a recent family party when everyone was drunk. This nephew of mine tells me that he never chases a woman who is good at debates or is a good public speaker. He also told me that the chicks nowadays are so desperate for the bodybuilder men that they mess up with the bodybuilder bouncers in order to get groped because they hate their rich and ugly boyfriends. I am happy that this was not the case with us when I was his age.

I told this nephew of mine what my grandfather told me and that is that the true happiness is not hidden in how much money you make but rather how many pussies you fuck.

1990s saw the hottest Asian women

“Don’t wish for less babies, wish for more contraceptives.”

I believe that the rest of the history except for the King’s harem stories and other sexual escapades of the royals is nothing but trash.

As a married man for decades now, I want to convey to you that women over 40 years old are most sexual in the month of February. My wife wants it 24/7 in that very month. Sometimes she wants it so much that I feel like passing out and I am glad that we had an open marriage, other guys get to help me in this as well and they all love helping me in this regard.

I also believe that 1990s were the best times with the hottest Asian Voluptuous women globally. These women would tell you straight on your face that you better learn to finger the ass than to slope your dick straight inside of it.

I had a Japanese male friend who used to claim that if you lose as much semen after having a wet dream. That generally means you had sex with a succubus in the dream. He recently got into an adult business and the business motto is “Commit yourself to sexcellence.”

This Japanese friend of mine also believed that the Hindu God Shiva achieved the position of the highest god in the Indian Subcontinent by practicing non-stop tantric sex without any ejaculation at all with his beloved super-sexy wife – Parvati for years.

He also believed that certain statues of the Hindu God Krishna have always been capable of performing the sex act with their devotees.

I strongly believe that the escorts, adult models, cam models, pornstars, twitch thots, etc, are all agents of change and it is a pity that they are not given as much respect in the society as their less-contributing counterparts.

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I remember meeting this couple once in Prague. The man was a homosexual and the woman was a lesbian. They were so much in love. They never used to get tired of repeating that theirs was the most pure love with no lust involved. They were highly active sexually with other men and women but they never had sex with each other.

The couple was not happy with the fact that a woman serves less time in jail when they rape someone.

They both agree on the fact that girls need to be at ease. If she is having good, chilled, laughing times, she is open, just like one of those girls on Nudecams.

I remember a 40 year old woman once told me that she looked her best and felt more horny than ever before at the age of 33. He calls bullshit on the theories that claim women hit their peak at the age of 40.

This same lady told me that most men unknowingly give off rapey vibes, that’s why girls get put off by them. She says one has to keep misogyny and red pill in check, because women are eventually the barometers of a man’s worthiness of life.

I always advise all my readers that it is always more fun to tap a religious woman as they don’t masturbate as often and that’s what makes their pussy feel a lot better.

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So, as most of my regular readers already know that I was in London for the past few months and you guys all know very well that I can’t live without fucking around.

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One night I met this thin pale White chic who was a flat-earther as well. She told me that she believes that the earth is as flat as her tummy.

She told me that she was an expert in planetary reading and she told me that all the planetary conditions are in my favor at the moment and will remain so for long in the future.

She told me that she taught in school for 2 years in the past. She called me honey all the time and I loved her for that; I called her baby-doll in return.

Her colourful bikini reminded me of a butterfly. She further told me that she had an array of butterfly lingerie. I can only imagine right now about she looks in each of those and jerk off.

I wanted her to do a roleplay of my slave girl while I act as a king, she agreed to it happily, she tore her clothes to look like an actual slave girl for me and I loved it. I didn’t have a crown but I managed to make something else as my crown which I don’t want to disclose here.

I enjoyed all my time with her. It didn’t matter much whether the lights were off or on.

Another night, I met this single MILF in London for a fling, who literally had the body, height and face of one of my most favorite porn MILFs of all time – Mindi Mink. She wasn’t White though. She was a fit, athletic and flexible Punjabi-Gurjar lady who told me that she belonged to a family of one of the most Indian athlete families.

The moment I had the first glimpse of her, a sound came out of my mouth ‘Thank You Lord’ and she heard it very well and smiled and kissed me instantly after it.

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